Best Professional Nail Brushes – Product Recommendations for 2020

nail brushes for better looking and clean nails

Nail brushes are an essential piece when it comes to maintaining you nails.

A good and functional brush of built with quality materials is important for maintaining the cleanness of the nails. And the quality is important as the right product will last years before it needs to be replaced.

This list selected some of the best products you can find on the market.

They are all of a really high quality and will all guarantee for your nails’ protection and care.



Easy Hold Nail Brush

First in the list a brush with simple design, perfect for daily usage. It can be used for cleaning the nails and easy maintenance of the nail bed. It has an easy holding gripe, as it is also hangable and nylon bristled.


  • Simple design
  • Easy results

Trim Wide Nail Brush

Next up is a nail brush made of quality materials. The production company guarantees for their durability and performance. The brush has wide handles that make the grip extra comfortable.


  • Quality product
  • Super comfortable while operating


Eppco Heavy Duty Two Sided Hand & Nail Brush

You are able to choose from assorted colors. The model has a cozy grip design, which makes it perfect for all the people out there that want a special care for their nails.


  • Clever design.
  • Durable.

Manicure Nail Brushes

This is a kit that contains 12 brushed in different colors. As they are all the same, this can be a perfect part of a gift for some of your friends.


  • Set with many brushes.
  • Great gift idea.

Kingsley Wood Nail Brush

This brush is made of wood. The design is a two sided one, which gives you the full freedom to use the brush however you like. One of the sides can be used for your top nails and hands, because it has soft and natural bristles, as the other half, is to clean the dirt under your nails with its stiffer and smaller angled bristles.


  • Two sided brush.
  • Perfect for both nails and hands.

Greatneck 933b Fingernail Brush

The design of this brush is a non-slip one, as the handle is made of plastic non-slip handle. The whole brush has a quality lightweight aluminum body. You can clean the top and bottom of your fingers and fingernails. If you want more thorough cleaning, just use the stiff bristles.


  • Non-slip design.
  • Stiff bristles.

Konex Wooden Two-sided Hand and Nail Brush

This is a brush that has been manufactured in Europe. It is perfect for daily usage, as you can use it practically everywhere.

It’s nice wood design with molded grip allows you to under-nail brush and hand scrub, thanks to the variable length of the fiber bristles.


  • Made in Europe.
  • You can scrub your hands with it and remove the dirt underneath your fingernails.

Swissco Wooden Nail Brush Natural Bristle

The name of the brush says it all. It is made of wood and it has long natural bristles that are perfect for nail and hand scrubbing.


  • Wooden brush.
  •  Natural bristles.


Aquasentials Easy Grip Nail Brush

Their design has a nice grip handle that offers you to maintain your nail beds and nails. You can even use it in the shower with any kind of soap or shower gel, which is a great plus.


  • Keep your nail beds well protected.
  • Can be used with any kind of shower gel or soap.