Best Radio Controlled Boats for Kids [Pools, Lakes, Rivers, Outdoor Use] – 2020

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Choosing the best radio controlled boat for your kid can be hard sometimes – but it is well worth the time.

There is nothing better than enjoying the weather outside while being at a lake, a pond or a nearby river. There’s something to do for everyone.

All this will provide for a great time for the whole family.

It is very easy to fall in love with these boats while maneuvering them. They will give you some piece of mind and allow you to relax while getting your kids to fall in love with being outside and learning how to maneuver the boats themselves.

What is better is that these boats are suitable for pools, rivers, ponds. They can reach high speeds that will definitely lead to some quality entertainment and fun time.

That’s why we have decided to do some researching and compile a list of the best RC boats you can buy.


Best Cheap High Speed Electric RC Racing Boat for Kids – by SZJJX

Splash the waves with this awesome high-speed remote controlled racing boat.

It has a self-righting responsive V hull design. The hull is waterproof. Has an anti-tilt modular design from impact- resistance ABS plastic. Offers durability and easy maintenance.

Allows for high speeds of up to 10 km/h (or 6.2 mph). Has double motors. Can be controlled from long distance (up to 150m) with 2.4 GHz controller frequency. Its size is perfect for rivers, lakes, pools and small ponds.

Offers unique design, durability, high quality and optimal performance at a budget-friendly price. Easy to control. Runs only in water. Works on an rechargeable battery.


Best High Speed Remote Control Boat for Boys and Girls for Pool and lakes – by by Force1

Suitable for both kids and adults, this boat can go up to over 20 mph.

Something to keep in mind is that it is not made for use in saltwater. Can be used in pools and lakes.

It has premium single-prop motors that allows for a high speed.

Easy self-righting and easy control for lots of fun. Has sturdy design. With simple flip capsize recovery.

Contains an extra rechargeable battery, nose guard, extra propeller, dry-dock stand and prop lube. Offers high quality and countless hours of fun.


RC Boat for Kids and Adults for Lakes, Rivers, and Pools – by UD

This upgraded RC boat comes with a 390-size brushed motor allowing for a maximum speed of 30 km/h (or 18.6 mph). The hub is designed to turn over on demand even after flipping due to the self-righting hull.

Waterproof, low battery alarm, poor signal alarm are some of the features of this RC boat.

This RC boat is cost-effective, high-speed, interesting, durable and inexpensive.

Can be used in pools and lakes but it’s not for use in salt water. Comes with 2.4 GHz marine radio system for extended range and operation free of any interference. The control ranges to 100 meters. Equipped with long-lasting Li-on battery pack and an USB charger.


Fast Remote Controlled Boat: for Pools, Lakes & Rivers – by UD

This RC boat comes with super power thanks to the brushed water-cooled motor which offers maximum 25 km/h (or 15.5 mph).

It has an automatic course correction and a self-righting hull.

Wonderful gift for both kids and adults.

The boat is waterproof and has low battery alarm, poor signal alarm and out of range alarm.

It offers high speed, durability and is quite cost-effective.

Suitable for use in lakes and pools, not for use in salt water. Comes with a 2.4 GHz marine radio control system for control range within about 120 meters and lack of interference. Automatic course correction and inductive protection from water make it even mater.

Buyer Guide

Battery life
The size of the boat will determine how of a big battery it can host. Therefore, the bigger the boat the more battery life you will get. But if you want a smaller boat – do not go for a bigger one just because of the battery. A small boat will still have a decent battery life and some boats even have a
spare battery in the set so you can swap when needed. Always check the battery capacity, mAh rating and charge time before buying a radio-controlled boat.

Top speed
You should check the top speed of the boat because if you get a cheap model you might get disappointed with that. If you are beginner do not go for a top speed boat because you might easily crash it. But if you know what you are doing – go for a top speed one, however keep in mind that this will probably cost you more.

Another thing to consider is the controller of the boat. You should go for a user-friendly radio controller. If you do not find a specific controller easy to use, you should probably skip this boat model and go for another one. Also keep in mind the transmission power – we recommend getting a 2.4Ghz for stable connection.

The turning radius and overall maneuverability can be different according to the type of the boat like for instance torpedo, battleship or catamaran. Every single type is unique and has its own maneuverability. Depending on what you want and need – select the proper type of a boat to get the best turning radius.

It is important to get a boat that is designed to last longer and made from high quality materials.
After all no one would like a boat that can break in just a couple of months or even weeks. If you are not sure if a model is good enough – you can check some user reviews on the web and decide for yourself if it is durable or not (and if not to search for a different model).