Best Rechargeable Flashlights | Product Reviews and Recommendations Guide for 2020

rechargeable flashlight

Perfect assistant for your favorite outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or even in emergency cases, like a power cut are rechargeable flashlights.

Unlike the old flashlights which were with short battery lives and often stood in need for frequent charging, the new generation can be recharged in nature, equipped with Li- ion batteries by design, that can save energy using LEDs which last longer and perform on high level.

If you are ready to spend money on such gadget soon, we offer you one list with 10 top models supplied with the most important features you should look for while choosing the right product for your requirements.


Fenix’s PD35 LED Tactical Flashlight

The first one our list is at a reasonable price with a 50 000-hour lifespan LEDs.

The flashlight has an option to work either on a single rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery or on 2 CR123A 3V Li batteries.The model is designed with slip-free anti-roll body which is created to boast of a maximum 1000 lumen output staying stable without any complications.

It also contains over-heating protection which keeps the surface temperature in norms.


Streamlight’s ProTac HL 88040 Tactical Light

C4 Light Emitting Diode technology, which gives out 600 lumens of light, intensity is added to this very practical, waterproof and powerful LED product.The device has solid-state regulated power, which helps with emitting advantageous O/P during its whole battery life.

With its roll- protected face cap and 6000 series aircraft aluminum craft, the model offers three modes: low, and strobe 800 candelas intensity of beam at 33 lumens, peak 16000 candelas intensity at 600 lumens.


Nebo’s Redline 5581 Tactical Flashlight

Our next suggestion is a product on a reasonable price which is economical and modern with stable output level of 220 lumens LED white light.

The length is slightly smaller than 4.5″ and the diameter is barely even 1.5″ with weight a little less than half a pound.To use it, you will need three AAA batteries, which should be shock-proof and weather-resistant aluminum design.

There are 5 lighting modes:  S.O.S. flashing, high, medium, low and defensive strobe.


Helotex’s Tactical G2 Flashlight

This model is an example for simple weather – proof and affordable device made of anodized durable 6063-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

It’s supplied with 3 simple settings – strobe, low and high as the flashlight gives off a maximum 130 lumen O/P.

All you need is a single AA battery of an option for a CR123 to power the Cree XR-E LED lights and one-touch button.


Streamlight’s Strion HL 74751 Professional Flashlight

Next in order is an amazing model with many characteristics such as the ability of recharging up to a thousand times.The model is a bit on the pricey side, but there are many functions which can satisfy every consumer’s needs.

The most remarkable ones are a digital regulator, the Li- ion rechargeable batteries with ability to work 3 hours on full charge, performance consistency.The 74751 boasts with C4 LED state-of-the-art technology with outstanding lifetime of 50 000 hours.

The water-proof IPX4 rated exterior body made of anodized aluminum makes it the perfect choice for many adventures.