Best Remote Control Cars For Toddlers Recommendations for 2020

rc toys for toddlers

Are you wondering which is the perfect toy for a toddler?

Well, the answer is – a remote controlled toy.

I’m sure everybody wanted one of those toys when they were little or am I mistaken?

Well, with one of them your toddler will not only play, but will also learn a little about hand-eye coordination and cause and effect.

The toddlers start to socialize, but during the ages of two and three, the kids are still playing parallel – side by side, not with each other. So, an important aspect when it comes to toys for toddlers is are they going to be able to have fun and to be around other kids at the same time.


Cartoon Remote Control Race Car by Liberty Toys

This is a toy, made by Liberty Imports. The Cartoon Remote Control Race Car has a character for imaginative play. The remote control is like a steering wheel – which controls are simple and easy to reach by toddlers. The performance of this R/C car is amazing, which makes it one of the best remote control cars.

Something that you might like is the fact that this toy is very easy to play with. Plus, it has interesting sounds and light, which are perfect for entertaining the kid. But this is not all. There is option for role playing, thanks to the removable car driver figure.

Well, on the other hand, I guess the music can be annoying for parents. Also, some of the plastic parts are fragile and the remote control range is not the greatest that can be found on the market.


Remote Control Dumps Truck

Each kid likes different things – dinosaurs, cowboys, trains or, toy soldiers, and, why not, a construction dump truck. If your kid likes dump trucks, then consider buying the Holy Stone RC dump truck – one absolutely perfect choice. The toy has moving action and construction worker figurine, that can be detached. One of the best RC cars for kids in the toddlerhood – this is exactly what the Holy Stone dump truck is.

You will like the vivid colors and the funny character. Also, the toy is very easy to play with, suitable for toddlers and doesn’t play loud sound.

The cons of the dump truck are: it needs five batteries and they are drained very fast. The movements are not quite real.


Fisher- Price Remote Control Thomas the Train

Is your kid fan of Thomas the Train – the cartoon show that not only entertains kids, but also teaches morals and attitude? Well, then the Fisher-Price Remote Control Vehicle is exactly for them, so they will be able to manipulate where does Thomas go.

We like the straightforwardness of the toy. Also, the remote controller suits the toddler’s hands. Besides, Thomas the Train is fun to play with and is very colorful and beautiful toy, which will keep your kid entertained for hours at a time.

The only argument against is that the toy does not work on soft surfaces.