Best Sewing Machines For Denim [UPDATED] Top Products for 2020

denim sewing machine

When looking for sewing machines that are suitable for denim pants and clothes or even accessories, it is a must for them to consider only the alternative behind the heavy duty sewing machines. In all other cases, jeans cannot be either sewed, or repaired, if you use an ordinary sewing machine.

When it comes to considering the best sewing machines for denim, on the other side, there are dozens of factors to be considered: like the type of denim you will use the machine for or even the specific action you will be performing.

Because if you will make a completely new pair of jeans you will need a professional denim sewing machine, while correction of a specific damage might be done with a more amateur model. In all cases, the following models represent the best sewing machines for denim you can find:

Singer 4423

Singer 4423 is a specially tailored denim-oriented extra sturdy and super heavy duty speed model of sewing machines for any job you can think about as to your jeans or your denim accessories. The product arrives with a tough metal frame. It also powered by a modern engine that is able to make a total of 1,100 stitches per minute. You can now imagine how fast, reliable and convenient this product is. Moreover – the machine is comparatively compact (about 8 kilo), which makes it suitable for both: domestic and commercial use.

Pros: Singer 4423 comes with numerous pros, but below you will see the most commonly reviewed by customers all over the world:

  • Automatic tension control that allows you to switch from different material types easily
  • Stainless steel bed cover and drop feed benefit that makes the product really trustworthy
  • Many projects can be done on this model
  • A large abundance of stitches you can make

Cons: Although it can be argued whether it really is a heavy duty machine. You might not be able to perform some of the toughest jobs on Singer 4423 only if you are not used to the various programs and modes yet.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine is a fantastic model with more than 50 built-in utility and options to create your sewing designs as artistically as possible. The product is very suitable for denim accessories and clothes, including jeans from genuine denim textile. The various stitch styles let you work on different materials, excluding denim, and it also has one-step bobbin replacement with quick set drop-in bobbin.

Pros: Embellish or join quilt blocks with the built-in quilting stitches are included. The product is really easy to be used.

Cons: The model is not suitable for 110V AC countries. Moreover, if the sewer is more of a professional type, he or she might find Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine as a product with limited functions. However, it is quite ok for amateurs.


SINGER P-1250 PROFESSIONAL FLAT BED is one of the most flexible sewing machines, because it has thick frame and it goes smoothly whatever stitch you do. The product is higher than an average one, but its price corresponds to a premium quality with suction cup made into the bottom of the base and more than 1200 stitches per minute as average performance.

Pros: 7 presser feet option, flat bed for working, as well as ability to keep your base and textile always steady, which makes the model quite suitable for any amateur.

Cons: Not an affordable model


What is the first specific thing about this machine is that JANOME HD1000 looks like a real Vintage sewing machine model. However, it is not only another retro, but strong all-textile-type machine. It has great options for denim and it comes with 2 large dials on the front making job with it intuitive and convenient. The model has 14 utility stitches, 1 four-step buttonhole, drop feed, free arm and built in thread cutter.

Pros: The metal chassis makes this denim heavy duty sewing machine a fantastic alternative for domestic usage, but with professional final outcome. Moreover – JANOME HD1000 has a tough aluminium body construction.

Cons: It has only utility stitches, unfortunately, plus – the model is quite challenging for threading


JANOME HD3000 is one more JANOME heavy duty sewing machine that is fully compatible with your denim projects. This model arrives with contemporary horizontal full rotator system, 18 different utility and decorative stitches, steady body that will last for long – for sure, – as well as 7-piece feed dog and foot pressure adjusting mechanism. The JANOME HD3000 sewing machine is with common manual lay-in treading tension.

Pros: It has a simple on-board tutorial, as well as highly appreciated durability in comparison to most JANOME heavy duty sewing systems, but it is also with a very affordable price that matches its average, but long-lasting quality.

Cons: JANOME HD3000 comes with no manual speed control and the display is not as qualitative as we would wish it to be. Plus – the model appears with no up and down setting for needles.


JANOME 8077 fairly lightweight size at 19 lbs and has a carrying handle. There is also an automatic needle threader, an LED screen that allows you to choose stitches and adjust stitch width and length, and a precision tension dial. Moreover – JANOME 8077 is with top loading bobbin, jam proof, 15 needle positions, free arm, control buttons for start and stop, reverse, patter stop, needle up and down, all purpose foot and automatic buttonhole foot ability.

Pros: It is very light and compact to be carried from one to another place, and also, JANOME 8077 is determined as a good machine for various sewers depending on their level of experience.

Cons: There is no DVD instruction for those users, who prefer modern sewing machines for denim.