Best Shoe Odor Deodorizer Sprays [Rated for 2020] Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

shoe and feet odor deodorizers

Keeping your clothes, accessories and shoes clean is the best way to look and feel great. This holds true even if you do not wear expensive clothes.

Making sure you look tidy and smell good is a great way to leave a good impression. Especially if you are on a long meeting, travelling, having a long flight, or just walking everyday outside, regardless whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter.

Cleaning the clothes is easy nowadays, with all kinds of laundry machines, dryers and dry cleaning services. It takes just a few hours and you can wear your clean clothes.

For the shoes on the other hand, you do have to make sure that you clean them well, and take care of the bacteria and fungi the sweat can create. It is not a good impression to have a good looking pair of shoes which when taken off smell really bad.

Taking care of the shoe smell can be easy if you pick the specially designed deodorants that work on eliminating the odor. Combining all that with a good bamboo socks that will keep the smell away Here we have gathered the best shoe deodorizers that will keep the odor away.

TruRemedy Naturals Mint Foot Shoe Deodorizer

This is an authentic made in the USA shoe deodorant.

For the making were used the highest quality materials and ingredients without any harsh chemicals or parabens. It is a 100% non-toxic product with a great value.

One bottle guarantee you hundreds of sprays. The deodorant is quick acting and it removes all odors from your shoes and feet.

Can be used with every shoe type and it is suitable for men and women for everyday use. If you like sports or you are an athlete – you can count on this product to keep your feet and shoes fresh and clean.

2Toms StinkFree Shoe and Gear Spray

Another great shoe deodorant made in the USA with a 100% guaranteed effect.

It fully eliminates odors not just masking them.

It does not contain any perfumes or scents and it is non-toxic. The formula is scientifically designed to neutralize the bad odors and bacteria in the shoes.

The product can be even used for sporting gear – skates, gym bags, gloves, sports pads, lockers and different apparel and camping gear. If you want a great and working product – this shoe deodorant can guarantee you that your problem will be eliminated, not just masked.

Simple Shine Premium Shoe Deodorizer Foot Spray

Great and potent shoe deodorant that instantly removes even the toughest shoe and feet odors.

The formula is a blend of the most effective natural deodorizers with no harsh chemicals and parabens.

It is a spray bottle with versatile and fast-acting use. Suitable for everyday sneakers or for special sport shoes and gear. Working in an office or proactively sporting person – you can pick this product and be sure of the results.

The formula is very clean and fresh – the deodorant can be used even on genuine leather shoes. Exceptional quality product made in the USA – fully tested and absolutely safe to use.

Rocket Pure Natural Cedarwood Shoe Deodorizer

Another great option if you want to fully control the odor in your shoes.

This shoe deodorant is very effective and fights bacteria. If you decide to use it you can be sure that it will keep your feet and shoes fresh the whole day no matter if you are working at the office or even doing sports.

You can spray it directly on your feet and into your shoes – just let it dry and you are ready to go.

The product is absolutely safe for leather shoes, boots, high heels, sneakers and even ballerina shoes. You can even use it for sports gear and gym bags. The deodorant is made in the USA under very strict safety regulations and excessive testing. It is absolutely gentle even to the sensitive skin.


Shoeboy’s Shoe Deodorizer


This is slightly pricey shoe deodorant but is highly effective and guarantees 100% hygiene and comfort.

Protects extremely well against odors and bacteria.

It is ideal for everyday use, sport, leisure even ski and riding boots. The bottle is even perfect for travel because of the small size. The fresh scent from this shoe deodorant is very pleasant and fully eliminates all odors from the shoes and the feet even when they are excessive sweaty.

The product is made in Germany and is one from the premium class.