The Best Skateboards For Kids | Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

skate boards for kids

Skateboards have been around for so many years and gained a lot of fame among the youth. Every time we go out we see people from different age ranges pushing on skateboards.

Even on television we see commercials or movies with skateboarders.

Every kid wants to experience and try new things and that is totally understandable. Your little fella may want to try to learn how to ride a bike or find the charm in skateboards. No matter what your kid chose you should know which is the right model before purchasing the first thing you see on the market.

As a parent, you should let your child explore the world and try different things, as you keep their minds engaged. Sport like this is amazing way to keep their blood going and maintain a good weight and figure.

If you are the type of parent that worries often about the safety of their children, you can always purchase knee and arm braces. We are sure that your kid will need practicing its skills before committing into dangerous stunts and that is why we have those protectors.

So, our advice is to let your child be and enjoy its outdoor time.

One skateboard can socialize you kid and bring it unforgettable memories.

This is one great way to make the kids more active. Nowadays, computers and phones are very pernicious and can create an unconcern in your child.

If you appreciate the positives of this amazing device, now it is time to dive into the part on what is a good first skateboard for your kid.

There are plenty of options on the market, but our article includes only the ones that are really game changing. Every model here is unique by its own and has a lot to offer the user.


Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a skateboard is the size of the board.

Your kid may not notice the difference between two different sized boards, but we can assure you that couple of inches can be very important.

However, your child is probably looking for a skateboard that has a cool design and distinguishes itself from other models.

This skate has the design your kid requires and the features that will satisfy them.

This model has Canadian maple construction that guarantees for the deck’s durability and stability.

Your kid will be able to control the skate very easy and even carry it around without any problem, as the board is 7.5 x 31 inches. The skate is equipped with 5.0″ aluminum trucks, a black grip tape for easy pushing and more stability, as well as 52mm urethane Krown graphic wheels.

This skate can handle extra weight if needed.

It can last you for long period of time, thanks to the amazing construction. The wheels are small and provide for a good speed this will help your kid use the skateboard as means of transport once it gets used to it. This skateboard is perfect for every kid that’s wants to get the best out of it.


  • Nice design
  • Great construction
  • Long- lasting


  • Lack of additional pieces in the package
  • The trucks might be a bit too tight


Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard

This next model is manufactured for kids that got the basic knowledge and want to continue their progress. You need to pay more attention to your kid, while it is pushing on this board, but other than that, it will bring a lot of joy for you and your child on a reasonable price.

This skateboard is just the right size. This offers more control to the feet of the kid. The board can be easily carried around, as there are no redundant inches included.

The model is equipped with hand cast and high rebound wheels, that provide smoother ride when there is high stress situations occurred. The wheels are so durable, that they won’t need to be changed for very long period of time. Another benefit of those high rebound wheels is that they have the ability prevent unpleasant falls, as they can cushion a big part of the shock.

The only disadvantage of the wheels is that they are not suitable to roll over cracks on the road or small pebbles. Your kid may feel discomfort riding on terrain like this, so our advice is to elude similar ground.

This skateboard comes with amazing screen printed design that will grab the attention of your kid.

The better control and friction is thanks to a black grip tape that will keep your kid on the deck even when the terrain is rough.

This is a product that will satisfy the needs of every kid and the requirements for safety of every parent.


  • Reasonable price for such model
  • Perfect size
  • High rebound wheels
  • Sturdy model with sleek design


  • The model is preferably for advanced kids
  • The wheels are not manufactured to roll over small pebbles


KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

It is never too late to find your passion.

That’s why we included a model that can be used by older kids.

This model will drag the attention to your kid with its attractive pattern that we have all seen in the early 00’s. But the design is not the cherry on top of the cake.

This skateboard incorporates some of the most ingenious features and ideas on the market right now.

On the first place is the sturdy and solid Canadian maple construction. The board is definitely of top quality one.

It is just the right size and weight. You don’t have to worry about your kid trying to fit its legs on the deck, the place is well planned.

Skateboards are known to have shiny grey trucks, whereas here, the company chose to add black aluminum trucks for extra touch and definition. The color may not play a big role here, but the material makes a big change. Aluminum trucks are way better and they will last for longer. They are also flexible when it comes to climate changes.

For a final touch, the grip tape gives your kid’s feet more control and stability.

We believe that this skate is amazing product, thanks to its great construction and embedded design.

All of this made that model one well-oiled machine that will bring smiles to your kid for many years.

The extra strength and durability are everything you should look for when it comes to skateboards. The wheels here are sturdy and ready to hit the streets. This model can be used by practically everyone who wants to experience something new.

One disadvantage we would like to mention is the poor quality of the grip tape. We are not saying that it does not give the required support and control, just the fact that it is rapid wear.


  • Interesting design
  • Modern technology
  • Intended size
  • Durable model


  • The grip tape is not of the best quality and you have to replace it after a while