The Best Stress Relieve And Fidget Toys – 2020 Products Recommended

Stress Relieve toys and fidgets

Every person has experienced anxiety, stress and pressure. You can experience it at work, at home, with friends and usualy when you are in situations that you have to make important decisions.

Those feelings are often described as irritating, uncomfortable and even scary. They are usually gone when the situation changes, but for some people it could take a while. They could be a lot more bothersome for some people, they can experience them for longer periods and because they often experience also physical manifestation of anxiety which include: sweat, hot waves, faster breathing, blushing, lack of concentration and many more, they are not a great feeling.

Because anxiety doesn’t feel good, and of course we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, we sometimes want to hide them or try to ignore them.

But we have to understand that those feelings are most of the times, completely natural.

People from different ages experience them, and we all do not like them, even though they are useful and natural for some of the situations, when we are under pressure, we are scared or bothered.

Some situations that might put you under a lot of pressure include:

  • Talking to people with ranks (police, teacher, professor etc)
  • Talking to people that you like (for instance a girl/boy that you like)
  • Applying for new job
  • New friends/colleagues/school mates

Also when, taking important decisions such as:

  • Quittng your job
  • Finding your job
  • Applying for a position

All those situations are normal and it is okay to be anxious, some are very exciting for people and usually a bit scary.

The anxiety is not that helpful most of the time, because it is hard to make a decision or talk to somebody when you feel uncomfortable.

It might damage the first impression that you make and since it is usually very important you want to not feel that stressed out, imagine applying for a very, very important job, if you are anxious you might not talk properly, make strange things, it is usually hard to be presented well when you are shaking or blushing.

But if you could lower your anxiety, and accept that it is okay, you might feel better and get a better chance at getting that job.

Most people, usually at work, are a bit more stressed and they need to relieve that feeling, but often times they just go to their home after work and grab some food and watch TV. The body needs a better way to relieve the stress, like taking a walk, working out or doing something fun.

But there is another way, instead of relaxing after these situations, you might find it very helpful to try to relieve some of that anxiety while you are in those situations.

For instance you can use stress relieving gadgets that can help you with many things:

  • Improve your mood
  • Help you feel more comfortable
  • Make you feel relaxed

They are fun to play with and are not expensive. They are something quite comfortable and small enough to take almost anywhere with you. You can use them, at school, before presentations, at work, even outside.

We are going to present you some of the best gadgets that are built with high quality materials and are not too pricey. You can chose that one that looks interesting to you and try it for yourself or as a gift for your kid.


VCOSTORE 12 sided fidget cube

This cube, has good design, and it is really suited for many anxious moments, so instead of clicking your pen, or biting your nails, you can use this gadget. Its design allows you to calm your anxiety and allows you to be more focused at work, the design is good because it suits many small habits like:

  • Clicking
  • Flickering
  • Rolling
  • Spinning

This item is mostly recommended for people at work, but it can also be used as a playful toy for your kids to help them relieve the stress and anxiety.

This cube is of high quality, and it feels comfortable in your hand, ti is not too big or too small and it has very smooth surface. It is durable and it works for really long time.

Its weight allows you to feel it in your hand, but not too heavy to get bored.


  • Versatile
  • Good feel while in the hand
  • Quality product


  • Some of the fidgets can be a little too noisy


Flippy Chain Fidget Toy – Small and Addictive

This item is built in USA and it is of great quality. It is really sturdy and seem be able to last for a long time, even for after continuous and heavy usage.

They might be used for hours and hours for days and will not break or get a rust or anything.

They are  really helpful for people under stressful conditions, or if you get anxious too often during the day. Playing with them might seem like something that might not help, but many people use it and they have seen some really good improvement and results.

If you want to be more productive, more focused, and be less worried, you should consider this item. Keeping your hands busy with this interlocking chains is a great way to reduce anxiety.

They do not make sounds, and won’t bother your colleagues at work.

This chains, might be a bit more pricey, but their quality is worth it and they bring a lot of benefits for the price.

You can play with them with one hand, with two hands, with two or more fingers and it creates a relaxing sensation, they are great on feel and they are so small you can keep it in your pocket, they are not too light so when you play with them you will feel that you have something in your hands, unlike some of the other products that, for some people, might be a bit too light.


  • Made of stainless steal
  • Silent
  • Small


  • The rubber band is not durable
  • Pricey


Stingy Ball on a String – Best Versatile Stress Balls

This item may be used by kids, and adults. It is designed to relieve, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress, anxiety, autism, and even for people with arthritis.

It can also help you with your finger and grip strength.

StringyBall is really great for grip strength and different exercises for grip and forearm strength and rehabilitation after injury. It will help you strengthen and reduce muscle tension, it could also help you with the blood circulation in your hands.

Since this item is small, it can be taken with you, also it is very quiet and you can do the exercises almost anywhere, at home, at office, at school even at park when you are walking the dog.

One of the best things about those StringyBalls is that they have string and are attached to your arms so that if you drop them they will not fall and you won’t have to chase them down the street for instance.

They are made with 100% first grade Thermoplastic Rubber and are really comfortable and durable. Its built material is also Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthalates-free, Latex-free and odor-free.

They can also be washed and used for long time.

They area really comfortable, and won’t take up much space. You can leave them in your drawers or in your pocket and won’t even notice them.

Since StingyBall can be used by kids and adults, they have to be with different densities, so that’s why you receive 3 balls, they come with soft, medium and firm density, which you can chose from.


  • Good for carpal tunnel and even arthritis
  • Perfect for hand strengthening exercises and hands rehabilitation
  • Good on size
  • Silent
  • 3 balls with different densities each
  • Exercise guide included


  • It might get in the way if you have to do something in a pinch but it is easily removable


Stress Ball Therapy Dexterity Pro – Best Quality Stress Ball

This ball is great for anxiety and help you increase your blood circulation in your hands.

It is really helpful for people that use their fingers (for instance for crafting items), that tension is build up in their muscles and they need to get some rest, but just stopping the activity is not good enough, they need to get some blood through them and some relaxing movements to relieve that.

Using this item is helpful and won’t be noticed. It looks like a toy but it is actually really helpful. Due to its small size you can leave it almost anywhere.

The squeeze ball is made from durable gel and soft lycra with a non-sticky texture. It is really comfortable when you use it. Its size is good for the average and large hands, its diameter is of 6cm.

The squeeze ball has good resistance and a bit of elasticity, when you drop it it will bounce back up a bit. The materials and stitching are of high quality and the gel improves the comfort level when you grab the squeeze ball. The ball is not too firm or too soft, it is great for stress relieve.


  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Great feel to the hand
  • Made from durable Gel and is a little bouncy


  • Small


Fun Central Zoo Animals Squeeze Balls – Best Stress Ball for Kids

The zoo animal squeeze balls are really fun, they look great and are really helpful for stress relieve.

They are great for kids and since they are made with high quality, non-toxic materials they can play with them a lot. They will last long time and really great looking and colorful.

They are not too big, about 2 inches in diameter and are not too firm.

This zoo animal squeeze balls help your kids by keeping their hands busy and stopping them from being bored. They are made with soft foam, which is great for indoor playing, because it won’t break stuff that easy.

Their material, also is elastic a bit so they bounce and this makes them especially fun for kids. They are high quality and will last for many days of playing.


  • Perfect for children
  • 12 in pack
  • Durable
  • Made of squishy foam


  • They are ideal for kids so generally would feel really small to the average adult

Buyer Guide

These toys are great and very useful for self-regulation. They will keep your fingers busy and will help you to calm your nerves, keep yourself focused and concentrated, reduce and even eliminate your stress and increase the tactile awareness of your fingers. You can even find a fidget toys for your feet
which once again can keep you busy and focused, relieving the daily stress and get your body relaxed in those moments of anxiety and tension.

Stress Balls
Another common stress relieving toys that are suitable for youngsters and adults. In most cases they are small balls (however you can find a bigger ones too) filled with clay or malleable gel. You can hold one very comfortably with your fingers or in the palm of your hand. Squeezing and holding the ball can help to relieve or eliminate stress and will release your tension as well. That way you can also boost your blood circulation which is great, especially if you work in an office environment.

Benefits of Stress Relief Fidget Toys
The stress relief fidget toys come in very wide variety of designs and styles. However all of them have one main function – to eliminate or at least relief your daily stress levels, especially at work. However the benefits from them are a lot and some of them are tension release, nerve stimulation, attention
diversion and improved overall mood. If your workday is very intense and full of stress a fidget toy or stress ball can really help you and you will see the benefits of them almost immediately.