Best Baby Swaddle Sacks [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2019

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No matter if you are a new mom and want the best for your firstborn child or have experience with some kids, the swaddle sack is great accessory for your baby especially when you want it to feel comfortable while sleeping in his baby crib. After all, you can see new products on the market almost every day and can easily lose track of what is the best from point of the price and quality.

But don’t worry, because we are here to help you by presenting some of the best swaddle sacks that you can currently find on the market.

Something that we consider to be important.

Once your baby become strong enough to break out of the swaddle sack, you can stop using it to prevent the risk of pushing the Velcro wings over their face.

In addition to that we feel that the size of the swaddle sacks should always be carefully chosen and we think that it should be used with care and would not recommend using a swaddle sack for babies that can roll.


Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

This swaddle sack is great with nice wrap Velcro style design.

Don’t think that this product has anything in common with the regular sleepsacks, because it can swaddle.It is made from cotton. This swaddle sack has nice Velcro design and of course, a zipper. You can use this product as a simple sleepsack with baby arms our or as a swaddler when the arms are in. This is very helpful for growing babies and most of the little ones will figure out by themselves how to wiggle their arms from the sack.

This swaddle sack comes in two sizes for newborns and small. It also comes in different colors so can pick your favorite or a gender-specific one. This fully cotton swaddle is lightweight is thin and breathable and you can use it for the hot summer months.

If you are a busy mom with almost no spare time, this swaddle sack can save you a lot of efforts and time. Once your baby become strong enough to break out of the swaddle sack, you can stop using it to prevent the risk of pushing the Velcro wings over its face.

In addition to that we feel that the size of the swaddle sacks should always be carefully chosen


Summer Infant SwaddleMe

This swaddle sack also uses the great Velcro style design.

The manufacturer is well known with the really cute design on its products, so you can expect something good looking. This swaddle sack uses two-tab flap system from Velcro and doesn’t have any arm holes that will allow you to use it with the baby arms outside.

You can buy this swaddle sack in couple of sizes – small, between small and medium and the last one is large. Keep in mind that the sizing is not very accurate so consider how will the baby fit.

No matter if you have a baby boy or a girl, you will find a lot of cute designs and colors of this swaddle sack. This swaddle sack has a loop on the back which is very convenient because you can secure it to a swing or a bouncer without any problems. Have in mind that bulking the product in a car can be kind of difficult sometimes, but it is made to be bulked between the legs.


Nuroo Swaddler

This manufacturer is kind of new in the whole baby product sphere, but its products are very high quality and well-placed in prices. The fabrics, the design and the colors of the swaddle sacks from Nuroo are great and you should definitely check them.

The basic use of their swaddle sack is as you can expect is as a sleepsack. It has pockets for the baby legs and wings that can be tightened around the baby arms. They attach to the main body with Velcro and you can use it for the baby arms to be inside or outside, depending on its sleeping pattern.

But this is not just a basic sleepsack, because it has very unique three sizes in one design that allow you to adjust the size to fit your baby while it is growing. The secret lies in the two different on size pockets and a removable seam. This is one really unique feature that will allow you to use the product for a longer time without need to buy new one.

The swaddle sack is made from high quality fabric material which is very soft and flexible allowing you to wrap your baby easy and it to be comfortable.


Ziggy Baby Adjustable Swaddle Blanket

Another great swaddle sack with Velcro straps and a lot of popularity around the mothers.

It fastens really good and has a pouch for the baby legs and feet. The baby body and arms are winged too, and there is another wing that comes across the body and attach to the Velcro. The blanket of the swaddle sack fits perfectly every baby size and you can use this product even while its growing, because it readjusts automatically.

After all this swaddle sack is best for babies from 7 to 14 pounds.

It is made purely from cotton with high quality that is very soft and flexible. You have several design options so you can pick the product in your favorite one or based on the gender of the baby.

Keep in mind that this swaddle sack shrinks slightly after washing, so if your baby fits tight in it, after washing it might not. For that reason, wash in cold water and if you have a dryer, do it on low heat. If this issue is not that big for you and won’t be a deal breaker, we suggest to check this swaddle sack, because it is very good and the price also is very affordable.