Best Tower Book Shelves – Reviews 2021

Book shelves

Reading books, can be so much beneficial for you – it improves your imagination, creativity, mood, you can do it anywhere – on the way to work, at home with a cup of hot tea on a rainy day, in the subway, in the park, and even when on a big trip with the family.

Books are so important, and many people simply do not read enough. If you are one of the people that knows that books are great, important and likes to read, you would need a place to store your books. A great book shelf is a must if you have many books, and want to store them in your room.

Tower shaped book shelves are great for smaller rooms, of if you simply prefer this type of design. It is usually modern looking and has thin design with a lot of room, depending of the height of the unit.

VASAGLE Tree Book Shelf

If you are looking for interesting and modern looking book shelf, this is a good option to take under consideration.
The book shelf has tower structure, with wide base for stability, also looks interesting. Its size is 19.7″L x 9.8″W x 55.7″H , it can fit most rooms. It can be used for collections for your favorite books and it fits a lot of them. Each shelf hold up to 22lbs , so it can fit a lot of books.

The unit has 8 open shelves, which are interestingly placed, unlike the regular horizontal lines, you get great design, simple structure – but also sturdy and great affordable shelf.

The unit requires assembly, but is quite easy to do, and simply following the steps in the instructions it can be assembled by one person.

Sauder Tower Book shelf

This tower like book shelf has really interesting and modern looking design.

It is affordable, and offers a lot of space – it has three adjustable shelves.

It can be used in many different indoor color and size. It can be used for bigger or smaller rooms. You can place it in your working room or even in your gaming room. It looks modern, but also simplistic. It is sturdy and easy to clean, so good option for people that don’t have the time. Also can be used for books and other items to give your room more personal look.

Atlantic Oskar Adjustable Book Shelf


This option fits a lot of books. It has simple yet good looking design. It has wider base for stability.It has adjustable shelfves.

The design is tower like, and the maple is great look for any room.

The price is affordable. Its size is L 13″ x W 8″ x H 54″

Simple Designs Home LF1014-BLK book shelf and lamp


This book shelf, is interestingly built. It has light structure, plenty of space, it can be used not only as book shelf but also for other items, such as decorations, flowers, figurines and more.

Interesting and different about this tower shaped book shelf is that it also has a lamp. It can be used as regular lamp, and also as a shelf.

The lamp has pull chain on/off switch, for easy switching. Uses medium type A 100w bulb, which is not included in the package. It has modern looking design.

The size of the unit is L 10″x W 10.2″ x H 62.75″.
There is some assembly required to get the unit ready to be placed on your room.

Its design can be complimented with more modern and simplistic look. The color also fits different interior designs.

lunanice Bookcase 60″


This design is modern looking too, and yet simplistic and clean. If you are looking for something elegant, to store your books, and other items, this Book shelf is an option to consider.

It has good construction, wide base and smaller top. It has 5 zig-zag spaceous shelfs, for you to store books, pictures, toys, collections and more.
The unit is made with 2 materials – triamine plate and steel pipe, for stronger and yet good looking built. It can hold up to 110lbs of weight. The 11lbs tier capacity is great for most items, but don’t place too heavy.

The net weight of the unit is 33.4lbs so it is easy to be carried when assembled. The unit size is L32″ X W14″ X H60″.

Buyer Guide


First thing to consider, when purchasing any furnitue is the size. Consider the size of the room you want to place it in. What kind of size would you want to spare for the unit? Are you looking for wide unit? Do you want higher but thinner unit? Make some measurements and consider the size before browsing for book shelves.
Also consider the amount of books you want to place there, if you have few books and few items, you might want smaller one, but if you have big book collection you might want to get wider unit and maybe even more than one.


Wood and steel are the main components of most units. Depending on the shape and design, it can be built with MDF boards, which are easy to clean and quite sturdy depending on the built quality and style of the unit.


The price of book shelves vary a lot. You can get small modern looking one for few bucks, or you can get big and wides ones for few hundred box. Depending on the material, size and shape and overall built quality you need to take the price under consideration.


There are many different designs. First of all, think about the shape and size of it, it should fit the rest of the furniture and the idea of the room. You can get small one and simply place it on your desk or other furniture, or you can get a big wide shelf to have a lot of space.


Mainly the color should complement the rest of the units in your room or house. If you pick color that has nothing to do with the rest and the structure and overall idea of the shelf might not like the way it looks when you place it. So before start looking for a new shelf, take a look around and consider what color would fit best.