Best Trampolines For Kids [UPDATED] Product Recommendations for 2020

best trampolines for kids

One of the most enjoyable ways of entertaining your child is buying them a trampoline – your child will surely be so happy that they won’t want to get off.

This is also a great solution to keep your kids fit, even when indoors. Even though you may start thinking that trampolines are designed only for adults, there are many models on the market, adapted for children as well.

Another thing that may cause you difficulties for understanding is “How does one trampoline help my children?”.

It is scientifically proven that jumping is a wonderful way to maintain the overall body fitness of everyone. The secret is that different parts of the body are being involved. Our article will give you the information you will need before making the step of purchasing any similar product.

There are many different types and sizes of trampolines – oval ones, rectangular or round ones. You should choose the shape and size of your trampoline depending on where you want to place it.

For smaller places with limited space it is advisable that you buy an oval or rectangular one as those shapes save a lot of space.  It is best to buy a trampoline with a safety net as many of the trampoline accidents occur when there isn’t such net. After all, our children’s safety is our main goal. We present to your attention some of the best trampolines for kids.


Uniting the idea of helping your kid burn calories, expend energy and being in the house is a dream for some parents. This dream now can become reality with this model from Little Tikes.

The materials that are used to make this product are elastic and metal. There are three durable legs boosting your children’s weight energetically. The net is resistant and the huge jumping mat gives your kids the comfortable experience they need.

The company producer made a large, robust bar that can be used as a support while jumping and the prominent points that will leave you happily surprised.


First on the list is this 36-inch folding trampoline because of its great performance and quality and the fun times it brings to the children.

The name suggests that this model is an affordable trampoline with wide, spherical surface with the addition of a steady net. This trampoline’s diameter is 36 inches, providing enough area for cheerful play.

The convenient design is one of the factors of the trampoline’s fame. It is very practical and easy to build and has six metal legs which are portable.

A very reliable product and you won’t have any worries leaving your children playing alone. It is all thanks to the strong bands, made of stable and trustworthy materials. It is not only suitable for children but adults as well.

The not too flexible bounce is another factor that can be appreciated.

The only missing thing and a drawback is the safety net that can encircle the facility which can prevent unfortunate incidents.



This product is perfect for people who want to play and jump around with their kids.

This amazing 15 ft. round trampoline is one of the most satisfying products that the company have come up with. It is suitable to withstand your kids, including you as you entertain yourself. Skywalker trampolines are supplied with colossal enclosure net and decent legs with a shape that give you comfort while jumping.

Its endurance makes this product the perfect choice for big families who like to participate in certain activities together as the model is so steady that it will be almost impossible to be torn.

We strongly believe that this product is a great chance to get your hands on something that won’t disappoint you.


Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline

The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline is 8ft by 11ft big but there aren’t any springs on the outside of it, which makes the jumping area as big as the one of a 12ft trampoline with springs.

This trampoline is claimed to be one of the safest trampolines you can get.

If you are not satisfied with the size of the trampoline, there are more sizes available for you to buy. Also, there are other shapes, too. If you are fully dedicated to the safety of your child and if you are an over-protective parent, this trampoline is the right purchase for you.

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is also believed to be one of the best trampolines for children and also one of the safest ones.

This trampoline features some safety components that you may not find in any other trampoline on the market – there is a durable frame, safety enclosure, a pad protector and also steel poles. The trampoline is highly rated on many websites and is one of the most popular ones. The trampoline is very bouncy and perfect for our children.

Unlike many other trampolines that take a lifetime to be put together, this one can be put together very easy. Also, it is very light, which makes it amazing for transportation.



Our next suggestion is for those users who have problems finding place for such purchase, but are ready to take the risk. Original Toy Company came up with a product that suits even the smallest houses.

Its capacity for weight is up to 150 pounds which is amazing for a mini model, with the jumping mat’s diameter around 36 inches.

Your kid can use the detachable handle when jumping, landing on a safety pad, providing soft finish. The setting time does not take long and it doesn’t take up too much space.



We present to you another product from Skywalker which is widely accepted for its pure perfect design. With its six w – shaped legs, made of stainless steel, this model exceeds other cylindrical trampolines as it avoids sinking into the ground.

This 15 ft. trampoline is made from high quality materials which give you complete reliability while being used. Thanks to the enclosure that surrounds the trampoline, it is safe for playing as much as you’d want.

Exercising and playing sports on the trampoline can be combined as it is equipped with a basketball hoop even your kids will approve this purchase.


FitBounce Pro

Who said that trampolines are for children only? The FitBounce Pro trampoline is ideal for the whole family, meaning that you, the parents, can also enjoy some fun time bouncing on it.

That is great, right?

Also, this trampoline can be put not only outside, but also inside, as it is completely silent and will not disturb anyone. The FitBounce Pro is extremely easily put together which makes it even better.

If you try this FitBounce Pro trampoline, we are all sure that you won’t regret it.

Galt Folding Trampoline

At the beginning of Galt’s career, he wasn’t very successful. Now, his trampolines are highly popular and are sold in the whole world. He produces some of the best trampoline models.

One of the most important things for Galt is that children learn through playing. His trampolines are always tested before being sold on the market so if you are searching for a high quality trampoline, you will find it among the wide range of Galt’s trampolines.

The Galt Folding Trampoline is recommended for children over the age of 3, featuring everything you will possibly need in a trampoline – a padded cover, a tubular steel frame and many more.

It is very easily put together but if you find it difficult, there are instructions that come with the trampoline.



  • Shape – There are many types of shapes. Each has its own specificity. For example, the round ones are simple trampolines which can be construct on a reasonable price. The rectangular and octagonal on the other hand are on the expensive side because their quality is higher. Round trampolines are considered for home purposes while those in other shape – for professional purposes.
  • Length of springs -The length of the springs is a very important factor when you are looking to buy a trampoline. Longer springs give you softer bounce and more air time because of the higher jumps, when short ones are not that enduring as they are overstretching too easily and you have to change them frequently.
  • Age group – When you are buying certain model, first of all you should research if it is adapted for your children’s age. The size here matches the age. If you buy a smaller trampoline it means it can be used by younger kids from the age of 3 to 6. And if you have older children, you better buy a bigger one.
  • Weight – If your children are lightweight, a smaller trampoline will do the job just fine. On the other hand, if your kid is a bit on the chubby side, you should better purchase larger size with greater weight capacity.
  • Available Space – Another important factor you have to consider before investing in such product is to find enough place to keep the trampoline. If the space is not a problem for you and you have a big yard, we advise you to take a larger trampoline which will bring your kids and their friends a lot of fun. But if your space is limited, there are many options for your case such as mini trampolines or rebounders.
  • Budget – We all know that not everyone is ready to spend hundreds on buying a trampoline as it is not an essential. You will be able to find different types of trampolines on variable prices. One fact that we want to include here is that cheap does not mean inferior. All you should do is to research the product and read some opinions on it.
  • Safety – As a parent, you will surely be a little scared for your children’s safety. Great option for your concerns is getting a trampoline with safety enclosures or just buying an enclosure which can easily be attached.