Best Trampolines For Your Backyard | Reviews and Recommendations for 2019

backyard trampolines

If you want to be more active and make your body be more flexible, because today every single person is living more sedentary life than before, you should think about getting a trampoline.

If you think that there are only trampolines for kids, you are wrong. Adults too can jump on a trampoline and have a lot of fun while being active and staying fit.

You might ask yourself how can jumping around help you be in shape and healthier as it  might not seem like a form of an exercise, for most of us it just looks like a fun activity, but let’s take a further look into that.

We all know about rope jumping and what a famous exercise it is for staying fit lose unwanted fat and making you full of energy and more positive through the day. In a way the jumping on a trampoline is similar to it and it can help you or your kids stay healthier and have fun instead of running or other more demanding activities. Jumping is a good cardio alternative for your body so it means that you maintain your body health and can make it more fit and good looking.

This type of exercising will potentially help you be more energetic during your everyday activities. The soft surface of the trampolines, are not so harsh on your joints, which is really beneficial if you have issues with your joints or if you like to exercise often.

Trampolines can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on your preferences and the weather conditions, and you can be active with or without company in the face of kids, friends, and relatives.

If you are in search for a good trampoline, we will give you some ideas where to start from. Here are some of the best trampolines that are currently on the market, just pick the one that suits you the most.



Skywalker is one of the best trampolines for adults and even for kids in that matter on the market. Skywalker have really good trampolines, it can be very hard to pick only one suggestion, but we decided that it would be this one.

This trampoline is 15-feet with round shape and is appropriate for people over 6-years. It comes with safety features, after all safety must be number one priority to every person, so you get with it a steel frame which is rust resistant and durable and a safety net so you can use the trampoline even outdoors.

This trampoline is one piece of a great equipment, but also a very entertaining tool.

It provides for a good bouncing rate and high jumps. The dimensions on this one are 15-feet by 15-feet. The main wearable part in one trampoline – the springs, are very durable and resistant, so you can expect long product life and a lot of time to enjoy jumping on it and be in good shape.



If you want something on an affordable price but with multifunctionality, this trampoline is a must see. The brand is well known with its budget, but really good in terms of quality products and as you can expect, with these things they do attract some interest in their products.

This particular trampoline is 14-feet and it is round. It will provide you all that you need for your entertainment and cardio workout – very good bouncing rate and high jumping. It has soft mat and 88 steel springs with decent quality and lifespan. The greatest thing about this trampoline is the price, which is very good.

About the quality, the trampoline is rust resistant and pretty durable.

A good thing having in mind is that you won’t get a safety enclosure. But be kind of careful while using the trampoline, because you never know what can happen, especially if kids are going to use it too. Don’t let them without a supervision.



This model is made for outdoor use only and can be purchased in various sizes. It is good because you can get however jumping space you want or need. The trampoline comes with a safety enclosure to keep you and the other jumpers safe and sound. This makes the tool good for children, even you don’t need to always stay with them to look after.

The assembling of the trampoline is made very easy and almost everybody can do it even without extra tools or knowledge. Just read the instructions and the manual before you start working and you will be good to go.

For greater stability the trampoline has legs in the shape of “W” which are making double contact with the ground surface. You know, the more the contact points, the more stable will be the whole installation.

After your first use of the trampoline you will see how good stability are the W-shaped legs giving you. If you need the best in terms of safety trampoline, this might be the one.



This 12-feet jumping trampoline is great because it is suitable for children and adults.

The trampoline is made with really big touch to the details and you can clearly see that. The manufacturer used very high quality materials, so it must last you for a long time.

The pipes are really thick and the frames are stronger enough to sustain the pressure from the jumpers without any problem.

With the package you get a safety enclosure for maximum safety, which allows the tool to be used even from kids without great supervision.

The springs are even hidden from sight and the legs are W-shaped for double stability while bouncing.

The one and only con that this trampoline has is that it is kind of hard to assemble. You got heavy pipes and really thick mat, so you might need some help while assembling it.



This 14-feet trampoline is ideal for the whole family – kids and adults. It is made with round shape and will surprise you with the bigger jumping space that it can offer than the other similar models.

It has integrated enclosure for safety reasons, so the kids and even you will be safe while enjoying jumping on it. Every landing will be really soft thanks to the high quality mat with great durability resistance. The steel frame is also weather resistant and really heavy-duty, so you won’t worry about it too.

This trampoline uses innovative technology called VariableBounce, that prevents any injuries during jumping because it puts lower pressure on your joints and knees. You can jump however you want, whenever you want without any oppressions.

Keep in mind that assembling can be kind of challenging because of the heavy pipers and the thick mat, but if you have a partner, you will do the job.



The brand always offers its clients the very best products and this one is not an exception.

The trampoline has great safety features and the manufacturer even claims that it is the safest one on the market. It has no springs at all, because it uses rod system which as you can expect, is the safe than the trampolines with springs. The frames are made from steel with double galvanization to be resistant in every weather condition.

The model will provide you with only 10-feet of jumping space but actually it is more spacious than some 12-feet models with springs for obvious reason. So if the safety is the most crucial thing for choosing a trampoline for you and may be your little ones, this model is one of the greatest options you have.