Best Ultralight Backpacks Recommendations for 2020

ultralight backpacks for hiking

Is hiking one of your hobbies? Do you spend several days on hikes and long distance backpacking?

Is the answer is yes, you definitely need a good backpack, that makes the walking easier.

The quality backpack needs to be big enough for all of your food and gear for each type of terrain and for each season. Plus, it should be functional, simple, and easy to carry.

If you agree with me, take a look at the list below – you will find some of the best backpacks you can get yourself in 2018, which are slightly different, each with its strengths and weaknesses.


Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack

This backpack has plenty of storage. Taking long hikes with the Crown backpack has proved to be easy and suitable for a good and organized starage of your belongings for trips that last for more than a day.

The backpack is provided with a lot of external pockets, where you can store wet or bulky gear. In the covered storage you can put the items you need not as frequent. The long side pocket is nothing less than perfect for storing a tent, separately from the rest of the equipment.

This backpack is ultralight, refined and very comfortable. You’ll get the best of it on established trails.

Weight: 2lb 2oz

Volume: 3660 cubic inches

On one hand, the pros of the backpack are:

  • it’s range and torso lengths are wide, available for extra small or extra tall sizes
  • the shoulder pads are unisex and so is the hip belt – which is also available in multiple sizes
  • wearing the backpack, you can easily reach the bottle pocket – which is solid and reinforced

On the other hand, the cons are:

  • not enough ventilation in hot and humid weather


Hyperlite Mountain Gear Gear Stuff Pack

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear company’s specialization in climbing, packrafting and winter sports backpacks.

Thus, it’s very important for the backpacks to be durable, waterproofed and with streamlined exterior.  The company uses cuben fiber which is tough and lightweight. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Gear Stuff Pack is best for off-trail backpacking or in conditions in which you cannot or don’t want to use a regular heavy-duty backpack.

This model is not a sophisticated backpack think of it more of a minimalist type of a bag. Incredibly small and light. While it is folded it can be carried around with no fuss and is perfect for one day trips where you don’t need a lot of accessories to be brought on the hike.

This one is perfect for people who are after something really lightweight and are not putting emphasiz on the capacity.

Weight: 3.6 oz

Volume: 1800 cubic inches

The pros first:

  • the pack is almost waterproof thanks to the straps and roll top closure
  • extremely small and lightweight
  • perfect of one day hikes where the wieight you are carrying is crucial

Here come the cons:

  • there is no back ventilation
  • small capacity


HIKPRO’s Ultra Lightweight Backpack

The backpack has an awesome for carrying shape (that reminds that of a tear drop). Also, it is ultralight, but is still tough and functional for every season. It has a variety of shoulder straps, that can easily fit women. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a backpack – if it fits you right. The HIKPRO company does its best to make backpacks that can fit everyone perfectly.

Weight: 6.5 oz

Volume: 20 liters

Let’s take a look at the pros:

  • durable and lightweight
  • you can store a lot of stuff in it
  • ideal for small trips

There is only one argument against:

  • not suitable for big hikes and heavy weights
  • kind of shapeless