The Best Vacuums For Stairs [UPDATED] Top Products for 2020

vacuum cleaner for stairs

We are all aware of the fact that stairs are very tricky part of the house when it is time for cleaning, and sometimes this process can become an annoying chore.

After many published articles and opinions of many people, the best working solution for this troublesome task are vacuums that have special tools and attachments, which will ease this hard mission. So, why you are making things tough, when you can keep your staircase cleaned, without spending many hours and extra money for cleaners.

This is a list of vacuums that have wonderful and handy features that will turn the cleaning of the stairs from nightmare to pleasant activity.

Here are our top personal favorites.


Dyson DC65

This is a model that has been one of the most wanted for the past year.

Dyson is a company that is well-known for its amazing and reliable products. This vacuum is a game changer, as you can use it to clean the whole house – starting from the floors and reaching up to the ceilings.

The flexibility of this model makes it one of the best products for cleaning all around the house. A lot of models have many disadvantages, such as short hose and limited options for cleaning, whereas DC65 includes a telescopic wand, an extra-long hose, variety of attachments that will help you clean every part of the house.

The hose and telescopic wand provide you an extra-long reach, which means you will save time and effort while cleaning.

This vacuum is a dream came true as its attachments make everything smooth and the whole cleaning process painless. If you own pets and their fur is everywhere, the tangle free turbine tool will get rid of them all no matter where they are.

Your stairs will shine thank to the crevice and stair tools. If you don’t have carpeted stairs, you can easily put on the soft dusting brush and you are ready to go.

You can now forget about the torture of cleaning the stairs one by one. Dyson DC65 is here to solve the problem.


  • Versatile
  • Made by a company with great reputation
  • Unlimited options of cleaning
  • Many attachments included


  • Some people may find the price of this product high


Shark Lift-Away

This is a great 2 in 1 vacuum that combines all the features you will need to clean the whole house easily and effectively. This is a machine that will help you keep everything sparkly clean no matter if it is your floor, stairs or you just want to get rid of the dirt or any other unpleasing grime.

The machine is very easy to use, as it is lightweight and practical, because of its portable, lift-away canister that gives you the option of moving it upwards while cleaning the stairs.

In order to take the canister off the floor head, you only need to push one button.  The stairs will be shining brightly thanks to all of the attachments in the kit. If you have carpeted stairs and debris are a huge problem for you, just put on the power brush and get ready to achieve perfect results in just a couple of minutes. Cleaning the hard surfaces around the house can be difficult task, but with the dust-away attachment you will get excellent outcome even if you are using it on wood steps.

The crevice tool is a great attachment that will help you reach the dirt in the tiny corners of the stairs.

The cord is 30ft long, which gives you a lot of freedom.

This is an ideal choice for every household, because of the wide range of attachments. Your old vacuum won’t be used anymore, because this machine is an all-rounder. You can keep everything from your ceiling to the floor cleaned and shiny.



  • Variety of attachments
  • Effective results and great performance
  • Lightweight and portable product
  • Suitable for every part of your home
  • The model does not have a high price tag


Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The design is definitely an eye catching. The model uses Wind Tunnel technology that has recently been patented.

This is the only stick vacuum from this company and it has a lot of handy features.

First of them is that the vacuum does not use any cords, making it very practical and easy to carry around the house. You can now clean the whole house without involving any problems and frustration. The model is lightweight that makes things even easier. The design is definitely very clever and thoughtful.

The machine works on 18V Lithium Ion battery, which will provide you a constant full power when you are cleaning. The battery will last you for about 20-30 minutes, which can be enough for you to go around the house and do your job.

You are going to save a lot of time when you are cleaning the stairs, because you will only need to just do one swipe per step, thanks to the wide cleaning path. The corners and the walls will also be clean, if you use the edge cleaning bristles.

Thanks to the Wind Tunnel technology that powers the brush roll of the vacuum your stairs will remain fresh and dirt free. The brush roll is also awesome if you have pets that fur is all around the place. Just use this setting and you will eliminate all signs of existence. If you want to clean your bare floor, just turn off the brush roll regime and continue.

We strongly suggest this model because it includes everything you will ever need a thoughtful design, many features, excellent performance and convenience.


  • A lot of handy features
  • Perfect if you have pets in your house
  • Very convenient
  • Lightweight and cordless


  • The battery capacity may not be big enough if you have a bigger house


Eureka RapidClean Hand-Held Vacuum

This a model that grabbed the hearts of many people, which ranked it for being one of the best vacuum for stairs on the market. You can easily clean all kind of surfaces and stairs, no matter if they are carpeted or not.

It is manufactured to be very lightweight, so that you can easily carry it around the house. You and your family are using the stairs constantly and that’s why they are one of the easiest areas to get dirty fast. The vacuum is powered, as it does not run on batteries, which for some people is better, as you don’t have to rush around and be stressed if the battery dies.

The cord is 20ft long, which is enough for you to clean all the stairs without any problem. The 5.5-amp motor provides enough power to make this vacuum exterminator of all the dirt and grime that has been embedded into the tissue. The cleaning performance is superb and very on point.

You can easily turn off the brush roll, which is not possible in many other models. This gives you the ability to clean carpeted and non-carpeted stairs, as you can immediately switch from one to another

Even though the machine is small, it is very powerful and has many features. This is the perfect choice for your needs.


  • Clear and clever design
  • Many pleasant features
  • Long cord and hose, as well as powerful motor


Bissell Powerglide

This last model worths every spent dollar, as it has amazing 2in1 design that includes an upright vacuum and a portable canister.

Those two are a great combo and make this product a game changer.You can use this machine all around your home, because it included a lot features that will work on furniture, stairs and even upholstery. And one of the best parts is that this vacuum is inexpensive.

This is a model that can be the perfect choice when it comes to cleaning the stairs, as the canister is portable and lightweight.If you want to take off the canister, you just have to push one button- very easy and effortless.

This product is not only intended for stairs, as you can also clean everything- from the floor to the ceiling and everything between them.You can easily reach difficult areas thanks to the long cord, as you won’t need to re-plug. Cleaning is a real pleasure with this one. It does not work on batteries, which makes it perfect, because you don’t have to worry if the battery dies while you are cleaning.

There is also a pet power brush that will remove all the dirt and muck, preventing a lot of allergies and illnesses. Another great attachment is the crevice tool that will clean all the corners and hard to reach spots.

Amazing product on a reasonable price, that will bring you wonderful results.


  • Portable and lightweight canister;
  • Perfect for every spot in your house
  • Long cord
  • Affordable