Best Window Vacuums | Reviews and Recommendations for 2019

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Some devices may seem pretty ridiculous, yes, but this doesn’t mean that they are useless.

Quite the contrary.

One of them, the window vacuum cleaner, is a very good example. Yes, it sounds absurd – a machine designed specifically for cleaning windows. But, just think about it, this is easy and creative method to keep you windows clean and shiny. In addition, you will spend less time cleaning the windows and you won’t need sponges or buckets of water anymore.

There is no much noise in the media for the window vacuum cleaner, so it’s hard to find the right model, which will suit you better. But, we’ve got you covered.

Below are listed four of the best window vacuum cleaners, chosen on their performance.


Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner PowerSqueegee

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner PowerSqueegee – this is the winner.

The best window vacuum cleaner, which is a product of the leading window vacuum cleaner brands.

It’s special and durable – will last for years. It’s battery lasts long, long time. The device can work cordless.

It can work both outside and inside, thanks to the cordless operation.

The Karcher is a light model, so you won’t feel back pain after a whole day cleaning anymore.

Number of attachments are included in the complect, in order to give you everything you might need. Cleaning the windows will never be hard and annoying anymore.


O-Cedar Windo-Matic Window Vacuum Squeegee

Well, not everyone wants to spend a fortune on something that seems a little bit suspicious.

We have found just the right product for people, who want the best deal for their money.

This window vacuum cleaner costs as much as a rival product, but does high-quality job. It’s neck is flexible and you will be able to clean even the hardest to reach areas. There will never be streaks again, so your windows and mirrors will be perfectly polished and shiny.

Yes, the O-Cedar Windo-Matic might be cheap, but is very good and reliable. The manufacturer is sure that there will be no problems, so they give a warranty. Yes, that’s right – a two-year warranty. So you can start cleaning without worries.


Leifheit Window Cleaning Tool Kit with Vacuum Squeegee

You haven’t chosen your window vacuum cleaner so far?

Well, no problem. We got something for you to consider.

Leifheit comes with everything you need, because it’s  a part of a kit. There is hardly any more powerful product on the market. It’s sucking function is so strong, that no dirt will be able to survive after the cleaning.

Every glass surface in your home will be shiny as if it’s bright new.

This vacuum cleaner is very versatile – you can use it in any direction, to clean every spot.

Its battery can last a very long time. That’s right – you won’t have to stop cleaning in order to re-charge. As we already told you, the machine is a part of a kit. You may think of this as an advantage, but if you are not sure that you want exactly this, avoid it. The kit can easily turn into clutter and just take space up for years.


Ittaho Window Vacuum Cleaner Kit

Still not chosen the best window vacuum cleaner? Or you have made up your mind? In both cases, you’d better take a look at our last model – Ittaho Window Vacuum Cleaner Kit.

This, as you probably have already noticed, comes as a part of a kit with an extension pole that can be bought separately, that might turn out to be a very useful item.  The pole’s full length of 22.23 inches. With it, you will be able to clean lights or high windows.

Don’t  worry about cleaning lights with a vacuum cleaner – this model is very delicate so it will not damage any surface. Yet, the suction is powerful, so you will be able to clean every blob.

This product also comes with a warranty – valid for a year. If anything happens to the window vacuum cleaner, you will be covered.