Best Wireless Headphones For TV [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

wireless bluetooth headphones

Nowadays everyone finds music and audio in general big part of their everyday life. Every time you walk down the street, you will notice someone with headphones on, enjoying their music via MP3 player or smartphone. Those gadgets make our life easier and many believe that it makes us feel more secure and less lonely. If you are still unsure what model you should choose and need help, you came to the right place!

It’s obvious they’re all listening to something, but the common technology they’re using is either headphones or earbuds and devices that can play back audio.

But there seems to be something that we can never escape – wires. They have been around since the beginning of the technology revolution. Nowadays technology rules the landscape of modern civilization as they bring important information to every single part of the world. But they seem to be a little clumsy as we all know how easy they are to tangle.

Luckily for us, the technology evolved many times and we found legion ways of withdraw the cables. There are many examples for this fact – the public Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth headsets, even our home Internet connection.

Even the audio seems to undergo many changes. Initially, the technology behind wireless Bluetooth headphones was underdeveloped, meaning iffy clarity and bad quality; compared to the wired headphones, that was nowhere near the desired by audio professionals.

Now we will give you the basics of understanding the new landscape of the modern wireless system.


Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headset

Sony showed the world that they are one of the leading companies which products proved the team as a reliable source of gadgets.

Those might be one of the few inexpensive sets which actually refuted the stereotype of the price. The maximum range of the RF (radio frequency) is about 150 feet as it can also broadcast a full-throated signal. The common thing with our first suggestion is that both source signals can go through walls, which will help you work even when you go from one room to another.

Many people however have a problem with the intermittent static hiss, often when there is an obstruction between the headset and the receiver. The truth is that you can hear the audio, but you should put up with the not so satisfying quality.


Sennheiser RS 195 RF

This model leads the score against its heir the Sennheiser RS 220 which was discontinued by Manufacturer. With its sleek and fashionable design, it is able to give you everything that you are looking for in a pair of headphones such as a base station with both analog and digital inputs, the famous for the company’s trick of providing only the best quality possible.

The set is over-the-ear one with the idea of what you expect of a professional pair. There are 2 rechargeable batteries which are hiding inside of the headset and can also be recharged without being removed from the device. Depending on how often you use them, the batteries can last you from 6 to 8 hours.

Other good news is that the base station will only consume a mere 0.30 watts in standby mode.

After all, this set possesses the newest technology out there with the highest standard of quality and clarity. If you are ready to spend more money on a reliable headset, we recommend buying this one.


Sony MDR-DS6500 Digital Surround

The WIFI range can vary to 328 feet, another Sony model had a battery life of a maximum 20 hours and Surround Sound mode that contains a subwoofer in the earpieces.

The bass won’t rattle your core even though it’s very massive.

One little thing that may disturb some of the user is the Wi-Fi transmission system as you try to start the multiple internet it makes the devices around the house enable to keep up with good audio signals.


Sennheiser RS175 Digital System

If all you need in a set is hard to beat product which is not expensive and have a ridiculous sound level, we strongly believe that this is your product.

The technology this model uses is Wireless System, giving you a sweet sound quality to around 328 feet from the source.

The enhanced speech intelligibility and the variety in the volume of television programs comes from the Automatic Level Control. The system makes the worries of volatile sound to go away.


Sennheiser RS 185 Digital System

Our next suggestion is for the real fans of music.

The model has the same features as the RS170- the Dynamic Bass modes and Surround Sound are also included here.

The new here is the energetic range and both analog and digital inputs.

The level of the comfort is insane and the model ears high score in charts. With its nice and clean design with open back makes the discomfort go away when you listen to your favorite tracks for hours.

The only thing that may confuse you is the placement of the control button. But in general, this is one amazing product and your money will be well spent.


Sony MDR RF985RK

If you need new headphones for TV which are more responsive on value, then we can offer you the MDR RF985RK from Sony.A number of goodies that you certainly won’t be disappointed with can be easily found here. One of the things that will leave you with an impression is the massive battery with capacity of over 25 hours of battery life which cannot be compared to the other models in the list.

The audio may have some expense because of the patent. The frequency of around 915-916 MHz is transmitted thanks to the base station. If your only preference is to listen to your music with a quality sound, then this might be your choice.

The things we found amazing about this product are the features of operating at a lower frequency, which tends to have significantly better range, the ability of the signal to reach for up to 150 feet. It all depends on the layout of walls and other obstructions.

Stereo RCA inputs was as well included in the base stations in combination with a standard mini-jack. The headphones tend to work sufficiently great even when nowadays the absence of digital audio input might knock it down from time to time.