Best Workout Benches For Home Use – 2020

bench for home

If you’re keen on getting in shape through weight training at home, two essential items are a weight lifting bench and a pair of good and trusty dumbbells.

These pieces of equipment allow you to perform dozens of strength-training exercises and get an effective workout without the hassles of visiting a gym.

The market contains a vast selection of weight benches. Before you buy one, consider such factors as durability, price, quality, adjustability and ergonomics.

In this review and recommendations we’ll look at four suggestions that we believe could definitely fit your needs and necessities. So do not waste more time and stop excusing yourself for not working out, because you don`t have any workout bench in your living space, and check out the best workout benches for home use right away:

Ironmaster Super Bench

The Ironmaster Super Bench is good work out bench, it is suitable for home use , and its price is in a good range. It is adjustable to 11 angles, from upright to decline ( 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 degrees). This gives you a lot of freedom for your exercises. You can use it to do exercises such as dips, sit-ups, sitted biceps curls and more.

The quality materials are good and it makes the bench quite sturdy. However, it is actually really lightweight (it weighs around 65 pounds).

The bench is rated to 1000 pounds, and with its steel frame is a real good option even if you are not a beginner.

There are also attachments available for additional upgrate to the bench.

One of the attachments is dip bar, which will give you the option to the the regular dips, not just the bench ones.


PROS: The price is very affordable and the materials it is made of are quite solid. Plus ? you get a good warranty.


CONS: It seems a bit too tall.


XMark Adjustable FID Dumbbell XM-7630

The XMark Adjustable Bench is a good choice. Its in a good price range, and offers good quality. It is rated 1500 pounds weight capacity.

It offers good comfort and safety. It is also adjustable offers 7 positions back and the seat has 3 different positions.

They are both quite well padded which makes it look good and it is also quite comfortable.

The cover, which is quite thick, is padding covered and doesn’t tear easily and it is sweat resistant. The foot hold down bar gives you even more comfort and safety.

The moving of the XMark Bench will not be much of a problem. It has built-in wheels for quick and easy storage.


PROS: Modern design, easy to be used, very compact for home, but yet pro enough and can be even used in small gyms, too.


CONS: Although it  comes with the tools needed for its assembly it could be hard to do it.


XMark 11-Gauge FID XM-7472

The XMark Bench comes with a reallyt good weight capacity 1500lbs. This makes it quite a good choice, for begginers and even advanced training people.

The bench is quite sturdy, it is made of heavy-duty 11 gauge steel main frame. It is covered with scratch-free poweder and it is quite comfortable when you work out.

There are also additional extensions , such as : adjustable leg extension and preacher curl extension. If you want to give yourself more options to workout.

The price range of the item is good as well. It gives you a lot of comfort safety, good design and durability for that price.

Also it has built-in wheels to allow you easily move it.

Built-in transit wheels allow you to easily move in and out of power cages, cable machines or away for storage.


PROS: Compact size and great value. Durable and sturdy enough for long use.


CONS: The gap between the seat and the main area of the bench seems a bit too large.


Marcy SB-315 Utility Flat

The Marcy SB-315 bench is really good choice. It is for people that want to work out, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It is really good priced item. It doesn’t have adjustable options, but you can do a lot of exercises on it. You can do crunches, triceps dips, dumbell exercises such as sitted curls and even dumbell presses, dumbell rows and kickbacks.

It is comfortable, and doesn’t take up much space.

The durability is great as well it is made of heavy-duty steel frame and comfortable padded cover. The weight capacity is of 300 lbs.

PROS: Easy and simple to use. It is compact and not taking too much space. Hassle-free item.

CONS: It lack adjustability thus making the variety of exercise you can perform smaller.