Hubsan X4 H107C Review – Review and Summary, Recommendations 2020



One of the best small drones for indoor use and beginners.

This version of Hubsan promises its fans a smoother flight and respectively a better quality video. With a decent quality of the image it is not just a regular everyday drone. What has always fascinated me is the size of the Hubsan drones, I’m sure you’ve already noticed if you are researching which model is the best. Most of their drones can fit in the palm of your hand making them perform and overall astonishingly easy to use indoors!

This is what they are best at — indoor flights!

It is incredibly small.

Although there is a camera it is significantly less powerful, being at just 0.3 MP, than some of the latest models but, mind you, they are significantly more expensive than this little fellow here. For its modest price it has a lot to offer it is definitely fun for the money.

If you want a drone that is relatively cheap and perfect for beginners this is the right one for you, in fact most of the Hubsan’s drones are incredibly suitable for beginners. Not only an expert will be having fun piloting one of those drones but beginners as well — looking for a present? Not a bad place to start.

My only advice here would be that you need to consider buying SD card and some extra batteries.

For a novice pilots I’d advice you on always going through the manual the drones come with and taking it slow at first until you get a hold of how the particular drone controls. In that line of thought the Hubsan H107C controls incredibly easy. Flies smoothly and it is stable and it is best suitable for a indoor flights.


  • Easy and fun to use, no assembly and fuss
  • Ideal for beginners to learn how to use drones
  • Perfectly suitable for indoor flights


  • The camera is lacking in quality
  • The camera cannot move and it is not adjustable