Best Inflatable Novelty Party Toys – Product Recommendations for 2020

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Winter holidays are too close to underestimate the last minute idea to choose something safe and original as a present for a kid you know or have in the family. This is why the best inflatable novelty toys are here and we are happy to give you some guides what to choose. Speaking of which, the fact that they need to be inflated makes these toys super suitable for warm days – especially on the beach – too.

So hands up for the top popular inflatable novelty toys now! Find out what we we strongly recommend you to consider and buy – including your own kid at home. Well, kids really love inflatable novelty toys and parents might be tranquil for the safety they provide, which is great for both sides, right?


Rhode Island Novelty (Pack of 12) Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitars

Tall 22 inches and available in numerous colors, this is a great present for a kid, who wants to be a rock star.

Plus – the guitars are great as party decorations.

They come in assorted colours. Each listing is for a pack of 12 inflatable guitars.

Last, but not least, it is a fine alternative to make a birthday play for many kids you need to look after.


  • Original gift idea
  • very small price,
  • random in colours


  • It takes time to inflate them – especially when the kid wants the guitar immediately

Superman Inflatable Blow up Over 3 Feet! by CS Novelty

This over 3 feet tall Superman is what your boy will really love and get used to superheroes fast when being too small to play with extra little robots. The life sized toy is the ideal friend your kid will have and you can be secured that nothing bad will happen to him. This is Superman after all!

Also, the novelty toy is popular since it has been few years only from the last Superman movie version was released, right guys?

Do not hesitate to use the Superman for a classical kid`s superhero party, too.

Pros: We love it for the fact that it is not only a child`s toy, but also a very appropriate gift for a collector.

Cons: As any other inflatable toy it could lose some air.

Rhode Island Novelty 24″ Inflatable Sharks Toy (3 Piece)

What is a pool party for a kid without having a novelty toy?

And what could be the top animal as a water themed inflatable toy?

Of course, a shark…

The Rhode Island Shark is what a kid of any age will love – especially when not be able to swim and need something to kill the fear of getting inside the water with. You get three sharks in a set, so guess what – it is also a very good idea for party decoration, too!

Pros: On the cheap side. Also, it is suitable for all ages: for kids up to 15-years old.

Cons: Those sharks might lose air as any other inflatable toy


Alright, if it is Christmas time, it is impossible for us not to mention a novelty toy suitable for the Christmas spirit, right?

We recommend you to have a giant Santa Claus that your little kids can enjoy and play with.

In addition to this, you can use the Santa for some outdoor decoration, which is a stunning and original idea, if you live in a hot country or region, where sunshine and swimming are popular for Christmas time.

Pros: Extra tall lifelike Santa that is easy to be inflated. It can be used for the next few years for Christmas decoration if you want something in addition to the Christmas tree.

Cons: The item can be used only for Christmas.


Nifty-Drifty Giant Inflatable Unicorn Outdoor Swimming Pool Floatie Toy

Loving unicorns is a common thing and lying on the beach or among the water (including in the swimming pool) in lazy afternoons is a thing no one will miss.

This is why we offer you this toy and guarantee you cannot miss it. The pool floats are made with premium non-phthalate materials that’s non-toxic, extremely durable, safe for long-term storage and use, and holds up to rambunctious children or horseplay.

There’s nothing like taking a little magic along on your adventures. The Nifty-Drifty Unicorn offers bold, vibrant colors on a white matte finish.

Great for girls, boys, men and women, it’s a truly unique summer toy.

Pros: original design, long-lasting materials it is made of, suitable for kids and adults, rapid valve system, suitable to create a mini pool for a very little kid when filling it with water

Cons: it is a bit on the pricy end