The Best Acrylic Nail Kits – Reviews and Recommendations for 2019

acrylic nail kits

One of the ways that women express themselves nowadays it through fashion – clothes, makeup, nail art, jewelry and much more.

It is pleasure to look at and quite fun while having it done. Now you can choose to have your makeup done by someone else and let someone else decide what type of clothes you can wear to look and feel good and express yourself, however you can always do that by yourself, and thus it might be quite a bit more fun to pick different styles and types to use.

Nail art has been quite popular recent years, it offers many different styles and if you enjoy getting a new nail style every once in a while, then you quite possible need a good acrylic nail kits.

We want to represent you some of the best acrylic nail kits on the market.

Some offered quite a variety of included items and accessories, and thus you should choose the one that you will need to decorate and style your nails, the way that it feels more like you.

So here are the nail sets that are among the best on the market:


42PC Acrylic Powder Nail Art Tips Starter Kit

Definitely a nail kit that deserves some consideration.

The wide arrange of accessories that it includes will provide for a wide range of decoration styles and will leave you with some fun experience.

Perfect for beginners, this nail set will start you off just fine it has a lot of the essentials you might need and a some other extras. It is a perfect starter kit and whether it is for nail art class or for your kids it will bring some value.

Here’s the thing it is not a professional one but even that said it can be used on normal daily basis still leave people impressed. Good things come in small packages people say!


  • Offers wide variety of items, as you can see.
  • The price is a little higher than the rest of the sets that we showed but it is of a higher quality and bigger options for you to use.


  • You might need to use a more quality brush when applying this to your nails.
  • Also you could use a different nail glue, if you have been using for a while.



24 in 1 Combo Set Professional DIY Nail Art Decorations Kit and Acrylic Set

This acrylic kit deserves a look at it has a couple strong points in that it is really cheap and perfect for beginners in that area. A lot of items are included and even though they are not of the top tier quality still can provide for some nice nail experiments.


  • The set includes many of the most commonly used items and wide variety of styles can be applied to your nails.
  • It is one of the most purchased nail kits and its price is not that high, especially for what it includes.
  • It has many colors from which you can pick and it is certainly quite desirable nail set to have.


  • Some of the items might not be of the highest quality, but most it is good for beginners.



14 in 1 Simple Nail DIY Acrylic Decorations Basic Tool Set Kit

This nail set has many items included, it could be used by beginners and more advanced nail artists. If you want to make your nails interesting and unique, this set certainly can help you.

If you are on the go or travelling this kit could prove to be a good addition to your accessories as it is easy to pack and bring on a trip with almost all the essential you might need.


  • This set is of good quality and it is in the low price range, it is portable and could be used almost anywhere.


  • Sometimes the brush is a little different from the images shown and if you use it often it might need to buy another package.
  • The glue seems to not be of the best quality.