The Best Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers – Recommendations for 2020

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Most gardeners and growers prefer to buy individual salts with the needed nutrients and then to mix them with ideal proportions based on what they need them for, but for the beginners this is pretty impossible to do because it is a complex and difficult process and the change to make it wrong is big.

So, to avoid this problem, they prefer to buy ready combinations for their needs, most of them provided by a world renown company and fertilizer manufacturer called Advanced Nutrients. There is no doubt that the Advanced Nutrients products are one of the best and most popular around newbies and professional gardeners and growers.

The manufacturer just can’t stop improving its fertilizers to give the best combinations for the needs of the users. Their nutrients are made by using only natural, ecological and chemical-free methods and that’s why the company is one of the leading in the world.

Let’s see which are the best Advanced Nutrients products and what they can be used for.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 2-part Growing Fertilizer

This fertilizer comes into two packs, and you can choose between 0.5, 1 and 4 liter packs. They cater all of the plants requirements for growing. Jungle Juice is better than the other two-part fertilizers, because it doesn’t have chemicals that require UV rays to break apart for the plants to use them.

Instead, this fertilizer has natural extracts from plants, processed and sourced to ensure their bioactive compounds wouldn’t be hydrolyzed.

Advanced Nutrients also offer a follow up with a Jungle Juice 2 part Fertilizer for Blooming.

The Jungle Juice is rich on nitrogen because of the sea-weed in it, took from the Norwegian sea and the waters from the North Atlantic.

It contains kelp and alfalfa, which are retaining the pH level of the soil normal for longer periods and providing the plants with over eighty vital vitamins.

Everything about this fertilizer is non-GMO and no chemicals are used for its making.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid Fertilizer

If you need fast and strong growing plants, you should buy a fungi fertilizer, like this one. It has endomycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal fungi that can easily penetrate the cells of the root and create their own webs which lead to formations of fungal mycelium, allowing the roots to grow faster and stronger, with more efficient transportation of all the vital nutrients.

But we all know that there are good and bad fungi, so how to be sure that our plants would receive only good from this fertilizer?

Well, from Advanced Nutrients solved the issue by making the fertilizer only with selected microbes for the right fungi to appear only. All of the produce is prepared in laboratory for maximum quality and innovation.

All of the bad fungi strains are isolated to ensure best results when growing plants in this fertilizer. The only allowed strains are the good ones, which are dried gently and ready to be mixed with water to multiply. Add this fertilizer to your plants and in one week the foliage will be improved around 100 percent.

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid Fertilizer

This is another root-focused fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients. It provides a big number of good microbes that help improve the overall health of the roots and the whole plants and ensure that the soil or the ecosystem is staying healthy.

It can be used for helping the weak plants and roots get stronger and healthier.

This fertilizer has over 10 million good microbes and that’s per gram. Now you know why the product is so good for your plants. All the microbe mixing is made and controlled in the Advanced Nutrients laboratory by experts to ensure the best quality and results for every user.

Here you won’t find any undesirable or bad microbes or chemicals that can hurt your plants.

The manufacturer claims that this fertilizer improves the soil porosity, helps for the faster decomposition of all the organic matters which leads to higher levels of nitrogen and other nutrients that are vital for the plants and last, but not least, improve the conversion of the nitrogen and the phosphorus to the forms needed by the plants to use.

From this fertilizer you can expect rapid plant growing and volume.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Liquid Fertilizer

This fertilizer is great for the buds and the flowers of your plants, because it combines all the needed carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids to achieve healthier, larger and prettier buds.

Bud Candy have mixture of some of the best carbohydrates that can give maximum positive impact to the plants buds and flowers.

The fertilizer must be added at the flowering stage to provide the plants with all the needed ingredients. Now you can be sure that your plants will not slump while mid-blooming because of lack of carbohydrates, vitamins or amino acids.

You will be amazed how even a half dose from this fertilizer will make your plants to have much frostier, larger, denser and better smelling flowers.

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice Liquid Fertilizer

Another root-based fertilizer which combines eight different fungi super strains and microbes to ensure that your plant’s roots will be in good health and they will grow faster and stronger.

The mixture is well balanced and all of the fungi and microbes are equally distributed to avoid any overload and achieve great balance.

This fertilizer helps the roots of the plants to be more massive and increase their growing to become dense, strong and healthy, no matter the condition they were before using the Voodoo Juice.

It will enhance the plants ability to absorb any vital nutrients from the soil and will reduce their waste which will lead to better growing and flowering.