The Best Baby Carriers [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2020

baby carrier

If you are new to the whole baby care thing, don’t be afraid, there is nothing so difficult about it. The moms especially have instincts how to do it, but it might be a slightly harder for the dads, but they also get it most of the time.

The one thing that the newly parent might not know, at least at the beginning, is that no matter how soft and cozy one swing or seat is, the babies love to be cradled in their parents’ arms. But even if you think that you have arms of steel, soon enough you will find out that you can’t carry the little one all the time and you need help.

This is the time when on help comes the baby carriers.They will let you carry your baby with your everywhere you go and it will feel very cozy, because it is in the arms of a loved parent. If you thing that one harness can come in handy, you should think about getting one.

But we all know that nowadays there are too many suggestions on the market, so most of the time we need help to make the right choice.Well, don’t worry about that, because we are going to present to you some of the best baby carries.


Moby Wrap

This harness is like giving a big hug to your beloved little baby.

It has a huge swath made of fabric that is wrapped around your body, presenting one superb nestling experience for your baby.

The best thing is that the wrap is only one big piece of fabric which is letting you to configure the carrier every time you have to, in most cases when your baby grows up.

Have in mind that you might need to watch some instructional videos a couple of times if you want to master the wrap.

In our opinion, it might take a little practice even afterwards to get how to wrap the baby properly, so it won’t be too loose or too tight. After all your little one have to feel safe and secure when you are carrying it around.

The weight limit of this harness is from 8 to 35 lbs.

The baby can be positioned in three different positions – sling style, front-inward and on hip.


Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

This carrier gives the baby a lot of comfort and coziness and you won’t have to hassle to actually wrap it. You just slip the baby in the loop, put its legs in the two bottom loops, fasten the whole harness and you are ready to go.

The carrier is made from nice fabric and will give great support for your child. For some extra safety you can put the additional sash that goes around your and the baby.

The bad thing about this carrier is that it comes in different sizes like the clothes we buy.

This means that you can’t share it with someone or after a while you will have to buy another one, when the baby grows up. Keep in mind that the harness has the ability to stretch, so when picking a size, get one number smaller than usual for safety and comfort reasons.

Other thing is that using the carrier is not that intuitive, but only one instruction video will be enough to see how easy everything is.

The product is really versatile, it really helps the baby to calm down and sleep well even outside. It is easy to put on and can be used even for bigger babies.

The weight limit is from 8 to 35 lbs. The baby can be placed on hip, sling style, frond-outward and front-inward.


Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier


This carrier offers a lot of versatility and a lot of sitting positions for your baby and has a wide and adjustable waistband for your comfort.

The best thing is that harness lets you put the baby with the face our while your carry it in front, so it can see the world around it.

You can get the newborn insert for this carrier which will allow you to use it if your baby is too little – from 7 to 12 pounds.

The bad thing about it is that it might make your little one sweat more in the summer. And another bummer is that this carrier is not made for short people, because it won’t fit the torso.

But overall the harness is very versatile.

You can use it even when your baby grows and you can switch between different positions to see which one it likes the most. It is so comfortable, that you can use it to carry your baby whole day without feeling tired. The weight limit of this one is from 7 to 33 lbs. The baby can be placed on hip, backwards, front-outward and front-inward.


BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier

This carrier is super easy to be put on the parent and slipping the baby inside is simple as well. You just have to slip it and click the snaps that are located on the two sides.

It is small and really lightweight, you can take it with you even in your diaper bag.

Keep in mind that this harness doesn’t have waistband, so you might feel an intense pressure on your back after some time wearing it.

If you want additional comfort and support, you should check the other versions of the carrier, which are more expensive of course.

But overall this is one very easy to use carrier that will suit the best babies that love to be with their face out.

Another great thing is that this product is very easy to clean.

The clips that are securing the baby are durable and sturdy, so you will feel it is safe and won’t have to worry. The weight limit here is from 8 to 25 lbs. The baby can be put in two positions – front-outward and front-inward.


Boba 4G Baby Carrier

This carrier is universal and can be worn by every type of parent – short or tall.

It has a pocket with a zipper where you can store some baby stuff, your phone, money or credit cards and other essential things. The product comes with infant insert and removable foot straps for the best support of the baby legs.

Have in mind that you might find difficult to tighten and secure the top back strap because you have to reach behind your head. The waistband is made from softer fabric and might not give you the wanted back support.

Overall this is one very comfortable and soft carrier for the baby. You can use it in multiple stages of its growing. Using it is very easy and intuitive.

The weight limit is great – from 7 to 45 lbs. The baby can seat in back and front-inward positions.