The Best Bamboo Socks For Healthy Feet – [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2020

bamboo socks

Why you need to choose the best bamboo socks?

Your feet are the main reason for you to keep walking and moving all day every day and the least you can do for them is to keep them warm and provide them with the much deserved comfort. This can not only happen with good pair of shoes. The socks have big role in this too.

Most physically active people often experience the unpleasant feeling of sweaty and burning feet. Other, that don’t move a lot thought the day, e.g. office employees, have the opposite problem – cold and stiff feet.  Well, no matter what is your discomfort with your feet, you can solve it with a good pair of bamboo socks.

What is making the bamboo socks so good, you might ask.

They are highly absorbent and sterile, so your feet will feel most comfortable through the day. This eliminates all discomfort factors like the feet overheating or sweating. The bamboo socks are going to help you preserve your healthy feet, because with them you can’t get any bad odors, bacteria, fungus and dust mites.

As every pair of socks, these from bamboo can be found in different styles and colors and you can easily pick the right pair for your taste and needs directly from the ones that we are going to present you.

But first, let us start with some of the mains pros that the bamboo socks have:

  • They are antibacterial and there is no risk for your feet of unpleasant smells, fungus and other bacteria.
  • They will keep your feet fresh and comfortable through the day.
  • If you are active person, the socks will keep your feet dry, because they are absorbent and very breathable.
  • The bamboo socks are hypoallergenic, so no toxins around your feet. They are great for people with sensitive skin.
  • They feel very silky and gently to the skin of your feet.
  • They control the temperature of your feet. In summer your feet will be cool and in the winter you can expect great warming and comfort.

So, now is the time to present to you some of the best bamboo socks that you currently can find on the market:

MeMoi Natural Blend Bamboo Crew

These crew bamboo socks are going to change your life and overall perspective on feet comfort to a whole new and better level.

They are made from viscose of bamboo, you can expect from them to be soft as no other pair of socks.

If you maintain them well after some using, they will definitely start to feel even softer.

The durability is great so you can wear them for a long time before feeling the need to replace them. You can get a pair in eleven different shades and colors. The socks are very breathable, antibacterial and perfect for everyday use.


Diabetes Viscose Bamboo Crew Socks

These crew bamboo socks are designed with the unique perspective to be used by people with diabetes.

They are fully organic and you can be sure that your feet are going to receive the best support from them and you won’t feel any discomfort in your legs.

They are very breathable, antibacterial and you can get them in ten different shades. They are made for both genders – male and female.


Womens Bamboo No Show Ped Socks

These women no show bamboo socks are one of the greatest on the market.

You can buy them in a set of three or four pairs and every single one of them will keep your feet warm and dry through the day.

They are breathable and antibacterial, so ladies, your feet will be in perfect health conditions.

They are suitable for active people too, because they can be invisible while wearing them with a sports clothes, so you won’t draw any unwanted attention to you. These bamboo socks are silky and soft, and you can be sure that they won’t slip at all.


BambooMN – Men’s Bamboo Fiber Socks

These men socks from bamboo fiber are specially designed for regulating the overall body temperature of the active or not so active men.

They will keep your feet cool in the summer and while playing sports, and warm and cozy in the winter.

They are breathable and extra absorbent and you can wear them all day every day. If you want smell-free and healthy feet, these socks might be the right for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Bamboo socks do a great job at keeping your feet warm and dry, actually they are some of the best.
That is due to their moisture-wicking properties that the bamboo fabrics offer. By keeping the moisture away from your feet that way they will not get cold.

Blood Circulation
Another great benefit of the bamboo socks is that they help for the blood circulation and improve it. The socks that are made from more compressing materials can add pressure to the veins on your feet and this can affect negatively the blood circulation. The bamboo socks however have little to none compression above the ankle and because of that they improve the circulation of your blood.

Odor Resistant
The fabrics made from bamboo are naturally resistant to bacteria and odor causing germs. If you have smelly feet – a bamboo socks can help you a lot.

Bamboo is naturally cool material and keep the temperature with three degrees lower than the cotton. That way your feet will be dry and cooler in the hot summer weather or when you are sporting.

The bamboo socks are highly breathable especially compared to the cotton ones. They will wick away the moisture and the sweat from your feet. If you are running or jogging regularly – a pair of bamboo socks is a must.

The socks made from bamboo are very soft. They are even softer than some expensive cashmere socks. Why spending much for premium cotton or even cashmere – you can get bamboo socks to feel the same and even superior comfort.

The bamboo socks are durable because of the bamboo fabric. Probably this is the reason for them to be more expensive than the cotton ones. However, if you want comfortable and very durable socks – you cannot go wrong with a pair of bamboo ones.

Some socks come in longer, average or short length. Depending on the season you plan to wear them and their thickness, consider the length too. Are you going to use them with short pants or long ones? Is it for the winter or the spring? If you want to wear long socks, make sure to compliment them with longer panths, and use the shorter ones for when you are wearing short pants or generally when the weather is warmer.