The Best Bass Earbuds – 2020 Recommendations and Guide

best bass earbuds

Are you a music fan and want to listen to some really powerful music but for one reason or another the usual headphones are too big or too uncomfortable?

No worries! If you like to listen music on the go and the lows are important part of the whole music picture, you definitely must think about buying a small, but bass earbuds.

But how to choose the right one on this full with products market and most of all while every second pair of earbuds are labeled “bass” from the manufacturer, despite the fact that most of them are not.

In this article we will present you some of the best bass earbuds there are currently on the market and you can bet that they have very deep and punchy bass.


There is no doubt that these are the best bass earbuds that would be liked even from the audiophiles. After all they are made by Sony and are from the famous bass series MDR-XB (XB comes for Extra Bass) so you can expect great overall quality and some heave bass. Once you try these earbuds, you won’t want to stop listening on them.

Have in mind that these earbuds are hard to find in local electronics stores because they are made from the Japanese market and only some retailers import them. While mentioning import, the price is kind of big because of it, but we can assure you that they worth every single penny.

The XB90EX are with very good build quality and as you can think – extreme sub-bass frequencies that will make you smile a lot when listening to music. Because they are earbuds, you can expect to isolate the ears good, but they are little bulky but lightweight. Because they seal tight, you can hear every little bit of the big and deep bass.

Keep in mind the fact that because of the bulkiness, the earbuds are going to stick from your ears a lot, but this is not an issue. For the others you will just only look like a person with some serious and heavy earbuds in your ears. Just don’t try to sleep with them on, because it will be pretty uncomfortable if you sleep on the sides.

The earbuds seem very durable and the build materials are high quality, so you can expect something really good for your money and will last you pretty long time. The cable is tangle-free with no weak points for you to break.

If you need earbuds with microphone, you will be kind of disappointed because XB90EX don’t have one, but for a bass head these earbuds are great and worth.

And the most important thing – the bass. You can expect really punchy and hard but clear and precise bass, but care with the volume control, because on high levels it can punch your eardrums, not literally of course.


  • Great and punchy sub bass frequencies, which you can’t get from other models earbuds.
  • Clean mids and highs, great for bass earbuds.
  • Durable and with great design.


  • Bulky and kind of big.
  • Can be uncomfortable for some people.

Yamaha EPH-M200

Yamaha have some really good bass headphones and earbuds and the EPH-M200 model is one of them. These earbuds will give you some high quality bass and will rock your world and ears.

About the form, the earbuds can be a little bulky and can be worn only one way – regular. One negative thing is that when you adjust them right on your ears, after some time you will have to readjust them, because they just can’t fit so good. This might be a deal breaker if you want earbuds that will stay on their place even after some hours of listening.

About the sound isolation, it is pretty decent. You will still be able to hear some ambient noises from around you so you won’t be feel fully deaf when listening music.

For the comfort, the EPH-M200 definitely can do better and we can say that they are not so great for everyday use. But don’t misunderstand us, these earbuds are quite comfortable to wear and listen to, after even a few hours. You will just have to adjust them from time to time, that’s all.

The materials that are used for the earbuds are mainly plastic and none metal. We can’t say if they are durable enough, but overall they look kind of average in that department. At least they have built-in remote and microphone, so you can use them for a lot more than just listen to.

And for the sound, you guess it – they have very good bass. It is deep and big enough and you can easily hear sub-bass frequencies. In the more bassy songs the lows are dominating the other ranges, but this can be more on the positive side for the bass heads out there.


  • Good and deep bass.
  • Pretty decent comfort with the right ear tips.
  • Remote and microphone.


  • They need some readjusting after a while.
  • Feel pretty average.


If the MDR-XB90EX model is pretty expensive for you but you still want to get Sony bass earbuds, this is the cheaper option for you. As you can expect, they are not good as their sibling, but still can play some deep and heavy bass. These earbuds are great for people on a budget, that despite the fact, want something good for their money.

The earbuds are quite comfortable and fit well if you pick the right size ear tips. In the package there are four different tips from the size point. The sound isolation is good enough and you can still hear some low ambient sounds, so if you want total isolation, these might not be the best for your needs.

Like the other Sony bass earbuds, these are kind of bulky, but if you care about the sound and not the looks, these are perfect for you. Just don’t try to sleep with them on, because when you get on the side, you will feel the urge to remove them from your ears on the same moment.

As you can expect from Sony product, the earbuds are made from high quality materials and are pretty durable. The cable is flat and tangle-free and you can expect long life from them.

About the extras, these earbuds have built-in remote and a microphone, so you can use them as a hands-free. You even get a carrying pouch, which is great for the small price.

And the sound from these earbuds is like you can expect – with heavy bass, but with not so rich mids and highs, which is not so bad thing for a bass head.


  • Good price.
  • Heavy thumping bass.
  • Durable.
  • Microphone and remote.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Big and bulky.
  • Could have better microphone.