The Best Bean Bag Chairs [UPDATED] Top Products for 2020

Bean Bag Chairs

The bean bag chairs are one of the most comfortable that can be found on the market.

They are suitable for every home or office and can be used from every person that wants to relax.

Of course, if you are a big lover of the interior design, you can get one just for decorative purposes.

No matter the reasons, if you want to get a bean bag chair, you should definitely buy something that is worth.

Because of that, we are going to help you making the right choice by presenting to you some of the best bean bag chairs that can currently be found on the market.

Big Joe Fuf Foam Bean Bag Chair

This chair is great to be used for lounging positions. It is kind of oversized and can be molded to every single part of your body.

The main material it is made is smaller cuts. The chair can provide you with great support and you will feel no pressure points.

Its look is also unique – when you see it every time it will be like seeing one huge pillow. It is made in a few colors for you to choose and the cover is made from durable material . If it gets dirty you can clean it.

The filling is from smaller parts which provides best comfort for the whole body. As every bean bag chair, you can shape this one into any form you want. It can become home chair, office chair for relaxation and even a mini-mattress to sleep on. So, you can sit on it, relax, nap and even sleep for longer periods.

It is very durable so it won’t pop or explode even if you jump on it or a when a heavier person sits on it.

Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Buckskin

This chair weighs the stunning 58,5 pounds and has size of 72 by 48 by 30 inches. It is made from very soft virgin urethane and as you can expect, provides amazing comfort.

The good thing about this model is that the foam will not get flat after some time using it. When you sit and then stand, you will see that the chairs form is going back to normal.This is because the foam changes its shape and size for the best comfort on the sitting person, based on his position and weight.

The cover of the chair is from microfiber that can be removed and washed on hand or in a washing machine.It has a safety zipper and protection liner, so even the kids can use it to play or relax and you won’t have to worry at all.The chair is pretty well-made and durable. It is suitable for households with pets, because even scratching it won’t leave any marks.

If you however need a replacement cover, you can purchase one or how many you need and they come in different colors too.One downside to this great chair is that you might find it kind of big in size, so choose wisely.

Jaxx Bean Bag Chair Saxx Bean Bag Lounger, 4-Feet, Blueberry Micro Suede

This bean bag chair is really lightweight – only 3 pounds and the size measures are 46 by 26 by 46 inches.

It is ideal for sitting, relaxation, naps, story times, playing and whatever crosses your mind. You can even snuggle with your beloved ones on it without any problem.Up to three children can sit comfortably on it, which is not bad. The chair is very durable and has a soft cover. The best thing is that you can get in a lot of colors.

The filling of the chair is only shredded foam used for furniture.The cover is with zipper and can be washed in a washing machine.It also has a safety features – protective liner with childproof zipper which will keep the filling of the chair out of the children’s reach.

The product is very durable and sturdy, so don’t get stressed if you see your little ones jumping on it – it will be fine.

Take Ten Cloud Lounger Bean Bag Chair, 60 Inch, Fog Gray

This bean bag chair weighs 59 pounds and has the size of 27 by 50 by 50 inches – enough space for you to escape from the stress in your daily life.

The filling is from premium foam which you can be sure that will be very comfortable and will follow exactly the shape of your body.

The cover of the chair is made from high quality microfiber which can even be washed in a washing machine, is stain resistant and human or pet hair won’t stick to it too.

This allows you to use your chair without any worries that might occur in other related products.

The cover is sewn with a lot of precision so you can be sure it is very durable. It is double topstitched, giving the chair a modern and fine look.

It even has a designer logo, a jumbo zipper and handles that are rugged.

This is ideal product for whole families, couples, kids and adults. On it can fit without a problem two adults or three kids.

You can use it as more comfortable alternative to a little couch, you just must find enough space for it.

If 60-inch bean bag is too big for your needs, you can get this one in other sizes, including 50, 49 and 30 inches. You can get it also in variable colors.

CordaRoy’s – Slate Chenille Bean Bag Chair – Full Sleeper

This one weighs 35.2 pounds and the size of it is 42 by 42 by 32 inches, but the most amazing thing about it that it can be converted into a fully sized bed.

In the package you also get full bed insert and of course, full chair cover. When using it as a chair, it can fit only one adults, but when you make it a bed, two adults can sleep on it without any problem.

The cover is fully washable and even dryable and you can change it whenever you need to.

The filling of this product is from super-soft premium foam that is shredded to provide the best comfort.

The zippers have safe-lock so you can let your kids use the chair or the bed without any worries.

This chair is great option for those families that don’t have enough space to fit a spare bed for their guests.

As you can expect, this product is more comfortable and practical as a bed than a chair, but you will use it both ways and be satisfied.

About the manufacturer costumer service – they are great also. If at some point you find your chair slash bed not comfortable enough, you can ask them to send you some extra foam to fill it up. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa, Charcoal

This bean bag chair weighs 80 pounds and its size is 86 by 47 by 36 inches and as you can expect, it can fit up to three adults.

The filling is from polyurethane foam that is used in the furniture making and the cover is made from soft and durable micro suede.

You can get this chair in many colors and the cover can be washed in a washing machine. It also has a childproof zipper and inner lining for maximum security and child safety.

The size and the durability of this product makes it perfect even for heavy persons or for children that love to jump on everything soft.

The comfort is amazing and you can use the chair for naps, relaxation and even sleeping. If you want something great and high quality for your money, this product might be the right one.

Bean Bag Chair Buying Guide

On the contrary to the name, the bean bag chairs are not full of beans. Most of the models that you can find on the market are filled with light and small polystyrene beads that take the form of your body when you sit on them, therefore creating the perfect and comfortable chair for you. Those beads are fire-resistant and often they are made from recycled materials like plastic bottles. You can add more beads over time if you need some extra support or firmness.

Alternatively, some bean bags might be filled with beads from polyurethane foam which is very similar to the memory foam that is used in the mattresses. That way you will have a chair that is on the soft side with memory foam effect when you sit on it. Because of the high softness of these models, they can be vacuum sealed in very small spaces or containers for easy shipping and handling and when you open them, they will easily go back to their original shape and form.

Cover and Liner
The cover and the liner of your bean bag chair are more important than the filler. The liner is the thing that is between the filler and the cover. It is also the part that is offering some initial protection from dust, moisture, dander and more.

When it comes to the cover it might be with different design and made from different material. In most cases the material for the cover is cotton or leather, but it might be something similar to them that is more breathable or more cheap imitation of leather and so on. Depending on where and for what you are going to use your bean bag chair, choose wisely the liner and most important the cover.