The Best Bicycle Bells – Recommendations for 2020

the best bicycle bells

Bicycle riding is fun activity. Riding your bicycle to and fro is a great way to relax and just forget about all the worries. You can use it as a healthy and eco-friendly way to go to work or even shopping.

Every little hobby or activity has its little pleasures. For example, while riding a bicycle, who doesn’t enjoy the nice ringing sound of a good bicycle bell. Well maybe the kids have more fun time enjoying it while bothering their parents but still …

A bicycle bell can be more than just something annoying. It can save lives especially while cycling and commuting in a big city. Notifying the person in the car or a random pedestrian in few seconds in advance might proof to be a literal life savior.

Riding a bicycle is fun activity and a good trusty bell, preferably with a nice ringing sound to it can make it stay that way.


Bike Bell Brass Mini – BONMIXC

This bicycle bell combines the classic and the modern together. It has good and stylish design.

You can easily install it on different bikes, as it fits different handlebar tubes 21 mm – 23 mm. And the dome diameters is 33 millimeter.

It provides good ringing sound when pressed, it is made from brass, which enhances the sound quality.

You can use it while riding your bike. When there’s people in front of you you can press it to notify them that they are in the way. It is a good accessory to add to  your bike for better safety on the road while cycling.

Overall one very good mini bicycle bell suitable for everyone. It has nice ringing sound to it and is made with quality materials.


Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell – Firmstrong

This ringer looks stylish and it has classic and clean design.

It can easily be mounted on different handlebars and because of the clean design it doesn’t stand out. The set comes with bell and attachment hardware. Although it takes some time to assemble it, it is very easy to do.

It produces good sound enough to be noticed by other people. That way you will make sure they hear you coming their way.


Riten Brass Bell – by Crane

This bell fits handlebars with diameters of 26.0, 25.4 and 22.2 mm.

It looks nice and produces a good sound when rung.

It is made with polished brass which give a classic look to your bike. This is making the bell durable and lasting.The bell is great choice if you want to have something to use to notify people in front of you. It can be used in rainy weather too. It is very easy to mount and use.

It is affordable good looking accessory for your bike.


Adjustable Bike Bell – by Mirrycle

This stylish looking black bell is another quality product that can be used on your bicycle.

It has adjustable strap that can be used on 15 mm to 39 mm handlebars. The dinger also can be adjusted in different different positions around the dome. Making it pretty versatile and giving you some freedom to where you can place it.

The bell is loud enough and has a nice sound. It is made with lightweight alloy. It is affordable and interesting option for people that love bikes.


Retro Bicycle Bell – by Nutcase

This one will definitely catch your eye how cute it is.

Over all this is a great bell for your bicycle. It is suitable both for children and adults.

The sound of it is good and not too loud. It will alert any people on the road that you are coming their way.

It is very easy to install and use.

Buyer Guide

Classic bicycle bell
This is the well-known to everyone classic bicycle bell. It is based on a design that dates back to the 19 th century. Such a bell must be mounted on the bicycle bars for easy access. The main parts of it are brass or steel bell which strikes on a tab or ringer and produce the audible ringing sound. Some bells might be thumb-pushed by a lever, but others might be with a simple plastic tab on a flexible arm.

When you flick the tab with your thumb the striking surface hits the outer of the bell and produces the ringing sound. The mounting method might be different for the different models of classic bells, however in most cases they will have to fit on the bar. The more modern mounting method is to fix the bell for the bar with a plastic mount that offers easy attachment and adjustment.

Air horns
You can attach an air horn to your bicycle instead of a classic bell. The air horns use pressurized air to emit powerful sound which can go up to 120 decibels for some models. Keep in mind that such a powerful sound might not appeal to everyone, so use the air horn only when needed.


When you pick a bicycle bell, consider the size and design of the bell. Are you looking for modern one, that fix a mountain bike for extreme sports and cool look?
Or are you looking one for your little daughter’s pink bike? Maybe you are looking one for your classic looking bike. Then the design has to fit with the rest of the bike.
Consider the color and the shape as well.