The Best Bicycle Panniers [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2020

Bicycle Panniers

You now might be thinking what the best set of bike panniers out there on the market is. So we thought to share our opinion about 6 top models, which can be easily found.

No matter the occasion you will be using it for, you need to get a trust-worthy model, which can come in handy frequently when you need to transport certain things.

We are here to help you find the right product, on the right price.

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

This product is perfect for every meteorological condition and adventure you may be involved in. This is practical, effortless to use and it does the job perfectly, whether you have to carry your gear to your office on long drives.

The manufacturer made it large enough, so it can keep everything in place, even if you are going to explore for a couple of days, but also with professional design, making it blend with the environment. Another advantage here is that it has large reflectors with bright colors.

It can also protect your luggage and keep it dry. This is our personal favorite pannier, as it gives everything one costumer would want.

Even though it is on the high price range, our next suggestion in the list is slightly smaller, but has a great performance, which can be perfect if you are on a budget.

Seattle Sports Titan

Next in the list is a product on a budget. It has excellent performance in every aspect. The installation process is effortless, as it is going to stay still on the rack.

The pannier is large enough and it can easily meet the commuting and touring needs, as it is also keeping your items dry.

The extra pocket included on the outside provides quick access to your most necessary items. If you are a fan of more colorful things and use your bike mostly in town, we recommend you the Green Guru Carbon Cooler. But if you are more on the adventurous side, out first suggestion in the list will be the right choice for your needs.

Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Adventure Touring

The quality of this product is outstanding. The design gives this touring pannier an efficient look, which is perfect for combining the professional work space and free time.

The manufacturer added extra attachment hardware, in order to keep the connector pieces aside from your back.

If you are searching for more sturdy and water resistant product, you should consider purchasing, the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic or the economical Seattle Sports Titan.

Timbuk2 Tandem

Last in the list is a model with a 2-in-1 saddle bag style design.

It has a professional look, but it is also suitable for work or school. It is perfect to take away for a weekend tour or to the workplace. If you want to purchase a touring specific pannier, which can combine your everyday life and adventurous side, you should definitely check out Seattle Sports Titan.