The Best Carrot Slicers – Top Products Recommended for 2020

carrot slicers

Do you like to cook?

Do you feel like an artist with a brush when you are in the kitchen? You don’t need to be a really good cook, to be able to enjoy cooking. Cooking is really fun and could be a helper for stress relieve, improving the mood, improving yours and your family’s health and much more.

We all know that vegetables have so many vital ingredients, micro, and macronutrients, that help your body do its job and stay healthy. They offer vitamins, minerals, and other important ingredients.

Vegetables are not something that kids usually love. But with the help of carrot and vegetable slicers, you can be more creative, you can make carrots and veggies be more fun to watch and eat, instead of making your kids eat their vegetables, you can just create interesting dish for them. They will enjoy eating them and it will help them be healthier. Also, you don’t have to force them!

One more beneficial part is that slicers make your job so much easier. You can cut the veggies easier, and serve them as a side or even have them as a quick snack.

We want to offer you some of the best carrot and vegetable slicers on the market, that are reliable, durable and in a good price range.


Mueller’s Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable dicer is made with high-quality materials.

It is BPA-free professional-grade, heavy-duty reinforced food grade ABS. It offers quick and easy dicing of the fruits, vegetables and of course it is a really great choice for carrots. It has two really sharp 420-grade German hardened stainless steel discs, they will help you slice even the harder carrots.

One really good part of the vegetable slicer, is its parts are easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. This means that after you are done dicing the carrots, and all of the food is served you can easily clean it by hand or simply put it in the dishwasher. This would make the entire experience a lot more fun with a lot less work to do afterwards.

The build quality of this product is really great, it offers easy dicing and it lasts for a long time. The container is built with a sturdy material which will improve its durability.

Another great feature is that you do not have to worry about cutting your fingers, due to the fact that the Vidalia dicer comes with a comfortable place to handle the vegetables while using it.

You can use this dicer for many ideas, like making a salad, dicing fruits, vegetables it saves a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t require too much pressure, and you can dice for longer period of time.

When making salads, dicing vegetables is that easy, and kind of fun, you would enjoy them more and your kids would be happier when they have to eat something that is different from cookies and ice cream.

One thing you could be a bit troubled with is the ribs. They should be put up for most of the cases and for vegetables like celery they should be down.

Also for some people, the cutting grid might be a bit smaller, depending on your choices.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable
  • Can be used in the dishwasher


  • The cutting grid is a bit smaller


Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Julienne Slicer

The Adjustable Madoline Slicer for Vegetables has 5 blades, it can be used for many purposes:

  • vegetable peeler
  • vegetable chopper
  • cheese greater
  • carrot greater
  • and other

It can cut vegetables and fruits with ease! The adjustable part is great, it has an easily adjustable thickness of the slice, that include:

  • 1mm
  • 3mm
  • 5mm

It might not be suitable for people that prefer bigger veggie slices, due to the relatively smaller slicer size (1-5mm only).

This slicer has a straight slicer, which is great for slicing potato chips. It has a grater and a fine grater which are great for carrots and ginger, nutmeg and others. The food container helps you maintain a clean kitchen and makes it a lot more convenient and easy to clean. The julienne slicer can be used for french fry strips or vegetables in the shape of spaghetti it is similar to the veggie spiralizer.

This slicer is also dishwasher safe, which is very convenient for making a quick snack and not have to worry about cleaning it.

The mandoline is quite sturdy and has great base which will help you when using it for cutting.

One of the negatives is that for some people could be a bit harder to find a place to store it. It doesn’t take a lot of space, but it might be something to consider if you have a somewhat small kitchen.

The guard of this slicer is comfortable even for longer usage, and it would keep your fingers safe!

Its blades are quite sharp and will cut even harder vegetables with ease. Cutting things like softer tomatoes might be a bit of a challenge as many of the similar items.

If you use it too often, on hard fruits and vegetables, you might need to change its blades.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Cuts with ease


  • Could be hard to find a place to store it
  • Not versatile


Deiss’ Pro Dual Julienne And Vegetable Peeler

The Deiss Peeler is built with quality materials.

The Stainless steel could last for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about rust.

It is quite comfortable to use, its nonslip handle is quite useful and could help you slice or peel the vegetables even with wet or too dry hands (like most of the time when you are cooking). Having a comfortable grip, helps you slice the vegetables quicker and not get tired if you do it for longer periods.

The Deiss Peeler has one advantage over other slicers, and that’s its size.

It’s quite small and it is a lot more convenient to store, instead of having bigger vegetable slicers with their containers and all other items that come with them. It is a lot easier to clean, but of course, it will make a bit more mess when using it. It is also dishwasher safe.

It is quite easy to use, you can easily peel vegetables and slice them, but you might find a bit inconvenient that you cannot use it for the entire vegetable since you have to cut it by hand when you are at the end of the vegetable. It is not a big con of the peeler, but it is still something that you might not like.

The peeler is very sharp and this will help you peel the vegetables a lot more easy. It is really a good choice for harder vegetables like carrots!


  • Small and easy to store
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Sharp
  • Extremely durable


  • Makes more of a mess when used
  • Can’t slice the whole veggies as the core is pretty much leftover


Mueller Austria Vegetable Slicer

This vegetable slicer is built with high quality, non-toxic BPA free, ABS plastics, they will help keeping your food chemical-free.

It has a comfortable handle and this prevents accidents when using it. Its blades are really durable and made of high-grade stainless steel.

They are really strong and sturdy, and you can use it a lot even for harder vegetables and fruits.

Its grip is comfortable and you can cut vegetables with ease. The slices are nice and even looking. The safeguard grip helps you protect your hands, and it can help you cut even raw potatoes and carrots with not much effort.

It is really easy to clean, relatively small to store and it can quickly help you slice some carrots for a small snack for your kids.


  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Sharp enough to deal with harder veggies


  • Could be difficult to store it in small kitchens


Presto’s Professional SaladShooter Electric Shredder

The Presto SaladShooter is an electric shredder, it shreds vegetables quickly and you just have to press the buttons.

It is really easy to use, it is a professional tool, which means it’s well built and comes with a few additional items, to help you with all of the other tasks in the kitchen. It comes with additional cones and place large enough to put even bigger vegetables or fruits.

The Presto SaladShooter makes it really easy to shred vegetables, you just have to press the button and put the vegetables at the feeder, you don’t even have to push them. The SaladShooter will shred them and you just have to collect them in a large enough storage.

It does its job quickly and without a lot of effort on your part. The SaladShooter can also grate cheese, shred fruits and the attachments allow you to chop and slice with ease.

Some people might find it a bit harder, due to some of the food sticking to the shredder. It is also dishwasher safe excluding the motor.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Does not require any effort to operate it


  • Somewhat hard to clean
  • Loud
  • Bulky