The Best Cat Toys – Reviews and Ideas for 2020

best cat toys

Cats are active, they love to run and chase stuff, or just hide and play around. Of course cats are famous for how much they sleep but once they are awake the even it all out.

And they can play with almost everything. Every cat owner knows how it goes. They start pushing stuff off the tables, they chase around anything and everything the get their paws on. One great way to keep them more active and healthy is getting them some good cat toys to keep them busy. It is almost like a little present.

Different cats have different taste and that’s why we have made a list of the best cat toys here that offer a little bit of everything.

There are sets or just single toys that are made with idea of entertaining the cats and keeping them active and having fun.


Turbo Scratcher – Best Cat Toy – by Bergan

This cat toy is interesting one. The center of it is intended to be used as a scratcher. And the ball can make them have fun while chasing it around. It is a simple product that will keep them active and busy even when you are gone and not in the house.

Even lazy cats might find this one pretty interesting as they can lay next to it and push the ball around. Over all it is a great toy that will not make a mess of your house and at the same time will provide your cat (or kittens) with healthy way to stay active and lose weight.

This cat scratcher is 16″ in diameter.


Tower of Tracks – Best Cat Toy Without Catnip – by Petstages

This one is sort of like the previous one where it had a ball; this one has 3 balls that the cat can chase around it.

The design of this ball chaser for cats is made with the idea of better and more interesting interaction with the cat. It has 3 levels of spinning for balls. It is very good especially for cats that want to develop their hunter’s instincts. It is really interesting for them. The balls are colored and attention grabbing. It offers a lot of fun time for the cat.

It is affordable way to entertain your cat and keep them from making too much mess in the rest of the house. The cat toy is without catnip and can stimulate your cat to be more active. It is a good cat toy even for older cats.


Kitten Toys Assortments – by Youngever

This set comes with 20 different pieces of cat toys and has also collapsible cat tunnel, teaser want interactive feather toy and more.

This is one affordable set that can offer your cat a lot of fun time. Especially great for indoor cats that can get easily bored with just one toy. Just one ball will not do the trick sometimes. You can use the different toys to entertain your cat. Also they can spend more energy be more healthy and happier all that while having fun at the comfort of your house.

This cat toys set brings great value as it offers a lot of different stuff. Especially great for kittens.


Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats – Best Interactive Cat Toy – by CAT AMAZING

This puzzle game is great for fat cats. If your cat is on the chubby side and you want it to work a bit more for its next meal this cat toy might provide you with an interesting solution.

It can also be used when you are not in the house – the cat can still have some fun time figuring out how to get its food out of it.

The item has 3 difficulty levels. So your cat will constantly feel challenged and engaged. It stimulates their natural abilities.

It is fun way to make your cat spend more energy as it tries to get to its treats or food. It is good for the digestive healtyh of the animal since it wont eat the cat food that fast.


SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser  – by PetSafe

This item is another interesting option that can make your cat spend some energy before eating its meal

Especially if your cat likes to eat all the food this toy can be used to dispense the food. It can be used to distribute meals into several smaller portions.

It can hold about 2/3 cup of dry cat foods. And it can be used with treats or cat food. It is made with FDA approved plastic too.