The Best Clocks for the Gaming Room – 2021

Digital clocks

When you make your own gaming room, one of the best things about it is – personalization. Once you have the idea, and then start to browse from accessories to put them together and get the complete design of the room is amazing.

Many things can be put in the room to personalize it further – to make it more appealing, inviting, and comfortable for you to spend time enjoying some of your favorite games. You can get decals for the windows and walls, you can get modern-looking furniture, to place the games and gaming console on. You can also get great gaming desk, with enough space to play comfortably.

Many accessories can be placed inside a gaming room to make it more customized for your idea – one of them is clocks. Whether you are going for a more classic gaming room, or a more modern looking one, there are plenty of clock choices on the market. Clocks might seem like a simple idea, you can always check the time on the computer – however they are the perfect accessory to add in combination with your furniture and other items.

A great design complementary clock is awesome idea to make your room even more cool. We have browsed around the market and found some of the best options available.


This is a digital clock with alarm and large display – that way you can check the time at a glance without getting distracted from your gaming session. The design of the product is simple, yet interesting and perfect for a gaming room or for a person that loves video games. The display is with adjustable brightness – you can select different levels of brightness.

If you prefer, you can manually adjust the brightness up to your personal taste. If you do not want to draw your attention from the games. The clock is with alarm and snooze function so you can use it to wake up for school, university or work.

If you are not a heavy sleeper you should not worry, because this product is completely silent and will not make any noises that might affect your sleep.

The Geeky Days Video Game Controllers DIY Large Wall Clock

Every person needs a clock in order to check the time – even a gamer. If you would like to time your gaming sessions, note when it is necessary to take a quick break (even if it is for a bathroom or a quick snack) – a good clock is your best option. However, it will be a big positive if the design of the
clock is suitable for your gaming room and blends with everything else in it.

This product definitely can classify in this category thanks to its unique design with video game controllers. Keep in mind that it should be mounted on a wall and it is big in size. If this does not bother you – go ahead and purchase one if you like it. The clock is analog and works very quietly.

Computer Games Vinyl Wall Clock

A wall clock with impressive and unique designs from different games, made from used vinyl. It is not only a good-looking one but also perfect choice for a gaming room or for every person that is into games room. A great option for a gift for that special person that loves to play games.

The diameter of the clock is 12-inches and it can only be mounted on a wall. Every part of the product is made from high-quality materials and you can select one of the unique designs. The decorative vinyl is laser-cut for perfection and for the highest quality of the game image.

Buyer Guide


You can go for a digital clock design with a simplistic style – this is perfect for modern style gaming rooms. They are simple and clean and just look good.
You can go for a more classy one – this is perfect if you are going for a more antique looking gaming room. A classy analog clock on the wall might fit perfectly – especially if you pick the right shape and size and color.
You can also go for a themed one – depending on your favorite games, whether now or from your childhood you can browse for a clock that has your favorite games as a theme.


Consider clocks that are visible as well as in light and in dark conditions. Especially if you plan to have a darker gaming room- often a choice for gamers and gaming enthusiasts, since gaming requires darker conditions so you can enjoy the games in great colors and not be distracted by the outdoor lighting. Look for bigger clocks, maybe even ones with LEDs so you can see them even in the darker rooms.


The size of the clock depends on your idea of placement. If you want to place it on the wall, consider a bit thinner but bigger. If you want to place it on your desk, make a few measurements to check how much space you have and then go from there.