The Best Commercial Shower Curtains [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020


If you have a tub shower combo or a doorless shower, you are very familiar with the puddles on the floor after every bath you take. Great way to get rid of those ponds around your bathroom is to purchase a shower curtain.



Now it is time to present you our top five selections.



Our first suggestion has interesting leaf prints, as you can choose from 10 different colors.

It has twelve ring holes. The material used here is mildew-resistant polyester. Great benefit of this model is that, there are many sizes to choose from, as they are available in almost every online store.

This model is perfect for every ordinary bathroom.

The Leaves Soft Fabric works perfectly fine without the usage of any liner, but we think that it is better for you to get one, in order to make things look put together.



This model has soft colors and it is in monochrome design, which can look great in every bathroom with classic design.

The material used here is polyester, and don’t worry about its vision, as the manufacturer used multiple layers, in order to give it that extra touch and make it look unique by itself.



If you like more colorful and extravagant things, this is the right curtain for you.

You can choose from 8 different, unusual and unique designs. Your bathroom will definitely be personalized with piece like this.

One downside here is that there are not many sizes available. The good thing is that you can easily keep it fresh and clean, as it is made of polyester.



You may think that the floral motives are old fashioned. But don’t be fooled, the colors will make it pop out, as it will make your bathroom with a modern design to distinguish from the others.

You can choose from 3 sizes, and use it without any liner, even though it will look much better if you get one to match it.

The curtain is made of polyester and has rustproof metal ring holes, making it perfect for your bathroom.



If you are a fan of the more natural touch, this curtain made of 100% cotton will be the perfect choice for you.

When it comes to cleaning, you can easily throw it in the washing machine.

This model is a great choice, because you have an option to choose from more than then designs. Cotton is very thick and durable material, so it will definitely be a good investment.

Hanging it or taking it down has never been easier, because of the sturdy grommets included. We want to let you know that this curtain is a bit heavier, so make sure that your rod is strong enough to handle its weight.



If you look it from a practical side, you will see that this is a better choice than screens or doors.

Another benefit is that you won’t spend plenty of time to clean them to use any special cleaners, just because they are machine washable. You can easily throw them in the washing machine with your laundry detergent and leave it do the rest.

Shower curtains are as effective as shower screens and doors, and they are way cheaper, which is a plus.

Shower curtain can add some extra touch and definition to your bathroom, as you can choose from plenty of designs. There is monochrome, geometric and floral among the classic ones, but also many more modern prints if you are searching for longer. The variety from animalistic to urban is humongous. There is an option for everyone, and we are sure that you can find the right design, which will suit your bathroom motives just fine.



Before you decide, you need to have a clear idea of what shower curtain you need. In order to make the right decision, you need to have answers to the following questions:

  • Do you know what material you want it to be?
  • How frequently you are taking a shower?
  • Do you think that you can invest enough time for such thing and if it really costs the effort?

We will try our best to help you find the perfect curtain.

Almost every curtain now is made of some sort of fabric. The market is full of different kind of textile materials.

If you want to choose from simple and inexpensive fabrics, you can look for curtains made of toile, linen, percale, burlap, hemp, cotton or denim. But, if you are fan of the luxury, we suggest you to look for deluxe fabrics, such as nylon, satin, silk or brocade.

We think that it is good to let you know that polyester is by far the best fabric for shower curtains.

Here are some reasons why.

First of all, polyester curtains are cheap, but very durable. This material has the ability to dries fast, as it is also waterproof and mildew-resistant, making it the perfect candidate for bathroom keeper.

Another popular choice here is curtains made of vinyl.

Unfortunately, vinyl chloride, which is the precursor to PVC, is found to be dangerous for our health and the planet. If you continue to read the article, you will find more information about that.

The design of your curtain is also very important, just because you want your bathroom to have essentials that will blend in.

You need to know what the vibe of your bathroom is. It can be classical or modern. For classic design, we suggest you to search for traditional design curtains with soft colors.  For the modern style, the choice of the print is all up to you.

When it comes to cleaning, the polyester one grabs the gold, as it is very easy to handle.

Other materials that can be cleaned easily are cotton, hemp and linen. If you consider purchasing other material, be aware of the fact that you need to dedicate some time in order to keep it clean and fresh.

Last, but not least is how to use it properly.

We suggest you to buy a curtain that is water- resistant, if you use your shower a lot. Also, a quick drying curtain is a must have, that’s why the best choices here are the polyester and the vinyl, which is not recommended, because of its harmful effects. But if you still want to have more deluxe fabrics, make sure to spray them with Water Repellent.