The Best Desktop PC Dust Cleaners – Recommendations for 2020

best air duster for cleaning computers

Computers are an irreplaceable part of our lives.  They offer some many helpful functionalities.

Regardless if you work at an office or at home they can get very dirty from all the dust particles in the air.

With computers the dirt is usually getting all over the keyboard, monitor, the computer case. It can cause overheating that can lead to the computer working slowly or breaking down.

And let’s be honest cleaning the computer and its parts is usually not that fun, it is boring and takes time. But having a trusty air duster to clean you computer might be the light in the tunnel. A dust cleaner like this will help you clean the dust and keep your PC clean and make it good looking again. It is a lot like a regular car vacuum but for computer parts.

The good thing about them is that they are very easy to use and lightweight. You can easily store them somewhere nearby and use them when in need. That way your station and computer can always stay clean and neat.


High Pressure Air Dust blower MECO

This air duster blows high pressure air which will clean the dust and dirt from the different parts of your home computer.

It is easy to use and cleans with ease. It has 250 watts of power, and it has 10 foot long cord.

It is powerful enough to allows for quick and easy cleaning of anything ranging from the computer keyboard, your laptop parts to even mobile devices.

It is lightweight and portable, and easy to use. It has long cord and is portable, weighs only 1.9 lbs.

It is affordable way to make sure your home computer stays clean or if you regularly clean computer parts.


Metro Vacuum’s ED500P DataVac Electric Duster

This electric air blower is small and portable, easy to use and move around in order to clean the different parts of your computer. It has a steel construction making it one very powerful and durable product. It is also easy to store when not in usage.

It has a powerful 500 watt motor for easy and quick cleaning of your desktop computer’s components. It has .75 hp , 120 volt and 4.5 amps. It offers 70 CFM air flow, for easy cleaning and it weights at only 2.75 lbs.

It comes with air pin-pointer, concentration nozzle, air-flare nozzle and also micro cleaning tool kit. It has 12 ft power cord. It is affordable option for quick cleaning of your desktop.


XPOWER’s A-2 Airrow Pro Multi-Use Electric Computer Duster

This Computer duster offers an easy, hassle-free, way to clean your computer. It can be used for different parts and offers quick and easy cleaning.

It has 500 watts of power, great for cleaning in between those dusty places on your computer motherboard. The duster is made with durable high-quality ABS plastic. It has powerful 3/4 HP brush motors and uses 4.5 amps draw with a 90 CFM airflow.

It also has 2 speed settings for different usage which is great depending on what parts of the computer you are about to clean.

It is lightweight, easy to use and easy to carry. It has 10 feet power cord and comes with 8 nozzle attachments making it very versatile. It has thermal protection and it is ETL and CETL safety certified.


OXO’s Cleaning Brush for Electronics

With this cleaning brush you can keep your desktop PC clean and good looking. Not only that but is suitable for cleaning a wide range of electronic devices, like cameras, mobile phones, computer screens, laptops and more.

It has slim silicone wiper for the smaller and more finer places and a brush for the more delicate areas such as the screens and lenses. It comes with a cap for wiper and also has retractable bristles.

It is comfortable to use, and you can clean your keyboard and electronics with ease. It is small so you can store it easy next to your computer or in the drawer.

Great value at a great price.


MECO’s Keyboard Cleaner with Cleaning Gel

This vacuum cleaner is great for quick cleaning of your computer’s keyboard. Keyboards also tend to get very dirty especially if we eat while we work on the computer. So we can be looking at a pretty big mess here.

It comes with 2000 mAh li-battery. This cordless keyboard cleaner has rechargeable battery. It takes about 200 minutes for charging.

It comes with 2 vacuum nozzles for cleaning different places. The filter is easy to change, open the dust collector and take it out. The filter media can be washed with fresh clean water and reused.

The cleaner is small about 8.46 x 5.31 inches and lightweight so it is easy to use.

Buying Guide

Air Duster
An aerosol duster can be a great way to clean your computer from the dust. In most cases when it is an air duster it is not just only an air in a can. Actually the can is filled with a propellant which might be even bad for your health if you breathe too much of it.

In most cases the propellant in the more expensive air dusters is non-flammable, however if you get a cheap one be careful. You should keep in mind that the industrial air dusters are not the same as the retail and consumer ones that we usually get for cleaning our computers from dust.

Alternatives to Aerosol Dusters?
You can try some alternatives to the air dusters like shop air, mechanical dusters or bulb dusters.
They will usually do the same work and will help you to clean your desktop computer from the dust.
The shop air can be found in an industrial setting and it is powered by a compressor. The pressurized air can easily remove even the largest debris and dust. The mechanical dusters can be plugged in the wall or can be powered by a battery. They can offer money savings compared to the air dusters. The
bulb dusters might be familiar to the photographers – they are used for lens cleaning but can as well help you with the cleaning of your computer.

Computer Vacuum
If you would like to invest in a proper vacuum to clean your computer as well as your family members and friends computers – you can get a computer vacuum. They are small and portable, make specifically for cleaning desktop computers with ease. Most of them have a lot of accessories that will make the cleaning process fast, easy and reliable. With one you can even clean your computers’ peripherals such as keyboard, printer and so on.