The Best Dive Watches – Recommendations Guide for 2020

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If you are searching for a nice dive watch for you or as a gift for someone special, we can assure you that there are plenty of options out there.

This is a high class device and the technology used in it is very important.That’s why we want to give you the best options you can possible find and make your search easier, as we can also save you some extra time.

The price is playing a big role here, as there are many cheap watches, which state that they are durable and waterproof.Unfortunately, they are made of cheap and weak materials, which won’t last for long.

Another key factor here is the brand.Focus on brands with good reputation. Most of them make quality products on a reasonable price, such as Seiko and Citizen.

We are all aware of the fact that most of us are going to use those watches not only when we are underwater. There are many sports guys wearing them even when not diving, but don’t forget that they are sponsored and those watches are not on a budget.

We choose the top 5 best dive watches on the market, in order to help you find your gem among the sea. They are all stylish, perfect assistants and accessories, which will suit every man.


SKA371 Kinetic Seiko Dive Watch

Seiko is one of the leading companies, which offer high quality products on a reasonable price. This particular model is amazing, if you are a fan of Omega Seamaster, and you are on a budget.

They both look similar, as its design utilizes kinetic motion, which will keep the watch ticking, just because a battery will be completely useless when you into the water.

The motions are also very simple, which makes the watch’s functionality extended.

The watch can handle a depth rated to 660ft or 200m, which is the average profundity divers reach.

The design is completed with incredibly scratch resistant quartz crystal bezel and a long lasting, tough stainless steel band. The bezel is a medium sized 42mm, making it perfect for every occasion.

Stylish and durable- this is one of the most wanted watches for 2016.


 BN0151-09L ProMaster Citizen Dive Watch

Citizen is another leading company in this business, which also offers excellent quality and affordable gadgets.

Their watches are simple, yet elegant, perfect for every occasion.

The bezel of the Promaster is similar to the Seiko’s Kenetic one, with the difference that the strap here is more of a sporty looking.

You can charge the small eco-dive solar cell with light, which is very practical- you don’t need to worry about charging batteries.

The bezel here is again the medium sized 43mm, which features a rotating aluminum ring, with option of tracking your dive time written on the large readable anti-reflective display.

Depth rated to 200m (660 ft.), the watch will handle every dive.

As soon as you buy it, you will never leave your house without it. We strongly suggest you this watch, as it is perfect for everyone, and it has all the features you will need.


 Jiusko Deep Sea Mens Divers Watch

This is one very elegant stainless steel watch, also fun, yet sophisticated.

It has small orange accents, which makes it eye catching and the combination of black 43mm bezel with white accents and the silver stainless band makes the design defined, with a sense of style and class.

The timer mode has an inner dial, the display shows the elapsed time in minutes and hours, as the dials show the seconds.

The markings and luminous dials make the reading of the time easier. If you want to wear the watch on top of your wetsuit, it comes with a strap extension.

The depth it can handle is 660ft or 200m. This watch is perfect for people who dive as a hobby, or are professional divers. The watch can be worn everywhere, at any time.


 Seiko Orange Automatic Diving Watch For Men

This Seiko watch is perfect for people who like to have a colorful accessory, as it is also one of the best watches the company has ever produced.

Don’t worry about the price, it is still a reasonable one.

This is watch that stands out and catch the eye, it is more irregular than most of watches, which are a bit too plain. This automatic gadget is a combination of aggressive, yet extravagant look, because of the chunky stainless steel and the orange dial.

As we mentioned previously, Seiko is one amazing brand, combining all the features you will need from a dive watch. It uses a modern technology, which will get rid of the annoying opening in order to replace the batteries, because the watch is automatic and uses kinetic power from your everyday movements.

The depth is rated to 660ft or 200m, making it one of the best choices on the market, even from professional divers.

The bezel details make the whole watch stand out. We strongly believe that this might be one of the best selections.


 Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver Sport Watch

Last, but not least is a watch perfect for all the people who seek for adventures.

The rubber wrist strap is a durable one and in combination with the chunky bezel, which features bold details make your whole scuba dive gear on point.

To keep the classy and professional look, the company chose to use a stainless steel bezel ring. It can be used practically everywhere, by everyone.

The display is super tough, yet scratch resistant, which will handle every dive and situation.

The technology this watch use is eco-drive and it provides any light source to charge the internal lithium ion battery.

This will make your watch work 24/7 without any worries. The depth it can handle is 1000ft or 300m.

You can wear the watch over your wetsuit thanks to the adjustable rubber band. Amazing watch, for adventurous people.