The Best Dog Outdoor Tents – Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

dog outdoor tents

Everyone loves to travel.

And when was your last time you traveled?

Especially for those of us who have a dog things can get a bit tricky. Especially when going to sleep at the great outdoors.

When taking your pet on a trip you have to keep in mind that you have feed them, get them plenty of water and make them feel comfortable and have fun. So there is a lot of outdoor equipment that you might need to take with you, travel backpacks, travel accessories and don’t forget about your dog.

You can bring food, dog toys, water and even dog shoes and clothes, but it would be good idea to bring them a place to feel at home.

There are tents for dogs that are designed in a such a way to make the pets feel comfortable.

They are portable and affordable, great idea for taking on a trip with your dog. They are lightweight and usually easy to set-up, great when taking your pet on a hiking or for a small trip to the park.

After all everybody loves a nice hideaway from time to time.

Iconic Pet Cozy house

This dog tent has really outdoorsy look. It is interesting looking and sturdy, suitable for different weather conditions.

It is water resistant and is portable and easy to set-up. You can take it on a trip with you and if you bring your pet it will have the comfort of its dog house even though it is away from home.

The tent is durable, sturdy and is affordable.

This is a good size for different sized pets, for small to middle sized dogs.

The tent has zippered doors.

Winterial’s Outdoor Pet Tent

This tent can be used as a perfect dog hideaway. It is lightweight as it weights at only 2.5 pounds. As there is a bag that comes with the tent it is very easy to take it around with you.

The tent can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with ground anchors for when using outside that will make it stable in the wind or when your pet is feeling a bit more playful.

It has 2 inch sleeping pad that will provide for a better comfort for your dog.

The tent is 64 x 30 x 29 inches witch is good for smaller and middle sized dogs.

The tent comes fully assembled for easy use. The tent is good looking, affordable, easy to bring with you and good options for dogs.

OUBAO’s Portable Folding Dog Tent

This tent is made with moisture resistant material great for different weathers.

It is made with good quality waterproof oxford cloth materials. It has firm structure as it has poles that cross for better structure and durability.

The tent is good for outside use and comfortable for the dogs.

It is portable easy to set up and also easy to clean. There is carry bag for compact storage and can be easily taken with you on a trip.

The tent is affordable, and good option for your dog to have a small personal space and hideaway when traveling.

Kleeger’s Premium Canopy Pet House and Hideaway

This tent is great for smaller dogs (and cats). Both its canopy and cot are waterproof so your animal will stay cleansafe and dry inside. It is made with breathable mesh bottom and back witch allow for better air circulation.

It is great for smaller dogs that enjoy feeling at home even when on a trip or just are looking for a good hideaway.

The tent is compact and lightweight.

It is 26″ deep; 21″ wide; and 24″ tall. Made of light and durable materials. The pet tent is lightweight and easy to set up. It takes just few minutes and requires only a screwdriver.

The tent can easily be cleaned by hand afterwards.