The Best Electric Knives | Product Recommendations for 2020

electric knife bread


Carving meat can be time consuming and even difficult for some but with the invention of the electric knife, all that changed.

Electric knives make carving meat such as roast beef, turkey and ham much simpler without all the hassle.

In addition to making carving meats a breeze, you can use an electric knife to cut bread, tomatoes, onions and even vegetables.

If you’ve never used an electric knife, you may want to give it a try. You will be surprised how much time and efforts you can save yourself, if you drop the work with the old-fashioned knife and invite the electric knife in your kitchen.

On the other side, the electric knives can be quite safer for you – especially if you are a beginner in cooking, but you have a giant enthusiasm to start preparing your food at home, much healthier than the harmful microwave-oriented meals you used to buy before.

But enough with the healthy cooking lecture. Let`s check out the best electric knives on the market nowadays:


Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

High quality stainless steel blades and the wood storage stand make this set of electric knife and accessory look so professional that you are going to believe you are an actual and real cook even if this is your tenth time in the kitchen in this role.

The knife has a comfy ergonomic handle and high quality stainless steel adds a little electricity to any carving or cutting job, providing the extra power a real kitchen commando needs.

Its powerful motor combines with two stainless-steel blades (one for carving and one for bread) to make short work of almost every slicing task, whether you’re working with a roast, French bread, or vegetables.

One touch pressure activated on/off trigger control for simple operation and convenient for left or right hand use is also available.

Pros: Supports a bread blade and carving blade and has a special storage for display layout. The blades of this knife can be added to the dishwasher, too.

Cons: It proves to be a really powerful electric knife so we do suggest taking extra care. Also, it has plastic gear inside.

Hamilton Beach Carve ‘n Set

Stainless steel blades and carving fork are included and a simple, but super stylish wooden box is given to protect the kids or yourself even from the extra sharp blades.

Plus – this case is a great storage saving tip. What makes the model so impressive, though, is its pack of awesome features. The stainless steel blade never needs sharpening and removes easily for quick cleaning.

The included stainless steel fork lets you go straight from carving to serving. It is super cool for bread and meat.

The design is very minimalistic and fancy, too.

Pros: It saves you efforts and time, but not only: also it saves you place and it can be very easily washed.

Cons: There is no lock on the trigger. Also, the double blades might shred some food types. And the handle is not the best.


American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

This Fillet Knife is great option for electric knife. As a matter of fact, this is an improved PRO version.

The knife has great speed and torque from fillet to fillet, without reduced power or slow down as battery power drains.


Pros: A lot of run time.

Cons: Difficult cleaning sometimes.


Black & Decker Electric Knife

From carving meat, to slicing bread, to cutting foam for craft projects – this knife makes quick work of it all. The 9″ stainless steel blades snap securely into place and an intuitive trigger turns the knife on and off.

Wrist fatigue is minimized thanks to the Comfort Grip handle, which features a comfortable, ergonomic design. The stainless steel blades saw rapidly and evenly through meats, breads, craft foam and more!

The removable blades are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup. The Black Decker EK700 Electric carving knife has non slip tabs which make the knife removal easy and safe.

The comfortable handle is non-slip for control and comfort. The handle is made to fit both right and left handed users comfortably. The knife also comes with a safety lock which prevents accidental starts.

Pros: There is a safety button and non-slippery safety features on the design. The look of the device, itself, is very fancy and can be put somewhere on display in your kitchen and due to its mechanism, when not turn on it is not dangerous or risky at all.

Cons: Since it is on the cheap end this product lacks some quality