The Best Fertilizer Spreaders [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations and Buyer’s Guide for 2020

gardening and fertilize spreading

If the gardening is one of your hobbies, you probably have some and need some more high quality accessories for maximum enjoyment from it.

Of course, there are some very useful items you can get yourself that will make the daily gardening chores easy enough to bring you only pleasure doing them.

One of these mentioned items is the fertilizer spreader which can help you spread the fertilizer into the soil a lot easy and faster. Don’t worry if you don’t know which fertilizer spreader to pick, because there are so many on the market.

We are going to present you some of the best to pick from.

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader

This product is great and has a lot of nice benefits for all from the hobby to the professional gardeners.

The capacity of this spreader is great and it can easily fit up to 80 pounds of fertilizer. It features manual deflector kit that will help you do the gardening job a lot faster than usual.

The materials this product is made are high quality and rust resistant and made of stainless steel parts.

The product is very simple to use, just read and then follow the instructions in the manual.


Field Tuff Mount Spreader

If you want to get one really good spreader that can be used for the whole yard, you can count on this one.

It has electric motor that is working on 12 volts which will help you fertilize even faster. After all you don’t have to spend a lot of your spare time for fertilizing, right? In the package you will get even a rain cover that will help you protect your spreader from the rain and other weather conditions.

This one can be mounted and used with an ATV, tractors if you are interested you might want to take a look.


Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

This is one of the most popular products from the brand of Yard Kings. No matter if you need to spread some fertilizer in your garden or just the lawn, this product would be great. It has big capacity that can cover more than 10 000 sq feet which is enough to do the job.

Since this is a drop spreader it needs to be properly calibrated before each use as to not use too much product otherwise.

This is one ergonomic and overall great fertilizer spreader that you should look to.


Brinly BS36BH Broadcast Spreader

If you need something with really good quality, this broadcast  spreader might be the one.

It has very large fertilizer capacity that can reach 175 pounds. This will allow you to fertilize one acre of soil without any need to resupply the spreader. This product features very unique pattern control which is directional for great and even in the whole garden.


Agri-Fab 45-0463 SmartSpreader Broadcast Spreader

This spreader is very good and popular and has very large fertilizer capacity – up to 130 pounds.

With it you can fertilize large areas in the garden or at other places that needs fertilizing and you will do it fast and with minimal efforts.

The device has user-friendly settings and has precise application, which is great for professional use.


Scotts Mini Broadcast Spreader

This is a really good fertilizer that sells great.It is so popular because it is efficient and easy to use at daily basis.

It features Edge Guard technology that optimizes the performance. You can operate with the spreader right after unpackaging it, there is no need to calibrate or assembly it.