The Best Floor Sofas for the Gaming Room – 2021

Floor sofas for the gaming room

Gaming rooms are a place to have fun – spending a few hours playing your favorite games, and having a great time. Often times they are darker rooms, with modern stylish furniture and many gaming features such as comfortable desks, places for gaming consoles and many more.

One of the key factors which defines a comfortable gaming room is the place where you spend playing games. Whether is a comfortable chair, or sofa, or bean bag chair. It must be comfortable, so you can enjoy a few hours of sitting there and playing. If it is uncomfortable, you might feel irritated rather quickly and simply not enjoy the time spent there.

Floor sofas are the perfect option for gaming rooms. They are lower than the regular sofas but also created with the idea of leisure time, and perfect option for people that love to have different furniture, not just the standard shapes and sizes.

Floor sofas are comfortable, and interesting option if your gaming room design fits with that idea.

We have gathered some of the best choices of floor sofas on the market.

Adjustable Floor Sofa

The floor sofa is adjustable and made from suede fabric that is very soft to the touch. In the package, you will get one floor sofa bed and two pillows. You can use it for man purposes like for instance in a gaming room, in the living room, in the children’s room, in the reading area in your house and even on the balcony.

The model has five adjustable positions, adjustable backrest, ergonomic design and thick cushion for superior comfort. The sofa is foldable for easy storage and moving around the house.

You can use it to rest, read, watch TV while playing on your console and even as a sleeping bed. The combination of softness and hardness offers great back support and comfort.

Large Floor Adjustable Back Video Gaming Sofa

Another incredible floor sofa that is large and very comfortable. It is made of cotton hemp material that is dirt and wear-resistant, breathable and sweat-absorbent, also cannot be deformed after washing.

The backrest and the head tilt are adjustable in five positions with one simple operation to do it – that way you will not have to lean against the wall when gaming. The design is ergonomic therefore providing you with the best comfort even after a long gaming session.

Of course, you can use the sofa not only while playing games – it is also suitable for sitting while reading, watching TV, when you have guests, even while you drink coffee on the balcony. Pretty much it is for universal use.

The frame of the model is made of high-quality steel that can support up to 200 kilograms of weight. The sofa is easy to store and move around as well.

LUCKYERMORE Blue Bean Bag Chair Kids Self-Inflated

The sofa is a beanbag model that is great for gaming, watching TV, reading, studying, relaxing and even napping. It is ideal for a gaming room – you can use it for the long gaming sessions on the console or the PC and if not – it can still be a great decoration for the room and used when you have

Because it is a sofa model it has two seats which means that two persons can use it at the same time.

The cover of the beanbag sofa is soft to the touch, strong, durable and waterproof. You can clean it easily if needed. The filling as you can expect is from soft sponges that are extremely soft and supportive which means that you will feel extreme comfort while sitting on the sofa.

Safe Provides inner back support for better stability. Hidden zipper design to avoid hurting kids and not rubbing directly with the floor.

Merax Adjustable Floor Sofa

A perfect option if you are looking for a soft floor sofa, that fits in modern stylish gaming rooms.

The sofa is padded with abundand sponge – a comfortable place for playing games and watching TV whether alone or with friends. The chair has plenty of room for more than 1 person.

The sofa is lightweight and can be folded, so it can be stored if you want to have more space in your room, and not use it for a while.

You can even take the sofa with you to your friends house for a weekend full of gaming fun. The sofa can also become a comfortable small bed, you can simply put the back down and enjoy a different position and even a small nap.

The sofa offers 5 levels of adjusting, so you can find your perfect zone, or you can simply change it if you get tired of the same position.

The sofa has soft linen fabric – which is quite easy to clean. Perfect for people that love to play games and have a snack once in a while.

Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa

Elegant design, floor sofa which is perfect for gaming rooms. This is one really comfortable, and good looking sofa.
It is perfect for gaming rooms as if offers great looks, and amazing comfort.
The sofa is made with high-density FOAM for perfect comfort, so you can enjoy spending time and not feeling tired after even prolonged gaming.

It includes a removable, machine-washable softcover. Great for people that want to keep their furniture fresh and good looking.


Buyer Guide

Comfort level

Pick sofas that offer the comfort level that you desire. Pick ones with a softer or harder surface, with bigger padding or less padding. You have to consider which kind of chairs/sofas you find comfortable, and why do you prefer them. Then you can make a better decision for your comfort.


Floor sofas have different shapes, wider, smaller, bigger and some offer more cushioning others not as much. Shape is important if you have a specific shape in mind, that will fit your gaming room perfect. Think about the surroundings of the place where you want to put the sofa.


The overall design of most floor sofas is comfortable and perfect for leisure activities. Designs can vary from modern to more classy, from simplistic to more detailed one. The design has to fit with the rest of the room theme. So base the design choice on the rest of the gaming room furniture and colors.
Pick one that will sit well and be comfortable for your gaming time.


The size of the sofa is important. Before purchasing a floor sofa, make sure you have measured the place where the sofa would go. Is there enough space, does the sofa fit with the rest of the furniture. It has to be a comfortable size but good looking one too.

The size of the sofa is based on the space you require to sit, whether you like to lay on it or if you want to play with a friend next to you. Consider the seating space, and what kind of sofa size would be best for your gaming room