The Best Foosball Tables [Jan 2020] Reviews and Recommendations

foosball table

A foosball table can make a huge impact in your house.

It can gather the whole family around it, or you can invite friends over for a game night. No matter what your goal is, it is good for you to have a general idea what type of foosball table you would like to get.

Budget, space, and setup are important factors that should be considered before hitting the store. Our article will help you find the right foosball table that will suit your requirements.

Let’s jump right in and see what we have selected.


Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table – The Best Foosball Table for Kids & Small Spaces

This is a foosball game table that has almost the exact measurements as the traditional one.

It is also a space and budget friendly. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a table, that will have great design, high quality and it will be on a reasonable price. This model is made of plastic and fiberboard building materials, making it perfect for:

  • College dorm rooms
  • Teenagers
  • Adults who want to enjoy a nice game indoors, without stressing out about the space



  • It is on a reasonable price
  • The sporty design is engaging the teen’s mind
  • Perfect size if you don’t have big space
  • You can assemble it all by yourself
  • It is steady and reliable

This is definitely one of those things you can maintain without a problem. The table is durable and it will last you for long period of time.

You can put together the whole table for just an hour.

The set comes with has a 90-day warranty, but we don’t think you will use it, if you are using it calmly and don’t play hard. The model is consistent with teen’s mischievousness and anger. That’s why it is fortified and made as durable as possible.

We are all aware of the fact that most of the foosball tables are very severe, because of the wood. Well, thanks to the fiber board used here, the whole table is very lightweight. The whole package weight a little more than 50 pounds when it gets delivered to your house. This is one great advantage if you want to move it from one place to another. Two people can easily lift it and carry it around, in order to position it right.



  • The table’s lifespan is max 5 years, as the MDF cabinet gives it a cheaper look
  • The guarantee period is only 90 days
  • The setup is good only for kids, because it is a three-goalie one

If you are taking the game very seriously, because the table is too lightweight and it will move if you are playing more aggressively. Moving can cause some discomfort, so we listed some heavier models below.

The measurements of the table’s playing surface are 40.5 in. L x 23 in. W x 1/4 in.

The 1/2-inch thick chrome-plated steel playing rods are equipped with easy grip rubber ergonomic handles for every side and player. This table has four foot and its colors are green and black.

There are 13 ABS molded men figures included for every team, made to be long lasting and durable. You are also getting a 3 goalie configuration and an end ball return that can be found on every end of the table.


Final thoughts:

This is a great budget foosball table that worth the spent money. The only main disadvantage here is the lack of durability, but if you are taking a good care of it and don’t hit hard while playing, it will last you for a certain amount of time.


Garlando G-500 Foosball Soccer Table – Sleek, Luxury Design

Garlando is one of the leading companies when it comes to foosball tables. Their products are worth every spent penny. Each of their creations is made with high quality components that will guarantee you a long lifespan.



  • Luxurious and sleek design
  • The design will blend perfectly in modern decor, because of the light color wood
  • Durable and high quality model
  • Lightweight, but still sturdy

If you still want to have that luxurious look in combination with sporty vibe, this foosball table is the perfect score for you. You will definitely won’t see a model like this in an arcade place or bar. This is a piece that will draw all the attention, as it is very eye catching.

Satisfaction is the definition of this foosball table.

You won’t feel any harsh moments while playing. The rods are well-made, which provides easy spin and smooth play. This table weights more than our first suggestion- whole 165 pounds, but it is definitely more sturdy and it offers the required durability to resist the hard play of some users.



  • The figures are not counter-balanced
  • There are no levelers included on the legs

Even though this table has a lot of highlights, there are some little disadvantages as well.

The first one is that the molded men figures are not counter-balanced, which will affect your game, as they stay on your way. That’s why you have to pay more attention.

Another bad thing is the lack of levelers, as one of the teams will have an advantage, as the surface of the table is not on the same level.


Final thoughts:

In conclusion, this is amazing product and has a lot of great features, but to be honest, there are models that may be better option, for example the next table that will be listed below. But this doesn’t mean that this is not a great foosball table.

For this price, it is a wonderful arcade game that will bring a lot of joy into your home.


Carrom 530 Signature Foosball Table – The Best Foosball Table for Families and Teens

Last in our list is a foosball table that has a better build than the previous ones, but it is still a product that won’t break your bank. In this price range, this is the model that grabs the gold, as being impeccable.

This foosball table is perfect for every family that wants to import comfort and pleasure among the members. You can position it into the living room or the basement.



  • The model is a full-sized one
  • The cabinet’s finish comes in many colors
  • Because there are higher quality cabinet components, the whole table is very durable
  • The rods are made of hollow steel
  • The design gives it a nice look
  • There are levelers included
  • You can choose from one or three-man goalie setup
  • The ball won’t get stuck, thanks to the corner ramps

This table offers you are great quality for a reasonable price, as it can be perfect addition to your game room. The table weight 162 pounds, which is on the heavier side, but this is a normal weight, as the table is not made of fiberboard. The weight is also a key factor for the stability of this product.

This full sized foosball table has the following measurements- 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches, the playing surface in combination with the enamel screen-printed graphics are 0.375-inch. The exterior’s Moroccan finish is thick a 1-inch.

The hollow steel playing rods are 5/8-inch, as they are chrome-plated, as they are equipped with 8-sided hardwood handles, that will ease the game play.

This table is not like the cheaper ones, here the smooth and fast spinning are possible, thanks to the premium bearings. To keep the traditional look, this table has a high-impact-plastic ball return and classic wood-beaded scoring system.

This table has amazing features that make it perfect for:

  • Business places
  • Families
  • Bachelors
  • Teenagers

We are sure that you are going to have a good time with this product. You won’t meet any tilt issues, because the base of the table is supplied with heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs. The table levels here are stable and accurate, as there is triple-chrome-plated leg levelers included.

The table can deal with one or three-goalie play, when you start a game. If you chose the one-goalie option, the foosball will be protected from drifting into the corners, because of the corner ramps.

The design gives you the illusion that you have spent a fortune. This is a great way to convince your friends how much you love this game and how passionate you are about it.



  • You will need to spend some quality time, in order to assemble it.
  • It is not lightweight.
  • If you want to move it after you have put it together, you will need the help of more than a friend.
  • If you play too much, you can get hand cramps, due to the wooden handles.

First, you will fall in love with the wooden handles and think that they are great, but as soon as you start playing more seriously, you will start getting a hand cramps and discomfort.

Unfortunately, this model does not come with rubber grips on the handles as some of the others.

Second, as every other purchase, this table will come in a box on pieces that are not put together. And as we are saying on pieces, it is really on pieces, as the surface is not assembled as well. In order to bring everything together, you will have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where those pieces go. And once the table is ready, you will need the help of your friends to move it and position it where it belongs.


Final thoughts:

As this product is made of high quality materials, it will handle the anger of the players, making it perfect for pubs and clubs. It will also be a great supplement of your game room in the house.

This table is a must have, as you will get everything you will need on a reasonable price. This model grabbed the hearts of many people with its high performance and precise player control. Your home game room will be completed with this foosball table.

It will definitely bring some amazing memories and delight.