The Best Forehead Thermometers For Kids [UPDATED] Product Recommendations for 2020

forehead temperature taking

When we get any symptom of flu, we start to panic and think how bad it is. Temperature is one of the key factors, when it comes to sickness.

A reliable thermometer is what every home should have. Even though a fever is nothing we should worry about, as it is our body’s way of fighting infection, there is always good to a have a control over it. Thermometer can monitor or detect the fever’s stage.

But when it comes to measuring the body temperature of a baby or a child, the things get difficult. They are young and don’t want to stay still. You will need a long time to convince them to stay for a minute or so. And we all know that you are worried about your child’s health.

Developers came out with a solution that will save you time and nerves. Non-invasive thermometers are proliferating and are now getting a wide range of fame. They are perfect, because they can measure body temperature by only approaching the forehead without even touching the skin.

Today, you can easily take a sick child’s temperature, as the modern thermometers use sophisticated infrared technology.

The result come right after, which is perfect if you don’t want to wake your sleeping kid. The forehead is the ideal place to measure one’s temperature, as this is the place where the temporal artery resides. Those thermometers can give you the same results as the one you can get in medical centers, if you use them correctly.

We want to let you know, that some specific conditions, such as sweat, can confuse the accuracy of measurement. Just make sure the forehead is cleaned and dry.

Here is our list with top three forehead thermometers.

TempIR Best Baby Thermometer

This thermometer is easy to maintain, gives precise results and it is completely save to use.

This is definitely what you need from one thermometer. You can rely on it, when it comes to measure the temperature of your baby.

This is one of the most well-known thermometers, because it has many handy features, including a warning for the fever that will signal if the recorded temperature is bigger than the set limit.

This can help people understand better what temperature constitutes a fever, as it also offers an additional warning for people who know.

  • It is great for repeated uses, as it measures the temperature for just a second. You can reuse it after waiting only 10 more.
  • You can measure the temperature for long period of time, as the battery is long lasting.
  • It has an included option of saving the last 20 readings you have made with it.
  • It can be used at night, because it features a backlight.
  • It gives precise results directly from the temporal artery.

Pros of the product:

  • Instant and precise results.
  • The practical usage even at night.
  • Easy to maintain.

Cons of the product:

  • Always keep in mind that it can give false measures, which can be caused by a manufacturing error or other causes.
  • Those thermometers could’ve been a bit more sturdy

Final thoughts:

  • Overall impressive and quality product.
  • Reasonable price.

If you are looking for effective thermometer, we think that TempIR’s product will do the job just fine.


Kintrex IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Here is another popular product. It can measure the body temperature from very good distance (distance to spot ratio of 1 to 1). It will give you the required results in less than a second from the LED indicator. All you have to do is to pull the trigger, aim the pistol grip thermometer to the designated spot.

One amazing thing here is that the battery lasts way longer than most of the thermometers on the market.

It has a wide range of reading: -55 to 220 degrees Celsius or -67 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it everywhere, at any time.

  • Large-scale reading range.
  • Unbelievable fast and correct.
  • Automatically turns off after 15 seconds.

Pros of the product:

  • Can be used practically everywhere.
  • It has extensive reading capabilities.
  • Instant and precise results.
  • Can read a wide range of temperatures.

Cons of the product:

  • Can give false information, if there are any external factors.
  • The unit is very delicate and can break easily, if you are not careful.

Final thoughts:

  • Can offer everything that you will need from one thermometer.
  • Accurate measurements.
  • Can be used in practical any environment.
  • Easy to use.


Braun FHT1000 Forehead Thermometer

Last, but not least is a sophisticated unit, which makes the reading of body temperature easier than ever. It is easy to maintain, as there are only 2 buttons- the white is the power button and the green- the one that takes measurements. All you have to do when you need to measure the temperature is to swipe the thermometer diagonally across the forehead and let the device do the job.

The thermometer is equipped with LED indicator, which will show if there is a fever and the stage of it. Different colors mean different things- green for no fever, yellow for a slight fever, and red for high fever.

There is no place for worries, as this thermometer is 100% safe to use and it is also hygienic.

  • Instant and precise results.
  • Easy reading, thanks to the large screen.
  • Secure while using.
  • Different color indicators.

Pros of the product:

  • Fast and accurate measurements.
  • Easy to use.
  • Streamlined interface for real data.
  • Large coded screen with screen indicator.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Suitable for every child.
  • Safe and hygienic.

Cons of the product:

  • There is no option of saving the last measurements.

Final thoughts:

  • Impressive and a quality product.
  • Good reputation.