The Best Garden Sprayers – Recommendations for 2020

best sprayers for the garden

Keeping the garden in order might be a difficult task. Nobody listens, weeds just keep coming back and don’t get me started about all the insects and bugs.

A good looking garden can bring great joy to anyone. But it requires a lot of upkeep.

Frequently to keep the plants healthy and alive we need to use different types of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and more.

When it comes to this a trusty garden sprayer is not just a good idea – it is a must. They can be irreplaceable in a small garden. They can be used to spray your plants with clean water or to add fertilizers for helping your plants get more nutrients.


Chapin’s 1002 48-Ounce Hand Sprayer For Multi-purpose Use

The Chapin 1002 is a good choice when looking for a small garden sprayer. Especially if you are after something not particularly bulky and big. It has good capacity for liquids, 48-ounce. It has wide mouth for easy filling. It is easy to clean too.

It can be used for smaller gardens and it can easily help you with spraying your plants with pesticides, weed-killers and other fertilizers for the garden.

The sprayer has adjustable nozzle for different types of spraying. And it also has filter which helps clean the liquids inside.

It is designed with an ergonomic handle making it a bit easier to use and it is lightweight. This is one good choice to keep a small garden of flowers or plants in good condition.


Könnig’s Garden Pressure Sprayer

This garden sprayer is another good option for spraying your plants.

It has 1.3 gallon capacity and adjustable wand nozzle. It can be used to spray in different patterns like spray or mist. It also has lockable shut-off trigger mechanism. And a water flow regulator too. The bottle of the sprayer is translucent. It is easy to carry and clean.

It is great for spraying your plants and flowers in the garden. It can be used with various garden fertilizers on your plants too.

It has 50-inch reinforced hose and 12 inch watering wand. The sprayer is good choice, made with good, solid, materials.


Field King’s Professional Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens


This backpack sprayer has good features making it very easy to use in the garden.

It has internal no-leak pump. The tank provides good pressure which is vital when working in the garden spraying your plants. It is easy to use and is comfortable for longer usage.

The in-built paddle keeps liquids mixed and ready for spray.

It has durable, 21 inch poly wand. The sprayer has lockable shut off with brass components and in-line filter too.

The sprayer is good choice if you want to spray on your plants, it is easy to use, affordable and comfortable when using.


Tabor Tools’ Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

The sprayer from Tabor Tools is another good option.

This one has a 1.3 gallon capacity. It is not suitable for caustic or acidic solutions. It can be used for spraying even hotter water up to 131 F.

It is easy to fill because the top opening is made like a funnel. Unscrew and fill up the bottle and close the lid.

The sprayer has a transparent bottle making it easier to see the level of the liquids inside. The sprayer has shoulder strap too so it can be used as a backpack sprayer. With a solid build this is one offers great value at a good price.


My 4 Sons’ Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer

This one offers a greater capacity. It can fit 4 gallons inside of it. Not just that but it is also battery powered.

It comes with heavy duty adjustable stainless steel wand. (20-40 inches.)

It has adjustable pressure, variable nozzle and it is build with sturdy, quality materials. The battery of the sprayer can be changed quickly and easily. The battery can be used for long periods. And it can be used for pumping about 200 gallons before in needs recharging. It also comes with AC charger, it charges the batter in 8 hours.

The shoulder straps are made with quality materials and can be used for long time. They are bolted to the sprayer too.

This is one great solid sprayer for home use.