The Best Heavy Duty Backpacks: Top 10 Products Recommendations for 2020

heavy duty backpacks

The backpack is one of the most important things when you are going camping, hiking or doing whatever outdoor activity you like.

In most cases you will wear your backpack for a long periods of time, so it must be comfortable, but don’t forget that it will contain all of your personal stuff, so it has to be heavy duty, so you can be sure that your belongings are safe and sound.

As you can expect, heavy duty backpacks are not so cheap, but the protection and the comfort they give are totally deserving the extra money.

So, if you like some outdoor activities and you want your life to be a lot easier and comfortable, we recommend you to get a heavy duty backpack.

Don’t think that your sports bag or little backpack can do the same job as the heavy duty one, because in the end, you will be much disappointed.

So let us give you some suggestions about great heavy duty backpacks, and which one you will get – it depends only on your taste and budget.


This backpack will let you to carry a lot of things without any problem. Heavy loads won’t be an issue for it and you can be sure that you will carry them comfortably.

You can use it for multi-day activities like hiking without worrying that at some point you will start feeling discomfort wearing it.

About the features, the backpack has a lot of compartments and pockets, which is great if you want to be well organized and know exactly where to find something.

The back of the backpack is made from soft material with great ventilation, so it won’t make you sweat in the warm weather. And the best feature of the backpack is the fact that it can carry a lot of weight, while being very comfortable to wear.


If you want to receive a product with great value for the payed money, this backpack is the one. It is very affordable but with some great features that you can see in a lot expensive models.

The backpack is very durable and can be used for a lot of activities without any worries. It has sturdy zippers, padded and soft waist and shoulders straps, mesh lumbar support and even gear loops to hang some of your gear on them.

The backpack is not weather proof but it comes with a rain cover, if you want to protect your belongings in a rainy day.

You might not find another bag on the market that will provide you with a lot of comfort on really good price.


If you are a big adventurer and want to have a backpack that you can rely on, no matter of the situation, this one might be the right for you.

This backpack is specially designed for the thrill seekers and as you can expect – it is heavy duty but extremely soft and comfortable.

If you want great performance and zero compromise, this technical backpack is the one. It has suspension made to carry heavy loads without you even notice it.

The backpack is waterproof and have pockets on the hip-belt which is great thing if you want to place a small camera to capture your adventures.


From this backpack you can expect nothing but superior performance even in the harsh weather environments.

It is built to last and be one of the most heavy duty on the market.

It has intuitive storage compartments and aluminum load-hauling frame, so you can expect something really durable which will last long.

The backpack as you can expect has a ton of features.


If the comfort is number one priority, you will fall in love with this backpack. Actually the model is the winner of the Backpacker magazine for 2015.

From the first look you will see that the backpack is made with a lot of precision over the comfort department. It has an anti-gravity suspension system that helps the load spreading and it will be even without any pressure points.

About the back, it is with good ventilation, which is great when you are wearing the backpack in the hot weather. The adjustments of the backpack are great.


This is another comfortable, durable, classic and heavy duty backpack, made for all of the outdoor activity lovers.

You can’t expect from it to be lightweight, but it is very rugged and built well, so it will last you long time.

The zippers of the backpack are big and durable and there are a lot of pockets for your stuff. You can organize them well and know exactly where to find every single one.

The backpack offers you great support even with heavier loads and has great ventilation, so your back will be free of sweat and unwanted moisture. In the package you will get a detachable rain cover to keep your belongings dry while using the backpack in rainy weather.


If you want to get the best value for your money, this backpack is one of the products that will give you that.

It is very heavy duty, made to carry a lot of heavy stuff but with ease and comfort thanks to its shoulder strap harness with some extra load-lifters, that can be adjusted to fit every torso.

The back has some great and softy padding from high-density foam, so you can expect a lot of comfort while carrying the backpack.

It is well ventilated so your back won’t be wet most of the time.

The storage space – it is plenty, as you can expect from this kind of backpack. You get a lot of small and bigger pockets and zips with clever access.

This backpack is one of the best for the value on the market.



This backpack is eco-friendly and heavy duty, suitable for almost every outdoor adventure. It is made from recycled polyester and fully organic cotton, but don’t hurry to judge – the backpack is very durable and tough.

The fabric is waxed so you have a water resistant feature.

The torso design is fixed and you lose the adjustability for the stability matter. The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped and there are two pockets on the hip belts.