The Best Heavy-Duty Blenders | Product Reviews and Recommendations Guide for 2020

Kitchen heavy-duty blender

Often when we are busy we need a meal that will give us some really important nutrients to get us going through the day. Additionally if you make frequent some ice smoothies or if you tend to blend tough ingredients like whole fruits, vegetables a, you need a high-quality blender that is built to last.

A heavy duty blender is a one with a more powerful engine, which means it is not on mandatory to be more expensive or to be the latest design of a traditional series.

The ones you need are determined and built as a tougher and more solid machines that will last more no matter what food and product types you will blend.

Below you will find a list of some of the top heavy duty blenders on the market. We’ve gone through some of the most wanted in 2019 and this is what we found out.


Vitamix 5200 Series

This model is typical for being very easy to be adjusted as to the speed in order to achieve a variety of textures.

The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, so you’re in complete control. Even with tough-to-puree kale in the ingredient list, the Vitamix can make a velvety smooth smoothie.

This blender also can produce the perfect margarita and finely ground coffee beans in no time. So, maybe the absence of ice crushing and smoothie settings is not a handicap.Keep in mind the base is fairly large and the jar is tall, so finding a home for it on countertops or in cabinets could be troublesome.

The power and precision of are able to pulverize every recipe ingredient, including the tiniest seeds


The model blades don’t require assembly and the jar is easy to place on base and is designed for lefties and righties. The lid is easy to put on and pull off and the cap can be used for measuring. Controls are easy to use.


On the pricey side. Also, this one is not safe to be washed in a dishwasher and could be too loud at times.


Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial

Most blenders have a plastic bearing on top of a plastic housing.

Cleanblend uses high quality stainless steel bearings and housing to give it the most traction and power available from any home or commercial model.

And this is not the only guarantee for using for longer time. It also comes with a quite long-lasting warranty of 5 years. This one has a 3 horsepower motor that will deal with any fruits and vegetables effortlessly to get the most vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from the whole food into one delicious drink.

Manual controls with variable speed and pulse options are available.



  • Cool design
  • Commercial grade power and easy to be used
  • It comes with a large jug that is BPA free
  • The price is also affordable



  • There is no preset options and the device is too tall, may not fit under smaller countertops.


Blendtec Total

The best thing about having a high-performance blender in your kitchen is the convenience.

Quite simply, having one means that healthy, delicious meals can be prepared in no time at all.A number of features make most the blenders hassle-free, and this one delivers on all counts.

It comes with the WildSide Jar which gives it its unique blending vortex.It also includes the Twister jar which allows you to scrape the sides with a twist of the lid while blending – an important feature when making something sticky like homemade peanut butter.

It’s also great for individual servings.The design is really nice, so you can leave it on display if you have no more free space for storage in your kitchen cabinets.


  • Very suitable for smoothie lovers and easy to be maintained
  • You can wash the device in the dishwasher


  • It is loud

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control

The Breville Hemisphere Control uses an innovative design: extra wide stainless steel blades are contoured to sweep along the base of the jug and push ingredients up while central blades pull ingredients down.

The Breville is especially designed with easy-to read red measurement markings on the 48-ounce clear plastic jar and a ring to make it easier to remove the lid.

Its metal base includes cord storage.

Smoothies come out velvety and margaritas thick and extra smooth.



  • Widely spread model and very affordable
  • Standard menu for usage and detailed guide as to the different options
  • Compact in sizes and very solid
  • The power is quite heavy



  • Not as durable as expected