The Best Hiking Bags For Easy Camping [UPDATED] for 2020

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You may ask yourself “Is there actually a bag that could fit all my stuff?”

Although we though it is worth bringing to your attention some really versatile picks that even though are not the most heavy-duty bags out there they will certainly not let you down. We hope that we can find an answer to your question, as we selected some hiking bags that gained a lot of popularity and prove to be an impressive addition to your gear. Every single one of them has great quality and can handle every situation.

We are going to present you the four hiking bags that you can be sure that will survive even in extreme conditions and will last you long time.

You will be able to use them everywhere, no matter the climate changes. We are glad to present you out the top most durable and trustworthy hiking bags on the market.


Arcteryx Alpha FL 45

Our first suggestion grabbed our hearths after showing fantastic performance. That’s why we gave it our Editors’ Choice, as it is best all-around backpack you can find out there.

Arcteryx definitely knows how to make sturdy bags. Their models are one of the few models that won’t leave you behind even on the toughest moments. If you are ready to spend quite money on a hiking bag, look no further – this is the one.

This bag is the definition of comfort, even if it is fully-packed and weights a ton, as it gave the best results. The great results are due to its fairly unique pivoting waist belt.

This bag definitely has a lot to offer, as it includes some of the best features, such as big zippered document pocket. And has adjustable sternup strap.

One of its negativities is that it is a bit overpriced. We advise you to purchase this bag, if you are going on long adventures that require heavy gear and a lot of luggage.


Osprey Volt 75

Next in the list is the bag that got really popular.

This bag incorporates two major factors: performance and solid comfort.

The price is average but well justified, just because this bag is definitely of a great quality. Higher price does not always mean high quality and great performance.

If you want one pack with simple design, but still being great assistant in hard moments, stop right here. This bag does not have many extra pockets or pouches. The manufacturer focused only on the main paddings, average frame and ergonomics. Do not be fooled of the modest design, this bag is a secret treasure.

Dual zippered pockets,front panel hybrid shove-it pocket. Last, but not least, it has very durable shoulder straps, better feeling face materials in combination with nicer foam, which is missing in other packs from the same price range.

One very practical bag that worth its money.

If you think that this bag is a bit too large for you, definitely check out the Volt 60.


Osprey Atmos 65 AG

Thanks to its comfort, this is definitely a bag perfect for short trips. This bag includes all the functional features you will ever need, making it one of the best all-around backpacking packs. Some key factors here are that this Atmos 65 AG ventilates fantastically, as it is also very comfortable and lighter than average – 4 lbs.

We do not think this bag is an option for you if you want to invest in one that can handle heavier loads (more than 45 pounds), as this one is pack on the lighter side. This model also offers a lot of comfort. You don’t have to worry about your luggage, as the load will be spread out evenly all around your body.

Atmos has more tricks hidden in its sleeve. The waist belt makes this bag even more adjustable and ergonomic. We can assure you that this design is a pure masterpiece, as every included pocket is in the right place with the right size.

There are two main disadvantages here, as the first one is that some of the features are pointless. The second – you cannot carry super heavy loads as comfortably as other bags, because of the Anti-Gravity suspension.

We also do not think that this bag is an option when it comes to snow, because it can easily get in the bag and make a mess. But if this is not a problem for you, the bag is perfect and very practical.


Gregory Baltoro 65

This is our final suggestion, which again provides a lot of comfort and features.

You will definitely adore it as soon as you put it on your shoulders. If you are on the go for hardcore experiences and need to carry a lot of stuff with you, this bag is the one. It can handle the monster loads of more than 60 lbs. You may find it a bit heavier compared to other models (at 5 lbs). We do not think that’s a lot, just because the capacity of this bag is humongous.

And this is definitely one of the charming spots.

Easy access to every compartment, variety of sizes, durability is everything you will want for a bag, and we are glad to announce that Baltoro comprises that.

This hiking bag will be your loyal assistant for many year, making it one great investment.

Gregory showed once again that their products are the right choice for everyone. The company recently worked with Goal Zero to create one amazing bag with charging capabilities, winning all the cheers. Baltoro 75 GZ is a model that can leave you out of breath.