The Best Ice Tea Makers – Reviews and Recommendations for 2018

best ice tea makers

Imagine this. The summer hot days are raging outside. You had a tough day at work and you barely make it back home all tired and sweating. What are your thoughts?

Maybe you want a nice cold shower as a way to sort of wake you up and recharge you. That’s good. But then what? How about a nice ice-cold tea?

Isn’t that going to be a very pleasant feeling? Sitting comfortably in your chair or sofa after a long day with a glass full with cold tea that with every sip is making you feel better. If you are looking for something like this we might be able to help you.

Making refreshing drink at home is great, especially when you want to watch reruns of your favorite show or you want to chill and relax.

You can make iced tea at home the way you like it. You can add different fruits. Only your imagination is the limit, really.


Flavor-It Beverage System – by Primula (2.9 Quarts)

If you are looking for something with larger capacity. The pitcher of this one has 2.9 quarts – providing for more than enough tea servings.

It allows for great variety as this ice tea maker comes with 3 different cores for different brewing purposes.

  • Brewing – This core can be used for both hot and cold brewing of your favorite tea.
  • Chilling – This core can be filled with ice and will keep your drink perfectly cold without making it all watery by diluting it.
  • Infusing – This core can be filled with various fruits, veggies, or other things that will make add to the taste of your beverage.

Overall one great product that is BPA-free and also odor and stain resistant. It has a leak proof lid to keep the drinks fresh for longer time. The handle is made with silicone and is comfortable. The design of the pitcher is very good and can easily fit the fridge doors.


Iced Tea and Coffee Maker – by Mr. Coffee (3 Quarts)

This ice tea maker can can be used for making some nice and refreshing ice tea or ice coffee. It very easy to use and make a good tasting refreshing drinks for your party or you can just chill during those summer days if that takes your fancy. You can create different types of teas in in just a few minutes.

The ice tea brewer can store up to 3 quarts, it also automatically shuts off when it’s complete. It has removable brew basket, it can create single or double servings. It has programmed cleaning cycle too.

The tea maker is easy to use, just pick your favorite tea, some water and ice too, and switch it on. In few minutes you will have your  homemade ice tea ready.

The ice tea maker is affordable, and great for people that love to make fresh and cold drink at home or outside too. Iced tea and picnics go very well together.


Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker – by Takeya (2 Quarts)

This ice tea maker can be used for preparing and storing your iced tea. And the whole process is very quick.

The whole process of making the iced tea is very easy. Pick your favorite tea (both tea bag and loose leaf are good) add it to the infuser and twist the infuser to the top lid. Then add hot water and let it brew for a while. Then when ready remove the infuser add ice and shake it.

It ca be safely stored or even taken with you as it has airtight leak-proof lid locks. It can safely be used as a good ice tea pitcher to take on the road with you. It is made of BPA-Free Tritan plastic.

The ice tea maker can be used for holding up to 8 servings (or 2 quarts)


Cold Brew Iced Coffee & Tea Maker with Spout – by Ovalware

This cold brewer is designed for making great tasting and refreshing beverages.

It is dishwasher-safe. Made with BPA-free materials. Because of the airtight seal it can hold the drinks inside fresher for longer. It has thick glass for temperature stability, because of that it can be used for hot or cold brewing with ease.

Although it can be used for making coffee it can also be used for cold brewing tea too. It is great for loose-leaf tea or tea bags.

It has comfortable handle, good looking design, and is made with quality materials. This ice tea maker is interesting choice if you love to make yourself some ice tea after long hot day and still have the option to make yourself some coffee.


Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser – by Vremi (1 Quart)

This one is a very good small and compact iced tea maker.

Compared to the other products here this one is rather small, only 1 quart. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially for people that are on the road or just want to bring some ice-cold tea with themselves in the part or at a picnic. Even going to the office with this one might not be so difficult whereas taking some of the bigger ones might be a bit encumbering.

It also has no spill lid adding for better safety and storage. It will help in keeping the tea (or coffee) stay fresher for longer. It is dishwasher safe and it is made with BPA-free materials.