The Best Keyboard Covers Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

best keyboard skins and covers for protection

More and more we find ourselves spend longer time on the computers. Whether it is working in an office, playing computer games or working from your home. And we have all heard the reports saying the average keyboards is dirtier than most of the household objects.

If you don’t like to clean your keyboard, or you want to protect it from everyday usage tear, there are keyboard covers that can help with that. They are thin layers of material that, usually, are clear so you can see the keyboard but they also protect it from typing wear, dust and spills. One of the best advantages is that even if you happen to spill your coffee or water over the keyboard it won’t matter. The keyboard will be safe.

The keyboard covers are affordable and interesting idea if you want to give yourself some piece of mind regarding the cleanness of your keyboard.

I good quality keyboards is vital to every computer user nowadays. Regardless if you want a good keyboard for writing on the go or you are playing computer games that require a top of the notch gaming keyboards we should not forget that we need to take care of it. So here are the best keyboard covers and skins that you can use.

Bonayuanda’s Keyboard Protection Skin and Cover

This clear desktop computer keyboard cover is for PC keyboards with 104/107 for standard keys. It comes in pack of 2.

It is affordable, and useful.

It will allow you to use your keyboard for longer. The keys will stay clean and a lot less dirt and dust will be accumulating thanks to it. It is also comfortable and since it’s clear you can easily use the keys without wondering which one you will press.

The keyboard cover protects the keyboard from the normal wear and dirtiness. It is made with silicone, which is durable and environment friendly. It is waterproof and dust proof; great for protecting the keyboard from crumbs and water spills.

The keyboard cover is easy to be installed and removed, and is also easy to clean it.

CaseBuy’s Universal Waterproof Anti-Dust Silicone Keyboard Protector

This keyboard cover is see-through, comfortable and affordable.

It is waterproof and is made with anti-dust silicone in order for your keyboard to stay clean and safe. It is great for standard size PC keyboards; size 17.52 x 5.51 inches.

The cover is affordable and great for not wearing down your keyboard. It is great for easier cleaning and comfortable to use. It is easy to install and remove. So it is a great keyboard cover that can be used in the office making your station a bit more clean and neat.

It is made with thin and transparent material that allows you to see through it.

It can protect the keyboard from different stuff like dust, food, coffee and water spills, and general everyday usage wear.

CaseBuy’s Keyboard Cover Skin for PC 104/107 keys

This is another great option that is worth considering. A keyboard cover / skin that is made out of silicone which is durable and environmentally friendly.

It will protect your keyboard from all the wear and tear that can happen through the daily use. It will keep your keyboard as new.

It is very easy to put and remove. Cleaning it is a breeze and it will in no way deteriorate the cover.

The size of the cover is 43.5 by 12.7 cm and it is 0.5 mm thick. And it is suitable with Desktop PC computers that use 104/107 standard key keyboards.

All-inside’s Transparent Keyboard Cover for iMac

And here’s something for all the Mac users out there. All-inside has got something great for all the Mac users that want a keyboard cover too.

It is made with durable silicone materials good for comfort and durability.

It reduces the noise from using your keyboard. The cover is washable and gives protection on your keyboard from dust, spills and the regular usage. The cover is affordable, and good option for people that use the keyboard often and want to keep it clean.

It must be noted that the keyboard cover is compatible with full size apple G6 keyboard with numeric keypad wired USB (a1243 mb1110ll/b). The cover doesn’t fit magic keyboard.

Computer Dust Solutions’ Keyboard Dust Cover

This cover is made with silky-smooth anti-static copolymer which is good looking comfortable and also moisture resistant.

Great to protect your keyboard from dust and different spills like morning coffee, water or juice. Regardless whether you are working in a office or playing for longer periods this cover might improve the life span of your keyboard.

It can protect your keyboard from dust, food, drinks and the normal wear of the buttons. The cover is cream colored. The size is 18 w x 2 h x 7 d inches. It is good looking and good priced keyboard cover.

A great solution when leaving the house or office and want to make sure you find you keyboard the way you left it.