The Best Knife Sharpeners [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

knife sharpening

Every housewife, cook or chef can find really frustrating the using of a dull knife.

This is also very dangerous, because you use a lot of strength and the blade can bounce and cut you.For these reasons it is vital always to have around a good knife sharpener to use every time we see that our kitchen knives are becoming dull.

But choosing a working and efficient sharpener is not an easy task, because there are too many products on the market.Don’t worry though, because we are going to help you by presenting to you some of the best knife sharpeners.

Just pick the one that you think is suitable for you and start enjoying cooking again.


Apex 1 Knife Sharpening Kit

This is a manual sharpener with very good capabilities but first of all, let us explain:

What the manual knife sharpeners are

Don’t confuse them with the electric ones that are more convenient and easy to use. The manual ones are not that fast, but you have a lot more control and can’t ruin your knives. With them you get infinite adjustment of the angle, you can use it with every type of knife and you won’t ruin the steel tempering of the knives.

On the negative side you must sharpen the knives manually and for the best results you will have to practice. The manual sharpeners are way better than the electric ones, because they don’t make the blade lose its durability and strength after some time.

It features portability that is no match for the competition. The sharpener is easy to use and the set-up process is fast – you just need a solid and flat surface. It comes in a case that is making the transportation easy enough.

The Apex sharpener doesn’t generate any heat that can damage the knives and you can use it for an unlimited time on every single blade you have.

The quality of this knife sharpener is extraordinary. The sharpening stones are durable and give you the smoothest blade gliding for great and consistent results. You can use them to sharpen large or small blades. About the safety, it has built-in stoppers and guards to ensure you won’t get hurt during the sharpening process.

About the operation, this sharpening system is made to be very easy to use and set-up.

On the base you will find suction cups which will allow you to mount the sharpener safely on every flat surface, just make sure it is solid and stable. You can even remove the suction cups if you don’t need them or want to mount the sharpener in different way.

This manual sharpener will give you a lot of options and flexibility to sharpen your knives. You can select every single sharpening angle depending on the blade.


  • Very flexible design
  • Manual operation for best results and zero damage on the blade
  • Can sharpen every knife – from the shortest to the longest
  • Great features for safety
  • Affordable price
  • Works with every type of knife


  • Manual operation might not be liked from some users
  • It is kind of hard to sharpen filet knives


Smith’s 50005 edge pro compact sharpener

This is one of the best electric knife sharpeners that can currently be found on the market. We specially mention this one for those of you that don’t like the manual sharpeners and need something more fast and modern. This sharpener is very superior product and you can expect from it great sharpening speed, amazing flexibility with a lot of sharpening angles and overall consistency.

This is one very capable and functional knife sharpener with very affordable price tag. As you can expect from an electric sharpener, after a while it can generate a lot of heat which might damage the blade or at least weaken it and thus shorten its life.

But if the fast operating speed of the electric sharpeners is what you like the most, you should definitely see this one. Keep in mind that it can heat up very quickly so after sharpening a couple of knives we suggest to let it cool for a while and then continue with the others.

But this won’t be a problem if you want to sharpen just two or three knives at a time.


  • Very fast
  • Can work with variety of knives


  • Can heat up and damage the temper of the blade
  • Can overheat after a while

KME’s Knife Sharpening System

This manufacturer is kind of new on the market but definitely makes some fine products.This knife sharpener actually was made at first for arrowheads, but then it was remade as a knife sharpener and we can say it is very capable one.

This is a sharpening system actually with a set of stones. You attach the desired stone to the rod with the supplied clamps, adjust the sharpening angle, lock it and you are ready to go.

With this product you can sharp every type of knife – no matter if its small or large one. You just lock the desired blade in place, select what stone you want to use and place it. After that just slide the rod in the ball joint to select the angle.

Actually the ball joint is a great feature that will allow the stone to travel very smoothly along the entire blade for the best sharpening results. Another great feature is the flipping system that allows you to flip the knife without removing it from the clamp. This will save you a lot of time and is very convenient.


  • Very easy angle adjustment
  • Has blade clamps in place
  • Flexible and simple design
  • Flipping clamp
  • Good case for carrying


  • Not so stable base
  • Can have difficulties sharpening some unusual blades