The Best Left Handed Gaming Mice [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

best left handed gaming mouse

If you like to game on your personal computer from time to time or your main use of it is indeed for gaming, you will probably want the best peripherals to ensure you will be dominating the other opponents and play comfortable for hours.

One of the peripherals you will need, especially if you play first person shooters, is a good gaming mouse.

There is no doubt that currently they are a lot of great gaming mice on the market, but the task to choose the most comfortable and best one is not an easy task, especially if you use your left hand for the mouse.

But don’t worry, there are also a lot of options for the left handed gamers and we are going to present you some of the best to pick from.


SteelSeries Sensei

A very popular mouse in the gaming community that is made for the left handed gamers, but it actually fits equally comfortable in both hands. It comes with some great gaming features a precise sensor which can be interpolated up to 11400 DPI thanks to the CPU.

If you thought that a simple mouse can’t have a CPU, well think again.

This has one and it is a 32bit ARM processor which will allow you to adjust different settings for the best gaming experience.

With this gaming mouse you get eight programmable buttons. The design is modern and very sleek.

This definitely is not a cheap mouse but if you want something with very high quality and a lot of customization options and gaming features, this might be the right mouse for you.

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

This is a great gaming mouse from the pioneers in the professional gaming accessories Razer. It is oriented towards left handed gamers and is very lightweight and easy to control.

Providing you 9 programmable buttons and incredible DPI settings (8200 dpi) this mouse will give you some versatility.

The V-shaped design is great and allows every size hands to feel comfortable on it.

The sensor is super sensitive and you won’t struggle to use any of its gaming features. No matter if your hands are small or larger or how you place your hand on the mouse because with this one you will feel amazing and ready to smash your opponents.

Razer Deathadder

As you can expect another great product from Razer makes it into the list. First this mouse came as a right handed model but after becoming a really popular one, the manufacturer decided to make a model for the left handed gamers.

You can expect from it a great and precise 3500 DPI sensor and good amount of programmable buttons via the included software. This mouse can be a slightly larger for the average gamer, but it is ideal for all of you that have bigger hands.

It has grip pads added on every side to ensure the best grip and comfort during gaming even if you have a sweaty hands. So if you want to be the best in the virtual action, this mouse can definitely give you the advantage.

Havit HV-MS733 gaming mouse

This gaming mouse is for all the gamers out there, that want something decent and on a budget.

For the cheap price, you can’t go wrong with this mouse. Even if you don’t like it or it didn’t feel comfortable, you can easily throw it in the closet without any regret, just because it is so cheap.

About the features, the mouse has a lot of buttons and they are in the right places for the left handed gamers. You can reach all of the six buttons without any discomfort or unusual moves.

The mouse has tangle-free cable and adjustable DPI settings and even adjustable weight. So, if you want to try something new, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, try this gaming mouse and see if it’s a good match for you.


Roccat Lua Tri-button gaming mouse

This is one of the best budget left handed gaming mice because it is very precise, has outstanding performance and great customization options.

It has universal design which means that can be used from both left and right handed gamers.

Roccat put inside it incredible pro-optic sensor which will give you maximum precision. The middle mouse button or the so called wheel is 2D and has lock-in incremental steps for better and simplified navigation.

With the mouse you will get a software driver which will allow you to customize your mouse options. You can setup the three fully programmable buttons and even reassign what the other can do.

The mouse has a great V-shape design which allows it to be used by gamers with different hand sizes.

So, if you need a great budget gaming mouse to maximize your gaming experience, this one might be the right choice.


Razer Abyssus V2 Optical Gaming Mouse

Razer is one of the well-known brands in the gaming sphere and this mouse is a great option for the left handed gamers.

The sensor inside the mouse is with great precision and 5000 DPI which provides great sensitivity. You can use it on almost every surface without any tracking problems. You get three extra buttons that are placed on good spot to be reached easily.

You can toggle on a hardware level the DPI of the mouse via added button. The size of the gaming mouse is universal which means that gamers with small and larger hands can use it comfortably.

This product is great and has a lot of gaming features, but you can’t expect something else from manufacturer like Razer. If you are on a budget but want something really good and high quality, check out this mouse.


SteelSeries Kana Optical Mouse

This is another great gaming mouse and it has ambidextrous shape to be very comfortable for the left handed gamers.

The sensor inside is professional grade and the players use this kind of mice at tournaments. You can be sure that this mouse will be very sensitive and will track every single move you make with the hand. The DPI settings are fixed and are 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 dpi.

About the buttons, they are five and can be programed and reprogramed via the software.

The mouse wheel is illuminated with LED lights. For better grip while gaming, the mouse has rounded design and can be used by gamers with different hand sizes. You can even try the drag and drop macros in the software which even has a timing control.


Zowie FK1 Gaming Mouse

This is one of the popular gaming mice for left handed gamers.

It has the very sensitive and pro-grade optical sensor Avago 3310. This guarantees great precision and even more enjoyable gaming experience.

The DPI settings here are 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 DPI.

The mouse is very lightweight and has very low lift-off distance so it is great even for those low sensitivity gamers.

About the design, the mouse is more comfortable for the gamers with small hands because it is very slim but you have to try it and see how it feels even if you have bigger hands. You might like it and feel it comfortable despite everything.

The mouse has five programmable buttons and of course it comes with a great software to help you with that.

If you play mostly first-person shooters, you will find this gaming mouse a great addition to your gaming gear.


ELECOM Left-handed Wireless track ball mouse

This is a gaming mouse with very futuristic and scientific design.

It reduces strain and also will allow you to be very flexible while gaming. For the best experience it has pro-grade sensitive sensor and a trackball which is really rare feature that you can see in a mouse.

This gaming accessory is very lightweight so you can move it easily and with great precision. The mouse is wireless, so you won’t feel any restrictions from the cable and can even play from a distance, which is great if you play on a bigger screen.

It has six programmable buttons and a tilt feature to the trackball. This gaming mouse is really unique and if the money doesn’t bother you so much, you should definitely check it out.