The Best Long Range Scopes – 2020

long range scope

If you want to make a decent shot from long distance, definitely check out what sniper or tactical scope is. This is one very precise instrument, which offers extra range in combination with unbelievable clarity, as it can handle every extreme situation and factors, such as elevation, windage, and parallax.

When it comes to features and functionality, the choice is humongous.

Every tactical scope has its own charm, specs and range of power, as well as adjustment turrets and special reticle. There is a scope for every rifle, as the market is flooding of suggestions. You may find the flip side a bit confusing when it comes to right fit.

Sniper scopes are very expensive, so you should do in-and-out research, in order to get realistic assessment for your purchase, and if it really worth the money.

We know that it is hard to find the product that will suit your needs perfectly, so we thought a research made by us will save you time and effort.


NightForce NXS

This is a sniper model made for military specs, as it has an MOAR adjustment/reticle system, making it a premium quality product with very precise high power range.

This scope is full of handy features that you may find very useful.

Some of them are the zero-stop, an extra-narrow tube that is a high end feature, as well as the extended eye relief.

We think that everybody would consider this scope to be a pure masterpiece, being the Holy Grail of all the scopes out there. We think that this NXS is perfect for people who take shooting very seriously and are willing to spend a lot.


  • The product is extremely high-powered, as it is equipped with a top end of 25X. It offers you to make a precise shot at 1,000 yards and maybe even beyond. This model won’t under power your rifle, even if it is a bigger one. It will complement it.
  • This scope has extra-big objective lens, which offers you a lot of visible space, even beyond 1,000 yards. The difference in the long range is due to the solid 1/4 added by the 50mm. You will be able to see the parallax and windage easily, and the image will be clearer.
  • Now you can make easy adjustments with the knobs, because of the included technical MOA reticle. An advice how to find the right MOA, you should look for wider crosshairs at the edges, which allow you to have more visible space when the light is inadequate.

           You can coordinate the adjustment knobs with the reticle, as they work best at turn system ¼ MOA.

           You don’t have to worry about the room for adjustment. You are allowed to regulate the windage knob with 80 MOA, and the elevation knob up to 110MOA. The knobs are armed with markings and tactical grips.

  • The tube has narrow 30mm diameter, as it is refined and thin. This is a big advantage compared to the 1″ tube, because the narrower design makes it less obtrusive, but also much stronger.
  • The scope offers the biggest kickback thanks to the generous 3.9″ eye relief. The adjustment turrets won’t lose balance, as it will stay on position, because they have zero-stop.

Those are the features that made it our personal favorite. It is one of a kind.

Even though the price is high, everything included in this scope is top quality, even the glass.

One surprising fact here is that this model weight almost 2 pounds. This is super lightweight for so powerful equipment. This benefits the whole firearm by making it less cumbersome.


  • This model is on the high price range, making it very expensive for some buyers. The price is beyond the strength for many enthusiasts, as you can buy a lot of equipment for the money.
  • You may notice some deviations in the size of the object as you zoom, due to the reticle’s second focal plane. We do not think that this is a problem, but many people reported that they like FFP reticles for long distance shooting more, because they keep the size the same no matter the zoom setting.

Burris XTR II

This next model is not considered to be on the high-range, even though it has some impressive high-end features. Some of them are the triple-spring loaded turrets, an illuminated reticle and, front focal plane design.

You can use this scope for close distances on smaller guns, because it has a better low range. The scope has some awesome features and offers the same performance as out previous suggestion with the slight difference in price.


  • We can say the range here is very remarkable, due to the fact that you won’t lose the low end power of the product if you shoot at a distance of 550 to 1,000 yards. Thanks to the 5 times zoom it offers.
  • This scope can be used for both mid- range AR, .300 rifles and long distance shooting.

           This model can help you save some money, as it combines the features of several scopes. It is practical and handy, suitable for many guns, minimizing the chance of immolation of the performance.

  • The mil-dot system works with the technical reticle for more precise shot. There is no way of getting disparity in size of the object as you zoom, because the technical reticle is placed on the first focal plane. You will get the actual image as you look through the scope.
  • The adjustable illumination feature can be really useful. When you are not shooting, you can extend your battery, thanks to the power-saver feature.

           On both lenses there is a high-contrast coating formula. The glass used here ranks a place among the over budget models. Those lenses work perfect when you have low visibility, as they are fully multi-coated. The edges of the scope are optimized by the light, because of the used Burris’s High Lume material.

           It is very easy to get quick adjustments with the 5X zoom setting installed on the eyepiece.

  • The precise adjustments are straightforward with the turrets and side focus knob, as they help you gauge the parallax, elevation and windage.

           Other great thing is that the knob has built in zero-stop, which means that you won’t have to re-focus the scope after adjusting it once. They are very cushy and has triple spring system, so you can expect nice cushioned recoil thanks to the vehicular and the recoil shocks. The tube between the cushioned knobs is very durable and it even has a lifetime warranty.

  • For the price this scope has great features that other products worth two times more also have. The quality is amazing for the money, so check it out.


  • The clarity of the scope’s glass is not that good at the highest magnification. Until 16-18x zoom you are good to see, but after that point you might lose some of the image definition.

Vortex Viper

This is the best budget option if you want a good long range scope.

It is worth at least half the price of the other high quality and high-end scopes, but can offer a lot of useful features and decent quality, backed up with a lifetime warranty.


  • The scope has a power range of 4 to 16x, which is enough to take your rifle capabilities beyond the average range. The scope has great and powerful lens, supported by technical and exposed turrets and a technical reticle.
  • The lenses are the quite impressive thing in this scope. They are engineered with the help of a powerful computer system to give better light dispersion and the best optical holdover from one edge to another.

           At full zoom you get better resolution and colors by the optically-indexed lenses. Every single millimeter of the lens glass is made to be flawless. At the both ends of the scope you will see locking rings which are keeping the lenses in place. They are made from high quality aluminum and have a good padding for great seal and cushioning.

  • To make adjustments you have knobs – one for the windage and one for elevation. At the side you will see a parallax knob and eyepiece for quick-focus.
  • The tube of the scope is resistant to water, shocks and fog. It is also very low-profile and has great durability. The tube and the lenses are fully scratch-resistant and have matte finish which will repel corrosive salts and oils.
  • Another great thing is that the reticle is etched into the lens, which means it won’t break. The things get even better because it is on the second focal of the lens, so it will stay the same no matter how you zoom in.
  • The lifetime warranty is not something you should pass when choosing the right long range scope. You can always count on the manufacturer to fix or service your scope, and even just to answer some of your questions.


  • The scope is kind of heavy and the size is not that compact, but if this doesn’t concern you so much, this might not be a deal breaker.
  • At the beginning the adjustment knobs might feel a little stiff, but that might not be such a bad thing for some users. If you prefer more loose ones, you can easily loosen them up before shooting.