The Best Parrot Food [UPDATED] – Top 10 Products and Recommendations for 2019

Parrot Food

It is good to treat our pets like we treat ourselves and the birdies are not an exception to this rule.

The parrots are really good-looking and interesting pets. They become part of the family and every parrot owner would agree when we say that they deserve only the best parrot food. Even the kids know that they have to eat special foods which contains some ingredients that our food doesn’t have, so if we want our parrots to be healthy, we should get them special parrot food.

Combining the best nutrition we can possibly give the birds with some great activity that promotes better movement with some of the best parrot toys we can allow them to have a healthy life style.

Keep in mind that purchasing whatever parrot food you find first is not the right approach to this sensitive matter, because your birdie might not like it at all or it can mess it bad – make it sick or worse.

So, to minimize the risks for your parrot, you should consider buying good food, one with no preservatives that is specially made for this type of animal and is fully organic.

If you feel confused now, don’t worry. We are going to help you find the right food for your little bird by presenting to your attention some of top products that can currently be found on the market in 2018.


Dr Harvey’s Exotic blend natural food for parrots

Excellent natural food which contains seedless blend and is best suitable for the larger parrots.

In the package are hidden some of the best organic ingredients like

  • Herbs
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Even bee pollen

All of this combined together will make your parrot feel well and healthy. This way you will maintain its longevity, plumage and vibrant colors. If your birdie is important enough to you, you will treat it like it deserves – with good and healthy food.


Kaytee Exact Rainbow Chunky Food for Parrots

This is another natural food that has wholesome ingredients that are providing your bird with all the necessary proteins and nutrients for it to be healthy, happy and strong.

This food is suitable for every type of parrot, so you can’t go wrong with it.

It contains fruits, seeds and vegetables which will help your bird to be well through every season and make you happy with its presence.


ZuPreem Fruit Blend Bird Food Large Parrot

This parrot food is more suitable for the larger birds like amazons, cockatoos, macaws and others.

It is made from only high quality ingredients which will help your little friend to be healthy and strong.

This food contains the stunning twenty-one minerals and vitamins which means that your parrot would have everything it might need to be well at a daily basis.

The main ingredients are oranges, bananas, grape grounds, apples and other fresh fruits mixed for the best taste. Don’t overthink it, because this blend will suit your parrot perfectly, just make sure it is large enough.


Volkman Super African Grey Bird Food for Parrots

If you thought that there is not such a thing as a superior mix of parrot food, think again. This one is a whole constellation of ingredients that will provide your birdie with all the necessary nutrition for it to be well and healthy.

Are you ready to read about some of the ingredients we mentioned above?

With this mix you will be feeding your parrot with oat groats, safflower seed, buckwheat, paddy rice, apples, apricots, pears, cherries, nectarines, plums, cranberries, raising, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews, carrots, green peas, sunflower seeds, coconut, corn, papaya and much more.

This is one excellent mix that is cleaned from anything bad for the parrot and is well packed. You might not find any healthier food for your little flying companion than this one.


Dr Harvey’s Perfect Blend Natural Food for Large Parrots

One of the best food blends for the bigger birds.

It doesn’t have any dyes, chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives. Only natural and healthy things that every larger parrot might need to grow stronger and be well.

This food will increase the overall health of your parrot and will assure it will feel good all the time.

The manufacturer used only premium ingredients here. Part of them are whole seeds, nuts, vegetables, herbs and fruits. All of them provide your companion with all the necessary minerals and vitamins.


Zupreem Avian Entrees Diet for Small Birds

This food is more suitable for the smaller birds, after all not everybody owns a large parrot.

A lot of veterinarians recommend this food to the newer parrot owners and that is for a reason. It balances perfectly the taste and all the necessary nutrition for the birds well-being and good overall health.

It contains nuggets with nutritious richness, blended from mix of fruits and vegetables with different taste, shape and color.


Roudybush Daily Maintenance Bird Food

This food is specially formulated in a lab from world-renown scientists to be absolutely edible and helpful to the overall health and growing of your parrot.

In this product you won’t see any added dyes or sugar, only natural and well-selected ingredients. If you want to make sure that your birdie will eat only the best and healthy food, this can’t be a wrong choice.

Definitely one of the best pellets on the market.


Vitakraft VitaSmart Parrot and Conure Food

This is another great parrot food that is highly recommended by veterinarians.

The bioavailability in this one are highly nutrient.

With it your parrot will get great daily dose of antioxidants, probiotics and DHA that will maintain its overall health and well-being. The food has a complex of vitamins and minerals which gives great utilization and absorption.

It also contains the Omega-3 that is essential for the bird growing process.


Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries Classic Parrot Food

These pellets of healthy food contain maximum nutrition for your favorite parrot.

It contains cracked corn, savory peanuts and hulled canary seeds. The food is colorful, nicely shaped and with rich texture and taste.

All the ingredients will make sure that your bird will grow stronger and healthy.


Volkman Seed Avian Science Super Parrotlet

If you are a proud owner of a parrotlet this is the best food you can buy for it.

It contains extra clean seed mix for birds which is made specially for parrotlets.

All the ingredients will give the birdie the necessary nutrition in a great taste. This is the way to be sure that your parrotlet will be growing healthy and well. The food is full with high quality and fresh ingredients.