The Best Ping Pong Paddles [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

best ping pong paddles

Choosing the right gear, no matter the sport is a very important step. Table tennis or ping-pong does not make an exception.

Your game level can reach new heights if you take the search for equipment seriously. A reliable paddle can make a huge difference in your game performance, so why not selecting the one that will help you master your skills and still give you a pleasure while playing.

You may find it a little difficult to find the right paddle, because there are plenty of options to choose from on the market. This is where we come in action.

Our article of top 5 best ping pong paddle is here to make things easier for you, as you also save time.


Stiga Titan

Our first suggestion, is a paddle that can be used by everyone, as it won’t break your bank and it will give you an extra control while playing. This is a paddle that can be perfect for everyone who thinks that ping pong is their sport, will play it frequently and want to master their defensive play.

The great results of this paddle are achieved because of the blade. The blade includes 5-ply all wooden handle, making this paddle one of the most powerful on the market for this price range.

One disadvantage here is that the Triumph rubber used for this tool has poorer quality than most of the expensive paddles. And the durability of this product is not on the same level as some of the company’s other products.

The company is well- known for producing great products, that are well-balanced, but also on a reasonable price.

The Stiga Titan is one of the leading companies when it comes to tennis on table appurtenances. If you don’t think this is the right paddle for you and it does not give you the things you require, definitely check out some of the other Stiga paddles. The company has some high-end products, which use quality materials and one of the latest technologies known.


  • Easy and practical for use even if you are a beginner
  • Great control
  • Reasonable price


  • Poor quality of the Triumph rubber
  • The product is not on the same quality as some of the company’s other products


Butterfly 401

Here is another great paddle perfect for beginners. This paddle got a rate for provided control and for spin and speed. The 401 has an acceptable price that will satisfy every novice in this sphere who has for a goal to achieve better results in a balanced game.

This paddle has the fame of being a long-lasting one. The rubber used for this product seems to be durable and lasts longer than other paddles in the same price range, as it remained its tackiness. Another benefit is the great construction of the blade that has a great resistance and durability, remaining sturdy after tons of damage.

The only disadvantage here is the lack of balance. There are many models on the market that provide better control. If you have bigger hands, you may find it difficult to use this paddle, because the handle is smaller than a normal one.


  • Low-cost
  • Long-resistant
  • Great structure
  • Good performance


  • Lack of balance
  • Small handle


Killerspin JET200

This paddle has a price similar to our previous suggestions, as it is also perfect for people who are entering the ping pong world, but want to work seriously on their skills and performance.

The JET200 may have a lack of power, but the difference in the control is way better than the Stiga Titan.

The company is a new name in the industry, but made a strong start with some amazing ping pong equipment on a great price with amazing design, style and quality.

The wood in their 5-ply blade isn’t on the same level as the Titan’s one, the blade used in JET200 will withstand the loads of hits.

This paddle has a lot of things to show. One thing that makes it better than 401 and Titan is the used rubber. It is more reliable, has a better quality and it will remain fresh even after hard usage, as it also gives more control than other paddles in the same category.

This is not a professional grade paddle, because it has an average rating for speed, but it is superb for everyone who wants to concentrate on control and mastering their skills in the game.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great control
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Quality materials


  • Lack of power


Urparcel DHS Hurricane II

Next in our list a paddle excellent for people, who got used to play with style of grips on their paddles like Asian or a shake hand.

This model is on the high price range, because it is a professional paddle. If you do not want to spend a lot of money for such gear, look for more portable products with lower price.

The company is from China, which is why they have a lot of Asian ornaments. A greater spin is possible here, because of the slickness rubber used for the model. Urparcel made this product a bit heavier, in order to give you more control, as there are a lot of paddles that have a lack of it.

This is a paddle that can give you an extra spin if needed.

One of the disadvantages here is that the rubber loses its tackiness after certain period of time. That’s why many people prefer lighter paddles. Overall, this is one great paddle that worth the money.


  • A lot of options for grips
  • Interesting design
  • Professional model
  • Greater spin
  • Slickness rubber


  • The rubber won’t remain its tackiness
  • Expensive


Killerspin Jet 600

Our last suggestion in this article is a model suitable for dynamic players than already gained experience and have the necessary skills.

The price of this product is somewhere in the middle, as it is not reaching the high price range. If you are taking part in competitions, this paddle will definitely contribute for winning the game.

The great control and solid power are one of the major factors.

They are supported by lightweight design and 5-layer construction.

The rubber here is a high quality one and has a lot of tackiness, which provides more counter spin and the ability of returning with its own spin, as well.

In order to get used with its power and speed, you need to practice with it for a while. You may notice a slight difference in your grips, because of the handle construction. The feeling and respond will be more dramatic than usual. After all, this is a paddle with marvelous features on a good price.

This is the right choice if you want to get yourself a premium quality equipment.


  • High end product
  • Great performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Reliable product
  • A lot of speed and power


  • You will need time to get used to it
  • At first it may feel and respond strange